The Project Goal

JB, Richie’s Dad, wanted to make his grandmother Lainey’s 90th birthday special by creating a documentary about her remarkable life. After storyboarding the project, we interviewed Lainey and her five children, collected old family photos, and filmed b-roll footage of Lainey in action, following the project’s storyboard. Though we may be slightly biased, the result was a “marvelous” forty-minute documentary that will be in the family for decades. The documentary captured Lainey’s trailblazing life, generosity, and key lessons. You can check it out below; it’s worth the watch, and just remember to “Enjoy your day!”


  • Story Mark Framework
  • Video Production

Day 1: “Why are you doing this?”. Day 30: “I don’t know why you are going through all this trouble”. Release day “Wow. I am so impressed”

Elaine Burke

Story Mark Framework Activation

Whether we're creating a two-minute brand video or a forty-minute documentary, the same storytelling principles apply. To get started, we interviewed Lainey to uncover her amazing story and discover what would need to be highlighted in the documentary. We then went through our framework to map out a high-level storyboard and production plan before the filming began.

A Documentary To Stand the Test of Time

Creating a documentary about someone who has lived such an amazing life and would be presented at their 90th birthday party, was not a task we took lightly. That said, the end result was extremely well received at Lainey's 90th birthday celebration and we know this will be cherished by the three generations of the family--and the more to come thereafter.

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