The Project Goal

Trek was looking for a new platform to connect with their followers, increase brand awareness, and showcase inspiring stories about people riding bikes. To achieve these goals, we helped Trek develop and launch an international podcast called “Better with Bikes.” The podcast features notable guests such as country star Luke Bryan, athlete Bo Jackson, and renowned riders like Jolanda Neff, Mads Pedersen, and many more. The show has been a massive success, reaching the #2 spot on the US Apple Charts for its category and ranking in the top 75 of all sports podcasts, surpassing even some big network shows. The podcast has helped Trek expand their brand recognition and strengthen their bond with their audience.


  • Podcast Strategy
  • Podcast Production
  • Episode Creation
  • Video Production
  • Podcast Growth Marketing
Wilderness Podcast in the US
Sports Podcast in the US

We decided to start a podcast as more and more of our audience is looking to podcasts as their preferred storytelling platform. GGMM helped us with everything from technical aspects of recording and production to consulting with us on the launch, marketing, and long-term content strategy. The GGMM team has done a great job of taking initiative on the project, adding creative ideas, being on top of deadlines, and delivering a great end product.

Eric Bjorling

Director of Brand

Trek Bicycle

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