The Project Goal

In 2019, F45 entered the Milwaukee market and needed to generate interest and acquire its initial customers. We assisted the franchise by producing video content and running social media ads while supporting other marketing efforts. Our approach was based on F45’s established brand narrative, which we tailored to the Milwaukee region. By utilizing social media ads and collaborating with local influencers, we successfully drew in new customers.


  • Video Production
  • Growth Marketing

When we opened F45 in Milwaukee we needed compelling video content and a campaign to drive initial traffic to the gym. Story Mark Studios did a great job of creating engaging video content that captured the mission and brand of F45 in our local market and helped drive our initial customers to the gym. They were very easy to work with and provided a great end product.

Wade Ritchie

Wade Ritchie


F45 Milwaukee

Storymark Framework Activation

Expanding to a new market, F45 wanted a video to showcase their new gym and its benefits, spoke directly to their ideal customer, and hooked the viewer on F45. Like all video projects, we took their brand through our Story Mark Framework and created a main video for them to showcase, as well as several additional content pieces.

A Content Library to Drive Sales

One of the main benefits of working with us to create a “brand video” is all of the additional content that comes with it. Not only did we create F45’s main brand video, but we also took the library of footage from the video shoot and created several additional videos. These shorter videos, ranging from different variations of the brand video to testimonial videos, were used in Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to drive new customers to F45.

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