Web Strategy

Follow These Steps to Create a Website That Converts

Today, your website is more important than ever. In the COVID-era, with less and less face-to-face interaction and more people spending time online, your website is your chance to make an impact on potential clients/customers. The problem is that most companies don’t have a website that fully represents their brand, let alone converts visitors into leads and buyers. At GGMM, we have certain principles that we make sure we hit when we create websites for our clients (and ourselves) to maximize the conversion rates. Make sure you hit all the following points below and it will make a big difference! 

  • Pass Donald Miller’s 5 second test: Can someone land on your website and know immediately who you are, how you can make their life better, and where they can buy (or contact you) all within 5 seconds?
  • Is it scannable? Most companies have way too much copy on their site. People don’t read websites, they scan them. It’s fine to have more copy on inner pages if needed but make sure the homepage is scannable. 
  • Paint success. The only reason people buy things is to get from their current state to their future desired state. Show them what this future state looks like with your product. Make sure you are pulling images and videos that enable the visitor to picture themself achieving success with your product or service. 
  • Call your users to action. As humans, we tend to be lazy and need to be called to action. Make sure to have clear calls to action to contact you and buy throughout your site. 
  • Build credibility. People want to feel safe working with you so social proof is key. Make sure to have real testimonials, reviews, case studies, and client logos on your site.

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For some example sites that we have built and consulted on take a look:

ERC Midwest