Danika Holt and Grace Scalzo: Dating in Milwaukee

Dating in Milwaukee (Crazy Stories & “Expert” Advice) with Danika Holt and Grace Scalzo

Danika Holt and Grace Scalzo: Dating in Milwaukee

Dating in Milwaukee (Crazy Stories & “Expert” Advice) with Danika Holt and Grace Scalzo

Former Miss WI USA Danika Holt and Grace Scalzo join this episode of Milwaukee Uncut as we answer your questions and break down crazy dating stories from the Cream City!

To submit future questions and stories for Dating in Milwaukee Round 2 message us on Instagram (or just follow us for the video clips): https://www.instagram.com/milwaukeeuncut/

On the episode we cover the following topics/questions:

  • What Milwaukee bars have the most attractive women for Ben Anderson
  • Should a man always pay for everything on the first date
  • How to know when you’re dating someone too young for you
  • The most frightening second date story you’ve ever heard
  • Is it OK to ask for a hall pass for a golf trip
  • Is it OK to go on three dates in one day
  • How does Joe Villmow flex his boat access & WI Club social membership without being arrogant
  • Is Bumble Premium a good investment
  • Biggest turnoffs
  • And more!

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[00:00:00] Danika Holt: Okay, well, if you thought you had a chance to get back with me, like, now you have zero 

[00:00:03] Richie Burke: chance, so I met a guy whose profile pictures were so hot, and then he was 50 pounds heavier in person. Multiple 

[00:00:11] Danika Holt: dates in one day, yeah, I think I would be annoyed. I’d be like, give me my day. Let me have my day. Like, I’m not even good enough.

[00:00:18] Danika Holt: I had someone ask if they wanted, like, if I could sell them my shoes. 

[00:00:21] Grace Scalzo: Whoa. As a man, like, don’t do that. I think that’s when you ask yourself, like, does your game need that type of help? 

[00:00:29] Richie Burke: Hey everyone, it’s your host, Richie Burke, and welcome back to Milwaukee Uncut Dating in Milwaukee Edition, produced by StoryMark Studios and in partnership with ON Milwaukee.

[00:00:38] Richie Burke: You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. You’ve submitted some crazy stories, and we’ll be covering them today. Luckily for you, I’m not the only one on this episode. I’m joined by Danica Holt, former Miss Wisconsin USA, back in 2019, as well as Grace Scalzo to help dissect these questions as best we can and bring as much value to you, the listeners.

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[00:02:05] Richie Burke: If you haven’t already and share these episodes, that means the world to us and helps us continue to climb and get more years on this Milwaukee content. All right, let’s dive in to dating in Milwaukee. Let’s start off with this. This was a. Grace, I believe someone sent this to you, but I feel like this is a common issue with especially meeting people on dating apps.

[00:02:30] Richie Burke: I met a guy whose profile pictures were so hot, and then he was 50 pounds heavier in person. Have you both ran into that issue before? 

[00:02:42] Grace Scalzo: I worry about being that person. Like, I really hope my social media is It’s depictive of what I look like in person, um, but I don’t think 50, 50 pounds is a lot. So first of all, like you said, though, single looking for help, uh, thank you for having me again.

[00:02:58] Grace Scalzo: Um, but yeah, but, um, 50 pounds is a lot. 

[00:03:02] So 

[00:03:02] Richie Burke: no, I personally haven’t. You’re here to give a young single perspective. Yes. 

[00:03:06] Danika Holt:

[00:03:07] Richie Burke: feel like for, for those who, I didn’t really properly anyway. So Danica was Miss Wisconsin, USA in 2018, 19, 2019. Um, now with capture sports marketing, you were, you were doing some buck sideline stuff as well last year.

[00:03:26] Richie Burke: Um, Grace, you’re on the Bucks, Marquette, Sidelines. 

[00:03:31] Grace Scalzo: Love and Life, 

[00:03:31] Richie Burke: uh, Early 20s, single. Yes, ready to mingle. Ready to mingle, and nice enough to come on the show today. So, so anyway, going, going back, um, Yeah, you meet, you meet up with someone who doesn’t really reflect their, their appearance. Yeah, I can’t say 

[00:03:48] Danika Holt: I personally have had that experience, but I feel like with dating online so much these days, like you have to be careful.

[00:03:56] Danika Holt: I mean, it’s like a, it’s almost like a catfish, 50 pounds is a big difference. That is 

[00:04:01] Richie Burke: a big difference. I mean, I’ve heard it’s pretty common. Really? Yeah. Guys, guys meeting with girls who, so this would be kind of a reverse situation who. Are very good at getting the right 

[00:04:15] Danika Holt: angles and I was going to say filters and like facetune and all 

[00:04:19] Richie Burke: those things angles and they are Um, yeah necessarily what they look like in their photos.

[00:04:25] Richie Burke: I didn’t run into that that much when I was single Maybe definitely a couple times though, you know you show up and you’re at the bar waiting for someone and they walk in and you You’re like you don’t really recognize them and they yeah. Hey, how’s it and you’re like, oh You know. 

[00:04:42] Danika Holt: Yeah. I feel like that’s a message for everyone just to like keep it real online.

[00:04:46] Danika Holt: Like people want to see what you look like online. Like what, like I just don’t understand the point of like filtering everything. Like you are who you are, like 

[00:04:55] Grace Scalzo: own it and embrace it. And this girl said for the record that it did not work out. So by lying, you know, he kind of shot himself in the foot. Um, so make sure your pictures are.

[00:05:06] Grace Scalzo: Representative. 

[00:05:08] Richie Burke: It’s, it’s not a very good way to start off a relationship with a lie, either. True. That’s fair. Kind of like getting off on the wrong foot, but I think, uh, it’s kind of like a guy who is probably, it’s like Chris Stegman, former president of the journal Sentinel saying he’s 5’10 on his profile and in reality, he’s like 5’5 and then he shows up and it’s just a little disingenuous.

[00:05:31] Richie Burke: Yeah, 

[00:05:32] Grace Scalzo: that’s tough. Height is such a thing too today. Height, every, every girl I know is like, they have to be at least six foot. 

[00:05:39] Danika Holt: That’s so hard for guys. I feel bad 

[00:05:41] Richie Burke: for them. Which is a pretty small percentage of the population. Will you see, will you see those um, Things where women are looking for someone who’s over six feet, makes six figures and, uh, you know, maybe, maybe in a certain level of shape and it’s like, it’s less than 1 percent of the population.

[00:06:01] Richie Burke: It’s 

[00:06:01] Danika Holt: crazy. Yeah, I feel like that’s the other thing with social media and dating is like, there, there’s always this assumption too that like, There’s something else out there. Right. So like, even if you start dating someone, it’s, it’s like, well, is it the best? Like, could I have better? Because you’re constantly like seeing new people online.

[00:06:21] Danika Holt: And I feel like that’s really hard. And like, not fair. And it makes people not be content or happy in relationships too, I think, because they’re always like, is there something better 

[00:06:31] Grace Scalzo: out there? Yeah. I’d love to blame my unsuccessful dating life currently on that because whenever I find myself talking to a new Man or guy, I feel like, I’m like, what spot am I on the roster?

[00:06:44] Grace Scalzo: Am I like six deep? Am I on the bench? Am I a starting point guard? Like, where am I in your lineup? Because I don’t have the time to try to earn my minutes right now. So that’s a good 

[00:06:52] Danika Holt: way to put it. 

[00:06:54] Richie Burke: Chris, going off that, if you’re, if you’re on a date with someone for the first time, do you just assume they’re seeing other people 

[00:07:01] Grace Scalzo: until told otherwise?

[00:07:03] Grace Scalzo: Yes, because I want to prep myself for the worst, I guess, but. Um, I would, I would hope not after the date. When do you, when 

[00:07:10] Richie Burke: do you feel the right time to bring that up is? 

[00:07:14] Grace Scalzo: Um, I think that depends on their personality. If they’re showing a lot of interest and I don’t want to waste either of our time on the first date, I might be like, so, like, talking to anybody else or I don’t know.

[00:07:24] Grace Scalzo: Maybe that’s too soon. I guess that would be good for feedback, but, um, if not the first, pretty early on, because again, I don’t want to waste their time. 

[00:07:31] Danika Holt: Yeah. Even like when I was dating, I would always assume people were dating other people and I think it was honestly just like a defense mechanism as to like not.

[00:07:40] Danika Holt: My heartbroken or like feel bad if I did find out. So I was always like on the defense, which probably wasn’t a great thing, but 

[00:07:48] Richie Burke: I think that’s fair though. Cause in a lot of cases they, they are, especially if you’re meeting them online and they’re an attractive person, probably whether it’s guys or. Yeah.

[00:07:57] Richie Burke: Or girls. Or even if you 

[00:07:58] Danika Holt: meet someone at a bar. Right. And like, you have no, like, you don’t have any mutual friends, like, you don’t know their backstory, like, they could literally be dating someone because that’s just, people can be like crappy like that. So I think you don’t know. So I feel like being on the defense or just being like, having that assumption is 

[00:08:14] Richie Burke: okay.

[00:08:15] Richie Burke: Yeah. Well, this, this, this will segue into a very good fitting story. I had this submitted, so quote, uh. One time I had just moved to Milwaukee and went on three hinge dates in one day. I ended up at the Harp with Date 3, and Date 1 was also there. Date 3’s friends kept telling me that Date 1 was hotter than Date 3.

[00:08:42] Danika Holt: Well, they were good sports, so that’s good. 

[00:08:45] Richie Burke: Well, I think Date 3 needs to find some new friends. I think that’s the main takeaway. Oh 

[00:08:52] Danika Holt: my god. 

[00:08:53] Grace Scalzo: Disclaimer, this was not me. Um, as the single one, I want to put that out there. 

[00:08:59] Richie Burke: You have not been on three dates in one day? 

[00:09:01] Grace Scalzo: Uh, no, and That sounds exhausting. Yeah, that is exhausting.

[00:09:05] Grace Scalzo: I have to like, let it sit. Think about what just happened. Um, but shout out to this person. Like, really got it all 

[00:09:12] Danika Holt: in. Good for you. Yeah, like, what was that breakfast, lunch, and dinner date? This is a 

[00:09:15] Richie Burke: girl who submitted this. What? Like, breakfast, 

[00:09:17] Danika Holt: lunch, and dinner 

[00:09:17] Richie Burke: date? 

[00:09:20] Danika Holt: I just can’t imagine doing that. That seems like so much energy you have to like give to each of those people.

[00:09:25] Danika Holt: But 

[00:09:26] Richie Burke: she had just moved to Milwaukee. Maybe it was my friendship looking, 

[00:09:30] Grace Scalzo: looking to meet people. Well, yeah, I know a friend that also submitted something to me that said. She went to get drinks from a bartender and then went on a second date with a different person after the drinks, like, was feeling good, ready for the second date.

[00:09:44] Grace Scalzo: I’m just like, is this a new wave that I need to hop on? Because, I don’t know, I’m not familiar with it, but, um, she said it was good, so, maybe 

[00:09:53] Richie Burke: people can do this. Would either of you be pissed if you were date number two or three on the day? Would that be, would that be a major red 

[00:10:00] Danika Holt: flag? As last. But, no. No, if someone else was dating multiple, like, first of all, just multiple people in general, not my thing.

[00:10:10] Danika Holt: Yeah. But also, like, multiple dates in one day, yeah, I think I would be annoyed. 

[00:10:15] Grace Scalzo: I’d be like, give me my day. Yeah. Let me have my 

[00:10:18] Danika Holt: day at least. Like, I’m not even good enough to, like, Just be your number one date today. Yeah, I don’t, I don’t like it. For either side. 

[00:10:26] Richie Burke: Date three. Friends kept telling me date one was hotter.

[00:10:28] Richie Burke: To not go with their friend. Yeah, find new friends. Oh, and um, first date places. What’s an ideal first date look like? Would you prefer something chill versus something more of an experience? I feel like something 

[00:10:44] Danika Holt: chill and something that can be Short or long because for both parties, like if you need to get out of that date and you’re like, I’m not feeling this, you can like coffee, I think as a great, because it’s either like, you can have a long conversation and you can take it for a walk or you could take it to like a drink next.

[00:11:04] Danika Holt: Or if you’re like not into it, you can be like. It was great seeing you. I think I’m done with my coffee 

[00:11:12] Grace Scalzo: now. I definitely agree with that especially if you don’t know them but I’ve had interactions with people that I’m like re meeting for the second time and one of my favorite dates actually was when this guy that I kind of already knew took me on a helicopter and we did like the skyline tour of Milwaukee.

[00:11:28] Grace Scalzo: That’s staying in Milwaukee. Um, and that was our first date. Damn. That’s cute. Yeah. It didn’t work out , but it was a great 

[00:11:35] Danika Holt: day. You did, you did. 

[00:11:36] Richie Burke: You did already know him though. I did. Would you have been hesitant to get in a helicopter with a random guy for 

[00:11:42] Grace Scalzo: the first time? Thousand percent. 1000%? I would’ve been intimidated.

[00:11:46] Richie Burke: Yeah. . Yeah, I always just did drinks because as you were saying like it can last a half hour. It could last the whole night Yeah, and go to different bars after that if it’s going well or you could cut it off or if your friends are out as Well, you can bring her and meet up with them and just make a night of it So 

[00:12:05] Danika Holt: yeah casuals key and I also feel like you hear about that a lot now in like It’s crazy because I feel like a lot of it actually has to do with like inflation and like young people dating is that they want to do like less expensive dates.

[00:12:17] Danika Holt: And like I feel like that plays a huge part in it too, like you don’t want to invest so much on a first date if you don’t know if it’s going to 

[00:12:22] Richie Burke: work out. Well don’t girls feel awkward too if a guy like takes them to a dinner and spends like hundreds of dollars and you’re not into him at all? Yeah, I would feel 

[00:12:30] Danika Holt: uncomfortable and I would feel bad like if I, that was going to be like it.

[00:12:35] Danika Holt: Yeah, 

[00:12:35] Grace Scalzo: I definitely feel guilty if I didn’t at least offer and then especially I feel worse if I don’t like them Yeah, I like them at least I’m like I can get them back some later point But if I don’t like you and then you pay for dinner, I feel pretty bad. Yeah 

[00:12:49] Richie Burke: going on that Do you think the bill should be split on the first date?

[00:12:52] Richie Burke: What are your views on that? No, 

[00:12:55] Danika Holt: never the guy should always pay. 

[00:12:58] Grace Scalzo: I love that. I kind of wish that was me, but I almost feel like I’m gonna offer I just I don’t know if that’s like no, I don’t know. 

[00:13:05] Danika Holt: No No, that’s a man 

[00:13:11] Richie Burke: I don’t think it’s a bad thing to offer because it’s kind of like a test because I think I think the guy should always pay As well, and then if he actually splits the tab, then it’s kind of a down strike.

[00:13:21] Richie Burke: Yes 

[00:13:22] Danika Holt: I, this is random story, but I had this happen. Like someone I did in a high school. We broke up, whatever, came back around and we were like, I thought we were just kind of like, I feel like he wanted to like see if he could rekindle something. So we went on like a date for dinner and then at the end of dinner he looked at me and he’s like, do you want to split the check?

[00:13:41] Danika Holt: And I was like, okay, well if you thought you had a chance to get back with me, like now you have zero chance. So like that was a really bad move, but I don’t know. That’s my opinion. 

[00:13:53] Richie Burke: Any, any worst date stories? 

[00:13:57] Danika Holt: Yeah, I do, actually. The stage is yours. I was going on a day, we like had met up at a certain place, so it was like mini bowling, if you’ve ever been mini bowling.

[00:14:08] Danika Holt: Yeah. And, uh, um, it just was like, I wanted it to like, work, and like I could tell from the very first day, like this was not going to like, a thing, but we continued to like go on a few dates after this, but anyway, so we’re going mini bowling. I was, I got there early. I like took a shot with the bartender cause I was a little nervous and I was like, I just need like a little like 

[00:14:29] Richie Burke: courage.

[00:14:30] Richie Burke: I was, I’m a big pregame the first day. Yeah, just like a little 

[00:14:33] Danika Holt: something like, especially like I didn’t, I haven’t met him in person. I don’t know. So we like start bowling and he is, was like, he was an athlete and. We were like having pizza, bowling, having a couple beers, whatever. It was fun. And it was just mini bowling’s really easy.

[00:14:50] Danika Holt: Like it’s pretty easy to get a strike every time. And like that’s what was happening to me and he was awful at it. And he was literally getting like actually mad. He was like pissed off that he was losing and I’m like this is so unattractive like. Also, you should always just let the girl win first and like, I love a little competition, like maybe later on in the, in like the dating process, but I’m also like, this is so embarrassing.

[00:15:14] Danika Holt: Like your butt hurt right now because you’re losing in mini bowling. Like that is so embarrassing. I don’t 

[00:15:20] Richie Burke: know. It’s probably not a good sign of things to come when you encounter real issues in the relationship which you’re bound to do at some point in time if you can’t take mini bowling very well.

[00:15:31] Richie Burke: It’s not a good 

[00:15:33] Grace Scalzo: sign. Was that the end of him or? No, we did go on a few more 

[00:15:36] Danika Holt: dates. I was like, well maybe he was having a bad day. He was an athlete. Yeah. I was like, maybe he’s having a bad day. Like, we’ll just give it another chance and no, there’s like literally nothing that we Yeah. Aligned on besides like two things.

[00:15:49] Danika Holt: I don’t know. Oh, no. Yeah. No, it’s all 

[00:15:51] Grace Scalzo: it’s all good I feel like um, no like specific date, but just my piece of advice would be we’ve talked about this but the one of my People that I was talking to I guess would always tell me how lucky he felt because I could be talking to a B C or D and And as a man, like, don’t do that.

[00:16:12] Grace Scalzo: Please don’t remind the girl of, even if you think there’s like a league difference, I don’t think that that’s the case ever. Like, I’m not going into it thinking, oh, I’m out of his league, he should feel lucky. Like, absolutely not. Um, but if you say that you think that I could be talking to A, B, C, or D, now I’m thinking about A, B, C, and D.

[00:16:29] Grace Scalzo: Like, so 

[00:16:30] Danika Holt: just don’t do that. I also feel like it, and I mean, it’s kind of like a mind game, but I also feel like it makes him seem like less confident in himself. Yeah, which is sort of not as attractive in a 

[00:16:41] Richie Burke: guy. Yeah, if you think she’s out of your league, don’t let her know. Yeah, right. Yeah, keep it to yourself.

[00:16:50] Richie Burke: Because she’s with you for a reason. Exactly. She doesn’t feel that way, which is, which is a good thing, so. Right. Yeah. Ben Anderson from Colliers, who’s Colliers International, just rising realist commercial real estate star in the area is wondering, is upstairs at Joe Katz still the best place to meet attractive women?

[00:17:13] Richie Burke: If not, where is the best place to meet attractive women? Ben Anderson. 

[00:17:18] Danika Holt: Well, Ben, I used to frequent upstairs at Joe Katz, so I like to say that it would be a good spot. 

[00:17:25] Richie Burke: I agree with you, Danika. I was a big fan of Joe Katz. 

[00:17:28] Danika Holt: And the upstairs was always fun, like they always had the best music. 

[00:17:31] Richie Burke: Grace, where do you go to?

[00:17:33] Richie Burke: Where do you and your friends go? Yeah, I can’t, 

[00:17:35] Grace Scalzo: I can’t relate Ben. Uh, I’m so sorry. I feel like my friends frequent water street. This is because I’m still kind of attached to Marquette probably in just the age group that I’m in. But, um, I’m also, I want a disclaimer. This whole thing and say that I am typically the girl that you’d meet at a coffee shop or a gym or maybe even church.

[00:17:54] Grace Scalzo: So I’m so sorry if this isn’t helpful 

[00:17:56] Richie Burke: for you. Ben Anderson is wondering where all the talent in Milwaukee is. 

[00:18:00] Grace Scalzo: Okay, I would say maybe Harp. That’s my place. That’s where I would go. I feel like 

[00:18:05] Danika Holt: that’s a popular spot. And I feel like you get a wide variety of ages there, 

[00:18:08] Richie Burke: too. And then he can stroll over to Trinity if he strikes out at the harp.

[00:18:12] Richie Burke: And there’s a wide range over there. Yeah, I feel like that. And Ben can dance a little, too. That’s perfect. He’s got some charisma. He can I 

[00:18:22] Danika Holt: feel like those are 

[00:18:23] Richie Burke: both good dancing places. He can tear up the bar scene. What about red, white, and blue for Ben? I think he’s in his early 30s, but has a decent hairline, and it’s kind of dark in there.

[00:18:33] Richie Burke: And can act very young for his age. He’s got that gear. Cause when Brie and I accidentally went in there, um, a few months ago for like a drink, so it was pretty good talent at red, white, and blue if Ben’s out there looking. If 

[00:18:49] Grace Scalzo: Ben’s a cougar, by all means Ben, go ahead and head to red, white, and blue at your earliest convenience.

[00:18:56] Richie Burke: What is the reverse? What’s the male version of a cougar? I don’t know. I think it was cougar, right? I don’t know. I don’t believe so. If you’re a male, a panther, we’ll go with panther. Ben Anderson, red, white, and blue panther. Um. And I mean, imagine the amount of shots Ben Anderson can buy at red, white, and blue for everyone.

[00:19:16] Richie Burke: They’re like. For the whole, whole place. Yeah. Yeah, he could just own, own it. What did 

[00:19:21] Danika Holt: you say they had before like lingerie night or like they have some very 

[00:19:25] Grace Scalzo: interesting nights Yes, and I just know this from friends Ben will not see me there. But um, I wish him well And yes, I hear there’s a lingerie night.

[00:19:36] Richie Burke: All right, Joe Katz Trinity red white and blue. I think that’s a solid that’s a good line I’m all really standing the test of time as well. I mean those have been relevant for I mean red, white, and blue is relatively new. It was Buckheads back in the day. Same ownership group. Uh, shout out to uh, Jake Dainey.

[00:19:57] Richie Burke: Dainey, I believe. He let me, um, I was, I was also there, um, like two years ago. One of my friends from Boston, Joe Stanton was, was new to town. So I had to show him around and we went out and um, Jake let us skip the line and then gave us a free tequila shot at red, white, and blue. So just not only is there talent there for Ben Anderson, there’s a great ownership group at red, white, and blue that takes care of people.

[00:20:24] Danika Holt: Have you guys been to the new brothers like with the two story? Yes, is that like is that a good place? Yeah, I like that brother. It was fun with like for me when I was young like good dancing good music Yeah, that’s 

[00:20:35] Grace Scalzo: where I went on my birthday. Actually my last birthday. Um, maybe add brothers to the list 

[00:20:40] Richie Burke: brothers.

[00:20:40] Richie Burke: Yeah Yeah, just hop hop all around there. You got options. All right, those I think we gave Ben Ben Anderson, Collier’s everything he needs to know. Hey everyone, I typically use this mid roll ad to talk about our sponsors, Central Standard and Kessler’s Diamonds, but for this episode I’m going to use this time to promote some eligible bachelors in the city of Milwaukee.

[00:21:02] Richie Burke: First we’ve got Donnie Haight, recently back in the game, has a nice McMansion up in Mequon, early 30s. 2023 Triple I Club Champion. Punches above his weight in many areas of life and is just a salt of the earth Kind of guy, Donnie Haid, look him up. Second, not, not on social media, so I do not have a handle for him.

[00:21:27] Richie Burke: Second, we’ve got Daniel Slade, who is active on social media. This guy is the owner of several Great Clips salons and the founder of the Great Clips Tiki Bar at Bradford Beach. He’s an absolute one man wrecking crew at F 45, and on the weekend you can find him wearing a cowboy hat. On Brady Street, Water Street, Pfizer Forum, the guys everywhere.

[00:21:52] Richie Burke: This is Daniel Slade, Instagram handle

[00:21:59] Richie Burke: And last but definitely not least, standing at about six foot seven, we’ve got Justin Bushweiler, better known as Bush Vegas, six, six works in finance, enjoys traveling, was a slightly above average basketball player back in the day. And not, not, there’s not really a better guy to get a drink, but to get some central.

[00:22:20] Richie Burke: standard spirits with than Bush Vegas himself. Instagram handle is butch slash Weiler or butch underscore Weiler on Instagram. And if you’d like to submit any eligible bachelors or bachelorettes for dating in Milwaukee round two, we’d love to cover them as well as any stories or questions, just message us on Instagram.

[00:22:45] Richie Burke: Milwaukee Uncut on Instagram. Link is in the show notes. Alright, back to the show. Next question going off that, best and worst ways to approach women.

[00:22:58] Richie Burke: We’ll go, we’ll stick, we’ll stick to the bars for this. 

[00:23:01] Danika Holt: Yeah. I feel like buying someone a drink is always a nice thing. Hey, like, what are you drinking? Let me get you something. That’s a great, like, slide into a conversation. Yeah, 

[00:23:12] Grace Scalzo: I agree. Maybe a compliment. Yeah. 

[00:23:15] Danika Holt: One or the other. I feel like this is 

[00:23:17] so 

[00:23:17] Richie Burke: random.

[00:23:17] Richie Burke: Do you, do you guys like Like if a guy you weren’t attracted to comes up to you and does that is that You know, kind of, you know, because you’re just trying to, you know, do you flash the eyes of people you want to actually come up to you and then you want them to come up and buy you a drink? 

[00:23:34] Danika Holt: I think my drink’s full, but thank you.

[00:23:37] Danika Holt: I would be, I would try to be nice 

[00:23:38] Richie Burke: to them. So maybe wait for a little eye contact and then go up. Yeah, and then, well, I don’t know if you remember this Danica, if this was on one of your episodes, but, um, the wolf of Milwaukee, Matt Mahalik, who God rest his soul. I think he, I think he’s still alive. I think he’s on the West coast, so that may not have been appropriate.

[00:24:00] Richie Burke: We just haven’t heard from the guy in so long, but, um, his whole thing was, yeah, you got to have a good time and you just buy drinks for the entire group. And if they don’t want them, you have five drinks for yourself. Well, from Lockheed. That’s fair. That’s very 

[00:24:15] Danika Holt: fair. 

[00:24:16] Richie Burke: I also feel like. He’s just bringing the party.

[00:24:18] Richie Burke: Yeah. I mean, he was a Mikey’s, Mikey’s bomb night, which isn’t around anymore. Oh yeah. And he’d literally just buy trays of bombs and walk around like a waiter and just make sure everyone was having a good time. That’s a great way to make friends. Which Ben could do at Red, White, and Blue for probably like 50 bucks.

[00:24:33] Danika Holt: I also feel like another thing to say to women at like at a bar or something would be like complimenting, like something really specific and like. Like, like a really small detail or something. This is like so ridiculous, but when, like, back in like early college, I feel like when we would go out, like highlighter, like on your cheeks was just like starting to be like a thing.

[00:24:56] Danika Holt: And I remember like someone was like, I love your highlighter on your face, and I was like, oh wow, thank you, got you noticed. But like, I don’t know, just like something like little, like. Yeah, and you remember it, so you had to. I love your necklace. Or like, I don’t know, just something small and detailed. 

[00:25:12] Richie Burke: I think a lot of guys overthink it too, and then try and come up with something creative and just sound like an idiot.

[00:25:19] Richie Burke: Yeah, just something like genuine and authentic. Like you could even go up and ask how their night’s going and introduce yourself if you’re kind of signaling them over there. For sure. And that can work. Yeah. Oh, this, this is a great one for guys like David Crete who will bring up Chris Stegman, SimGod.

[00:25:37] Richie Burke: How do you feel about age difference? Daniel Slade too, shout out to the cowboy of Milwaukee. Um, how do you feel about age difference? I feel it’s acceptable for men to date younger women. What’s an acceptable age gap? 

[00:25:51] Danika Holt: Yeah, I do feel like that’s acceptable. I’ve always, like, preferred older men, mostly because of their maturity level is a little bit more in line with where 

[00:26:01] Richie Burke: I mature much faster than men.

[00:26:03] Danika Holt: Yeah, I feel like, I mean, I would, might be like my extent of age, but like, I could see like 12 year age difference would be like. 

[00:26:13] Richie Burke: How old are you Danica? 27. And you are married, so you would date up to 40 ish. Yeah, 

[00:26:19] Danika Holt: I probably would. But I feel like it changes like, if I was 21, like dating someone in their early 30s seems like a bigger gap.

[00:26:28] Danika Holt: You know, even if it’s the same amount of time, it’s just like where you are 

[00:26:31] Grace Scalzo: in life. Okay, as someone in their early 20s, I would like to say that, I agree first with 12, but I think I would be open to, like, it doesn’t seem like that wild to me because I would consider myself like an old soul. You’re not gonna find me at red, white, and blue.

[00:26:46] Grace Scalzo: I’m sorry, Ben, if that’s what, uh, you’re looking for. But you 

[00:26:50] Richie Burke: might find her at the harp. 

[00:26:52] Grace Scalzo: Maybe on a rare night, but more so like, um, yeah, that’s why the age gap isn’t that big of a deal to me because I think it just depends like what you’re looking for, but, um, yeah, I would say age gap. Age is 

[00:27:03] Richie Burke: just a number.

[00:27:04] Richie Burke: There was a good, um, you guys familiar with the guideline half your age plus seven? I Oh, hmm. 

[00:27:11] Danika Holt: Interesting. No. No. I’m not familiar. 

[00:27:14] Richie Burke: Cause if, I think that’s how, so that would mean a. And then that’s. That would mean like if you’re 27. Like 13 would be. Oh. A gap cause. Forty divided by two plus seven would be twenty seven.

[00:27:29] Richie Burke: Oh, I 

[00:27:30] Danika Holt: see. Yeah, I feel like that’s fair. And that’s like twelve, thirteen years. Like, I think that’s 

[00:27:36] Richie Burke: a good So if Chris Stegman is fifty, thirty two would be appropriate for a fifty year old? I guess. Yeah. A little younger than that, maybe not. Yeah. Not so much. Yeah, I feel like that’s a 

[00:27:52] Danika Holt: good way to do it.

[00:27:53] Danika Holt: Subjective. 

[00:27:55] Richie Burke: Not, not a bad guideline for people out there though. Okay, going back on age, how old is too old to be going to Joe Katz? Grace, like if you saw a 50 year old in Joe Katz would you think I’m 

[00:28:13] Grace Scalzo: like, who brought their dad? No, I’m 

[00:28:15] Richie Burke: joking. A little creepy. Or 35 year old in red, white, and blue. There’s a right and wrong answer to this question.

[00:28:23] Richie Burke:

[00:28:25] Danika Holt: don’t know. I don’t want to 

[00:28:26] Grace Scalzo: be like, you know, they’re not going to turn anybody away. So you do what you think is best. Uh, if I saw you there though, I might be, it might be one of these might be looking down, looking away, but it’s up to you. 

[00:28:39] Danika Holt: I feel like day drinking becomes more popular, the older you get.

[00:28:41] Danika Holt: So I feel like then that’s okay. If you’re out and about day 

[00:28:45] Richie Burke: drinking. Sounds good. Um, how important is income and wealth? 

[00:28:51] Danika Holt: I think, I think there’s two things to this that. I personally believe is if you’re actively seeking someone that has a lot of wealth I don’t think that that’s the right way to go about things But I think it’s important and I think a lot of women would agree that you meet someone and you’re attracted to them for their personality like commonalities interests and then like if you find out they’re financially stable or That they aren’t like, my biggest thing is like ambition and drive.

[00:29:23] Danika Holt: So say you’re like 25 and you’re out of college and your first job, you’re probably not going to have like a super stable career yet, but if you have. Like if, if he’s portraying the vision and like the potential and he has like aspirational goals in his career, like that’s important to me. But I also think like if you’re older, it’s, it is important to have someone who is like financially stable or along that track because a woman wants to be protected.

[00:29:51] Danika Holt: They want stability and they want to be cared for and they want to be cared for. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and they want to be, they want to know that you could help take care of like a family someday. 

[00:30:05] Grace Scalzo: I would say, I agree, in that it’s important, um, in the way that like, how do you define wealth, uh, if it’s who you surround yourself with, um, maybe how successful you are too, but I feel like the older you get, wealth is a sign of having your shit together.

[00:30:18] Grace Scalzo: Mm hmm. I don’t know if that’s allowed to be said, sorry. 

[00:30:20] Danika Holt: Um, like, yeah. 

[00:30:21] Richie Burke: I usually average like 1. 5 f bombs per episode on the podcast. Okay, okay. So you can say shit if you would like. Okay. 

[00:30:29] Grace Scalzo: Um, but yeah. It’s important, but more so the mindset over everything. Like if you are driving and trying to get to somewhere, then we 

[00:30:36] Danika Holt: support that.

[00:30:37] Danika Holt: I think so. But I do think it’s important. Like 

[00:30:39] Richie Burke: there, there was some study where like women found a guy who made a lot of money, but then kind of went broke for a period more attractive than someone who was just like given a bunch of money or inherited it. And I thought that was interesting, but I think like generally speaking, guys are like, Oh, if I make a bunch of money, I’ll get women.

[00:31:00] Richie Burke: But I think women are attracted to, usually if you make a lot of money, like you have to have some charisma and intelligence and good at networking, good people and good skills. So. I think money is more of a, kind of a, a signal of having good traits that women find attractive. They just don’t find the amount of money attractive, but going off your point, especially when you get a little older, you’re thinking of having a family life, do you have a, at least a baseline of resources with, with these other traits and potential of signs you’re 

[00:31:37] Danika Holt: showing?

[00:31:37] Danika Holt: Yeah. And like, are you financially responsible? Like, are you going out and, you know, buying stupid stuff? And like, Yeah. Living above your means or are you like saving? Are you investing? Like that’s sexy to me I’m like, oh that’s interesting because I don’t really know like I don’t care to know a lot about that stuff But like I appreciate someone who does know a lot about that stuff and cares enough to like set up a future 

[00:32:00] Grace Scalzo: Yeah, intelligence is the sexiest thing 

[00:32:04] Richie Burke: Like that going off of that So kind of going off the material Things that you mentioned.

[00:32:12] Richie Burke: So Joe Vilmo, the muffin man was wondering how big of a flex is owning a market hall, having access to a boat and a social membership, not a golf membership, but a social membership at the Wisconsin club. How can I play these benefits up while still being humble and not looking arrogant? Like, 

[00:32:36] Danika Holt: this makes me laugh, like just the question in general is hilarious to me because I feel like if you’re 

[00:32:40] Richie Burke: using He didn’t even mention that he’s a best selling author of the book Empower Me and has the Empower Me Foundation.

[00:32:47] Richie Burke: So I mean, he’s, he’s signaling a little bit of humbleness. 

[00:32:50] Danika Holt: Yeah, super humble, 

[00:32:52] Richie Burke: I feel like. And he has a large truck that he delivers bread in. Oh, yeah. As a Pepperidge Farm distributor. So a lot, a lot going on. 

[00:33:02] Danika Holt: I just feel like if you think of those are your flexes, that you probably need to reevaluate some things in 

[00:33:08] Richie Burke: your life.

[00:33:08] Richie Burke: He has a social membership at the Wisconsin Club, Danica. Oh, yeah. I mean, Grace, what if someone walked up to you at the Harp or a coffee shop and you were talking to them and then you learned? That they had a social membership at Wisconsin Club 

[00:33:21] Grace Scalzo: with that. I mean, I think it’s speak when spoken to, like, are you leading with, Hi, I’m whoever and I have this, this, this, and this?

[00:33:28] Grace Scalzo: Like, that’s not humble. That is goodbye. Good try. Appreciate you. Um, but if it comes up in conversation and you have it, it’s a fact. It’s not flexing. It’s you saying, I do this. If asked, what do you do? 

[00:33:42] Danika Holt: Like, 

[00:33:42] Richie Burke: that’s fine. Yeah. So maybe not leading with it, but yeah, I go out on a boat. In the summer, if you ever want to come, I go to the umbrella bar at the Wisconsin club.

[00:33:52] Richie Burke: If you’d like to come there, you know, he’s big umbrella 

[00:33:55] Danika Holt: bar, take him on a date there, but I feel like don’t lead with that ever because it’s not 

[00:34:00] Richie Burke: super Joe Vilmo. There’s some, some good advice for, for you. Um, Matthew Holbrook has a very pressing question. What are your views on men using tanning beds in the winter season to.

[00:34:16] Richie Burke: Stay looking good. Interesting question coming from a married guy, but I know he likes going on tropical vacations and still, still looking good and being a man about town, so. I appreciate him submitting this question for on the dating advice episode. Danica, 

[00:34:34] Grace Scalzo: you’re married. I’ll let you take the lead and 

[00:34:35] Danika Holt: then I’ll follow.

[00:34:36] Danika Holt: I know that our opinions are probably different, Richie, but I definitely think that it’s okay. For a guy to do that. Like, I would rather them go tanning a few times and like, not get burnt and be miserable on vacation. And, I mean, but you just don’t want to look like, especially for a guy, you don’t want to look like fake tan.

[00:34:55] Danika Holt: Like, in the middle of winter. That would be a red flag. 

[00:34:59] Grace Scalzo: I think it’s similar with women too. Like, if women go get Botox and they really like it and it makes them feel great, and that guy, same thing with the guy going into the tanning bed. Just don’t make it to the point where like you are more tan than me or like you look orange like it’s time to stop.

[00:35:15] Grace Scalzo: And we 

[00:35:15] Danika Holt: live in Wisconsin. You have to remember so like I feel like seasonal depression is a real thing. I feel like whether it’s fake light or whatever Like I feel like you get a little feel good from it and you don’t want to look ghostly out there 

[00:35:28] Richie Burke: All right, Holbrook. You are clear to go to LA tanning or what?

[00:35:33] Richie Burke: What’s what’s what are the tanning beds around? Is that a place? 

[00:35:35] Danika Holt: Yeah, 

[00:35:37] Grace Scalzo: I don’t know got lucky with the Italian skin tone here. So I’m not so sure 

[00:35:41] Danika Holt: fitness 

[00:35:41] Richie Burke: is tanning beds He’s a he’s he’s a big MAC guy. I don’t know if he’d stooped down to Planet Fitness There’s anything wrong with Planet Fitness. Can are you?

[00:35:53] Richie Burke: Also on a serious note, I’d like to thank Holbrook. He donated. I don’t know if you guys saw the auction That I did last week for the United Way where Joe Stanton and I raised 3, 500. And a lot of that happened because someone did 60 on the calves and abs workout experience at the Mac with Matthew Holbrook.

[00:36:13] Richie Burke: So he made a nice dent in that and just a good guy. So Holbrook, we are wishing you. And your family, and your two beautiful daughters, a wonderful holiday season. 

[00:36:24] Danika Holt: Yes, we did a little Facebook socket too, and your family is so adorable. 

[00:36:28] Grace Scalzo: Picture perfect, 

[00:36:29] Danika Holt: in 

[00:36:29] Richie Burke: fact. Question really ended up backfiring on me. Um, next question, is it a red flag if your girlfriend is still posting thirst traps on Instagram stories?

[00:36:42] Richie Burke: Including bathroom and gym selfies. 

[00:36:47] Danika Holt: I feel like two ways about this question, sort of. Let’s see them. I feel like yes and no. Like if you’re posting pretty like scandalous, obviously looking for attention type of picture. Like not okay, but I, that’s what we’re referring to. Yeah. But like, if it’s like a, like, I just like hit a really good workout today.

[00:37:09] Danika Holt: And it’s like, just like a, like a cute, like gym selfie in the mirror. I feel like that’s okay. Cause like you feel good about yourself. Maybe you’re like, someone else sees it and they’re like, I want to go to the gym today. Um, is there not a problem with like feeling good, but I feel like if you’re actively seeking attention, so maybe it’s the intention behind it.

[00:37:25] Danika Holt: That’s the problem 

[00:37:26] Richie Burke: and the frequency. 

[00:37:28] Danika Holt: Yeah, yeah, like that not should not be every po 

[00:37:31] Grace Scalzo: Frequency for sure, I would say, because if I was someone’s girlfriend, and I’m not making money off their straps, there’s really no need for me to be out here looking thirsty. I don’t know, if you’re Wait, are you talking like OnlyFans?

[00:37:42] Grace Scalzo: No, like if you’re paid on Instagram for like It’d be 

[00:37:45] Richie Burke: on the next episode, we have enough material for it 

[00:37:47] Grace Scalzo: to like Oh, gosh! If you have like a Gymshark sponsorship or whatever, some sort of brand Oh, sure, yeah, yeah. Yeah, then go 

[00:37:53] Danika Holt: ahead. 

[00:37:55] Richie Burke: Let’s move on to David Crete, just a single guy, very, uh, I think, you know, basically runs the MAC Crete trucking.

[00:38:06] Richie Burke: How would you explain why a good looking, successful business professional can’t keep a girlfriend or where he should look for one? Traditional dating apps don’t seem like a great place for him to look. This was submitted by a third party, but David Crete has been a topic on past episodes and we love the guy.

[00:38:26] Richie Burke: Any thoughts on David Crete? Danica, you know, David 

[00:38:29] Danika Holt: Crete. I do know David. He’s a sweetie. He’s super charismatic. And I think that, I don’t know. I feel 

[00:38:36] Richie Burke: successful, young at heart. 

[00:38:38] Danika Holt: Absolutely. I feel like. Maybe he’s got really high standards. And I feel like sometimes it can be hard. Do you think 

[00:38:45] Richie Burke: he could have gone through the whole city of Milwaukee’s dating pool in his maybe 20 years of singleness?

[00:38:52] Richie Burke: Yeah. And the, the well is kind of dried up a little bit 

[00:38:56] Danika Holt: for him. Like he waited a little too long, maybe. Whoa. 

[00:39:00] Richie Burke: Never say never. Just on the back half a 

[00:39:03] Danika Holt: life over here, David Craig. Sorry, David. I’m just kidding. I mean, 

[00:39:07] Richie Burke: I think he’s. Maybe this podcast will help him. Yeah. Like, let’s send some 

[00:39:10] Danika Holt: traffic his way.

[00:39:11] Danika Holt: He’s probably Milwaukee’s most eligible bachelor. Like, he might be. Um, 

[00:39:15] Richie Burke: He’s got a lot going for him. Is he even on social media? I don’t think so. Is that a green flag? I tried looking. Not on social media? 

[00:39:24] Danika Holt: Um, I feel like that’s a major green flag. 

[00:39:27] Richie Burke: I love that. I’m just trying to see where we can direct women to.

[00:39:32] Grace Scalzo: I feel like if he is, I don’t know him personally, but what you guys say he is, then I’m struggling to believe he’s having so much trouble. You know, 

[00:39:41] Danika Holt:

[00:39:41] Richie Burke: feel one would think race one way, 

[00:39:45] Danika Holt: but then again, Hey, I’m, he also travels a lot, right? So like 

[00:39:49] Richie Burke: I wonder if he likes keeping his options open for the road

[00:39:55] Richie Burke: David so I Found a I’m on gmail right now. So I think we got David At kreetgroup. com is the best that we’re going to be able to do. I won’t give out his phone number, but I think his business email is good enough since we can’t give out any social media handles, which is kind of his fault. So David at K R I E T E group.

[00:40:22] Richie Burke: com. Any ladies out there, there’s a, there’s a good catch available in Milwaukee. David Kreet. Yeah. I’m interested on the fun, fun guy too. Yeah. Just a good time. Always in a good mood, it seems. 

[00:40:36] Danika Holt: I feel like it’s hard to figure out, like, where, like, where do you meet these people? He’s probably not, like, frequenting the bar scene.

[00:40:42] Danika Holt: He’s got a lot of other things going on. So, like, where is it that he’s going to find someone? He might 

[00:40:47] Richie Burke: not be meeting a lot of new, new prospects. Maybe he needs to go back to the harp. Maybe he needs to go back to Joe Katz. Maybe he needs to get, get his hands dirty a little bit here. If he 

[00:40:58] Grace Scalzo: figures out a route that’s not the bar scene, he needs to let me know.

[00:41:01] Grace Scalzo: So David, I expect a follow up. Um, 

[00:41:04] Richie Burke: I feel like he wants like Are we making a match here? Are you willing to go that high, Grace? That is, that is half your, that is not half your age plus seven. It is 

[00:41:11] Grace Scalzo: not half my age plus seven. That might be too high. You 

[00:41:15] Richie Burke: know, I think you’re only about, how old are you? 23? 4?

[00:41:18] Richie Burke: 22. 22. Crete’s gotta be 40. Half his age plus seven is twenty seven. That’s only five years. 

[00:41:26] Danika Holt: Yeah. I also feel like sometimes it sounds cliche, but like if you stop constantly thinking and pursuing it, like that’s when like the best things fall into place. But maybe he’s just 

[00:41:39] Richie Burke: needs to chill the chill out a little bit.

[00:41:41] Richie Burke: Yeah. All right. Okay, let’s get to let’s get to some stories here

[00:41:51] Richie Burke: Pull this pull this up.

[00:41:58] Richie Burke: This was submitted got to two here Girl in town will not name her One guy had been sliding into my DMS for months and I hung out with him a few times He moved out of Milwaukee. So it kind of fizzled out He started hitting me up again within the last three months, and I never gave him the time of day.

[00:42:20] Richie Burke: He hit me up last week in my DMs again and sent me a girl’s profile, one of my friends, and said, hey, do you know this girl? Can you set me up with her? I mean, she’s not you, but she looks like you, so I could be into her. Bold play. I never responded and he hit my friend up anyway, and now she’s obsessed with him.

[00:42:47] Richie Burke: I feel 

[00:42:48] Danika Holt: like his first comment just seems super narcissistic, and I feel like just all of it is just bad. 

[00:42:57] Richie Burke: Yeah, that’s so, that is a weird. It’s a weird message to send 

[00:43:01] Grace Scalzo: so weird. I would have just delete that whole chat and wish them Well, because that’s not worth your time. I’m not a psychologist. I won’t say that he is maybe narcissistic, but I would agree with I mean I 

[00:43:14] Richie Burke: think that’s what she she’s uh kind of done here.

[00:43:17] Richie Burke: Obviously, she still knows what’s going on from her friend, but Seems like she’s over it. So I feel like she dodged a bullet, I think. Yeah. Yeah. I think he dodged a bullet there. One, one more, uh, bullet that she dodged. This one’s pretty funny, . One time a guy took me on a date and at the end of the night pulled out a bunch of photo cards of Bucks players and asked if I could get them signed.

[00:43:38] Richie Burke: I worked with the teams in Wisconsin then, then asked if he could come up to my apartment. . Oh my God. No, that’s that’s a lot of asks at the end of the end of the night grace. You you’re you’re around the teams You’re right. You’re around a lot of athletes 

[00:43:53] Grace Scalzo: I’m around a lot of athletes and if anybody ever 

[00:43:56] Richie Burke: if a guy you were dating wanted some autographs That wouldn’t that would not be 

[00:43:59] Grace Scalzo: a turn.

[00:44:00] Grace Scalzo: Let me stop you right there Richie I would not be dating any guy that wanted autographs from me if you want an autograph you can buy yourself a closed seat to the court Hang a nice picture in front of them like the kids do and kids a shark. Do bring a Sharpie and ask yourself, , 

[00:44:14] Richie Burke: what do we want to ask us?

[00:44:15] Richie Burke: So, so you, so you don’t want to be dating an 8-year-old? No, no, no, I do not. Okay. Okay. No, that’s good. I don’t think David Crete would ask for any autographs. Oh my gosh. And I think he’s got some nice seats too. Yeah. win-win. David Crete. All right. What, what do we got next? Um, oh, oh man. This one, I have a golf trip.

[00:44:38] Richie Burke: Um, I have a major golf trip coming up Major in Florida in January. Is there a good way, is there a right or wrong way to bring up getting a hall pass? Is he 

[00:44:54] Danika Holt: just dating, married in a relationship? 

[00:44:58] Richie Burke: Interrelationship. 

[00:45:00] Danika Holt: Yeah, I mean, I just think no like I Don’t even I have nothing else to say besides no. 

[00:45:10] Richie Burke: Yeah, that could be probably a tough one to pull off grace What are your views on a guy asking you for a hall pass for a major golf trip?

[00:45:19] Richie Burke:

[00:45:19] Grace Scalzo: would say this Simply put is why I’m single because like we talked about before With the whole making your minutes count not counting your minutes. I don’t know I feel like if I’m in a relationship with somebody who focuses on each other hall pass to me Not a thing. So sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m just trying 

[00:45:39] Richie Burke: to have a good time in Florida.

[00:45:40] Richie Burke: Yeah. 

[00:45:41] Danika Holt: No, okay. No Have a good time some other way 

[00:45:46] Richie Burke: All right. Sorry to break that news to you anonymous question asker um Okay, grace someone submitted this story to you. I’ll read what you texted me Let me make sure I’m getting the right one on here. Okay. So, I’m 24, just learned the dating world. I had my age range on hinge set 26 to 34.

[00:46:13] Richie Burke: I matched with a really good looking 33 year old guy in the third ward. So we went on a date, we had some drinks, and had consensual sex. It was fine. He hit me up in the coming weeks and being newly single I just decided to do whatever. So after school I went over to his apartment. I told him to buzz me in.

[00:46:34] Richie Burke: And he said not to talk when I walked in, just come right up. Well, I got up the stairs and the current situation was him sprawled out in all gray, new balances, in glasses, trying to get me to play a daddy daughter scene. After that was one of our last times hanging out, of course. We sat on the couch after and he told me how much women can’t get over their exes.

[00:46:59] Richie Burke: I have now lowered my age to 30. Well, I probably couldn’t get over my ex if I ran into that guy. Wow. Oh my god. That is fucking crazy. Oh my god. That never happened to you? No. 

[00:47:12] Danika Holt: Thank god. That is a lot to unpack. 

[00:47:16] Grace Scalzo: Yeah um, I feel like. Is she ok? She’s 

[00:47:19] Richie Burke: great, honestly. Is she alive? Is she, she’s alive? 

[00:47:22] Grace Scalzo: She’s amazing, she’s one of the funniest people I know.

[00:47:24] Grace Scalzo: This would happen to her. It’s one of those people where like, toughest battle for the strongest soldier like she, um. Probably handled that so well. She’s so funny. Um, but yeah, that’s what do you say when you 

[00:47:35] Richie Burke: walk up to that? 

[00:47:36] Grace Scalzo: I could it couldn’t be me. So really I would probably turn around and walk back.

[00:47:40] Grace Scalzo:

[00:47:40] Danika Holt: would have left as well I would have thought I was kidding 

[00:47:43] Richie Burke: murder would have called the police 

[00:47:44] Danika Holt: Oh my god, 

[00:47:48] Grace Scalzo: poor girl might be why I’m not on hinge, but People are crazy. People have success, though. There’s many stories like that. There’s also like, we met on 

[00:47:55] Richie Burke: Tinder, we’re married, and I’m like, whoa. Oh, I thought you were saying had success doing something like that.

[00:48:00] Richie Burke: No. I was gonna say. No. Yeah, people have had success on Hinge and Tinder and stuff like that. Yeah, dating apps are great. Wow. Surprise roleplay on the second date without any saying don’t, it just comes straight up as probably, that is a bold and bizarre and probably a frightening move to a good girl. So uncomfortable.

[00:48:20] Richie Burke: Yeah. What are the biggest turn offs of guys? 

[00:48:26] Danika Holt: I don’t like guys that sleep in. It gives off lazy to me. 

[00:48:31] Richie Burke: Interesting. Richie, do you sleep in? No, I’m looking elsewhere right now. To the person editing. That’s sleeping in, right Danica? Yeah. 

[00:48:44] Danika Holt: My sleeping in’s to like seven. Our dog gets up really early, but, yeah.

[00:48:50] Danika Holt: I’ve like dated some guys that, or like, um, are just like slow in general, like slow walkers, like slow talkers. I’m like, alright, let’s get to the point here. Those are like maybe my pet peeves, 

[00:49:01] Richie Burke: I don’t know. Other turn offs of guys? Um, 

[00:49:04] Grace Scalzo: I would agree with both of Danica’s. I would also just say, especially with people near my age, if you’re looking for somebody to be your mom, it’s not gonna be me.

[00:49:14] Grace Scalzo: Like, I can’t Especially with the slow stuff, waking you up, whatever the case is, cooking for you. 

[00:49:18] Richie Burke: Shambree’s looking at me right now. I’ll 

[00:49:21] Danika Holt: cook 

[00:49:21] Grace Scalzo: if we’re in a relationship. Yeah, no. 

[00:49:25] Richie Burke: Can’t do it. So take care of yourself. Yes. Be a self sufficient human 

[00:49:31] Danika Holt: being. But don’t be like, don’t take care of yourself so much that you like, Have longer skincare routine than the girl or something, like, I don’t like that either.

[00:49:38] Grace Scalzo: No, and I’m here for like, if you need your back itched or like, you need a good meal once in a while, but like, I’m not here to clean your dishes every time and whatever, yeah. Yeah. Be respectful. 

[00:49:50] Richie Burke: Common sense. Um, Jonathan Haidt recently back in the game was wondering if, um, Bumble Premium is a good investment.

[00:50:01] Richie Burke: What is 

[00:50:02] Grace Scalzo: included in 

[00:50:03] Richie Burke: Bumble Premium? Um, I believe, I haven’t been on the apps for quite a while, but I believe you get unlimited swipes. I think your profile gets prioritized up in the rankings. So you’re, you’re more visible out there. Probably unlimited messaging capabilities. I mean if guys are shooting a lot of shots, that’s something you kind of need to need to worry about so It’s 

[00:50:29] Danika Holt: just like, it’s such a marketing ploy, like, they just need to make more money in certain ways.

[00:50:34] Danika Holt: It’s 

[00:50:34] Richie Burke: like, no. Well, they’re a business. 

[00:50:36] Grace Scalzo: Yeah. I think that’s when you ask yourself, like, does your game need that type of help? Like do you 

[00:50:41] Danika Holt: even need the premium? It’s essentially paying to meet someone. I 

[00:50:45] Richie Burke: was once a Tinder premium customer. Oh no! What? Dude, the worst, the worst part was, I don’t know if I’ve told you this, Bree, so this was like, I don’t check my Apple statements at all, like my emails, and then I realized that I was paying for Tinder Premium like two years after we started dating, and then I canceled it, but.

[00:51:06] Richie Burke: That was kind of how we, um, initially went on our first date, so even though I overpaid by like 250, it was a great investment in my life, so Donnie, hey, you should definitely invest in Bumble Premium. Maybe. Alright, final question we have here today. When dating, how do you know when it’s official? Ooh, 

[00:51:27] Grace Scalzo: this question kind of makes me I’m just so irritated at someone that’s single because it’s so hard.

[00:51:33] Grace Scalzo: This goes back to like, are you talking to other people, because in the talking stage, is that allowed? Then are you dating? Like, do you have to ask me to be your girlfriend? Well, how do I know you’re going to take me serious? When do I establish respect? So I’m basically re asking the question, but all that to say.

[00:51:47] Grace Scalzo: Be up front, please. Like, 

[00:51:50] Danika Holt: yeah. I feel like it feels like juvenile to me to have like, are we boyfriend and girlfriend conversation? But 

[00:51:56] Richie Burke: I also It’s necessary 

[00:51:58] Danika Holt: though. Yeah, I agree. I was gonna say like, I think you get to a point where you’re like, okay, like, we’re not seeing anyone else, right? Are we on the same page here?

[00:52:06] Danika Holt: When do you 

[00:52:06] Richie Burke: think that’s appropriate to, to like, have that conversation? Grace, you said you’d, you’d mention that on the first date, sometimes, if things, if things are going well. Like, not, not if you’re boyfriend or girlfriend, but are you seeing, like, are you seeing other people, or do you want to continue to see other people, like, where you 

[00:52:21] Grace Scalzo: at right now?

[00:52:21] Grace Scalzo: Yeah, that’s how forward I am about it, I feel like, because, what’s the, I’m not gonna just, that’s just not me. Maybe some people are fine with that, though, like, they’re fine with having the mix of Different options going on, but that’s not me. So I’m just very upfront about it. 

[00:52:36] Richie Burke: I think I should be very upfront about that too.

[00:52:39] Richie Burke: Like if you want to, if you’re kind of in a having fun phase, you should 

[00:52:42] Danika Holt: just 

[00:52:43] Grace Scalzo: say that. I respect it. Like be for real. 

[00:52:46] Danika Holt: Yeah. 

[00:52:46] Richie Burke: And then, and then you can leave it to them if they want to continue it. And sometimes that evolves into more just naturally, but I think it’s best to just be up 

[00:52:55] Danika Holt: for it. Yeah. I feel like within a month you should bring it up.

[00:52:58] Danika Holt: Like if you’re having casual dates, like one or two, once or twice a week or something for a month. And like, that conversation has to happen, maybe bring it up then.

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