The Project Goal

In 2022, Trek Bicycle Trek Bicycle aimed to make a big impact by re-releasing their podcast, Better with Bikes. To achieve this, we produced several new episodes and promoted a giveaway through an advertising campaign to increase traffic to the podcast and expand Trek’s email list. Our efforts were fruitful, resulting in 14,500 new email sign-ups and significant success for the podcast in the US Apple Podcast Rankings.


  • Podcast Production
  • Growth Marketing
New Email Subscribers
Email Acquisition Cost
Wilderness Podcast
Sports Podcast

A Chart-Topping Podcast

In 2022 we relaunched Better With Bikes, a podcast that shares the inspiring, unknown stories of people making the world a better place through cycling, and we wanted to ensure it topped the charts. With the relaunch, we ran a giveaway and a digital ad campaign. The podcast landed at #2 in the Wilderness Category and peaked in the top 80 of all sports podcasts (US Apple Charts).

Email List Growth

In addition to getting Better with Bikes charted, we grew the podcast’s email list by 13,500 new subscribers during the giveaway period.

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