The Project Goal

Johnson Financial Group wanted to start a podcast to better connect with their current clients as well as attract a new demographic and build their audience. We got to know JFG’s unique value propositions and took a look at the top financial podcasts on the charts and knew if done right we could create a hit show that would top the Apple Charts. After research we landed on the name “Your Money. Your Mission.” A show that turns complex financial situations into actionable advice. The show brings JFG’s subject matter experts to the forefront by answering listener questions in an engaging 15-20 minute format and leaving the listeners with advice to maximize their wealth. 

Working with JFG’s marketing team and implementing the our launch strategy we were able to get “Your Money. Your Mission.” up to #15 on the US Apple Charts in the “Investing” category and to #53 in all of “Business”, ahead of several Ramsey Network, CNBC and other large shows produced by big networks. We are proud to report since launch a few weeks ago the show has remained in the top 100 in Business and top 50 in Investing. A great start for an independent show!


  • Podcast Strategy
  • Podcast Production
  • Episode Creation
  • Video Production
  • Podcast Growth Marketing
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Story Mark Studios is a great partner for our podcast. From strategy, to production to launch and marketing they’ve exceeded expectations.

Carmen Tenuta

Carmen Tenuta

VP PR & Community Engagement

Johnson Financial Group

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