Kam Jones and Stevie Mitchell: Emergency March Madness Pod

The NCAA Tournament kicks off this week and Kam and Stevie stopped by the studio before heading down to Indianapolis. If you want to get an inside look at Marquette Basketball, laugh and get fired up for what’s to come this episode is for you. 

Kam Jones and Stevie Mitchell: Emergency March Madness Pod

The NCAA Tournament kicks off this week and Kam and Stevie stopped by the studio before heading down to Indianapolis. If you want to get an inside look at Marquette Basketball, laugh and get fired up for what’s to come this episode is for you. 

The NCAA Tournament kicks off this week and Kam and Stevie stopped by the studio before heading down to Indianapolis! 

If you want to get an inside look at Marquette Basketball, laugh and get fired up for what’s to come this episode is for you. 

Topics include: 

  • Big East Recap
  • Mindset of the team right now 
  • EGQs
  • How Kam & Stevie ended up at Marquette and why they chose to stay 
  • What it’s like playing for Shaka and the most fired up they’ve ever seen him 
  • Zen Mode & Killa Mode
  • Rapid fire questions
    • Best MU dining hall 
    • The Harp or RWB 
    • Best dancer on the team 
    • Worst dancer 
    • Best/worst drip on the team 
    • Worst scooter driver on campus 
    • Dream brand deals 
    • Most likely to come unprepared for a test 
    • Who you would/would not let date your sister on the team 
    • Favorite Milwaukee spots 
    • Most embarrassing warm up songs 
    • What they love most about MU and a message to the fans 


Episode hosted by Richie Burke & Grace Scalzo 

Produced by Story Mark Studios 

In partnership with OnMilwaukee 

Sponsored by Nicolet Law & Central Standard Distillery 



Kam Jones: You know, you can’t take a game for possession

Stevie Mitchell: for granted, especially in March Madness. You know, we know that in the tournament, if you’re not your best, you’re very beatable. So

Grace Scalzo: favorite Milwaukee spot when you’re not playing basketball,

Richie Burke: who’s the one guy on the team that you would not let date your sister?

Grace Scalzo: Best dancer on the team.

Richie Burke: Worst dancer.

Stevie Mitchell: There’s a few for this one.

Grace Scalzo: What is the thing that you love the most about Marquette?

Stevie Mitchell: We’re grateful. I mean, me personally, I’ve never been a part of a place that like loves basketball like Marquette does. Get lost in a fight with

Kam Jones: us. You know, we’re gonna be out there 40 minutes trying to get after it every second.

Richie Burke: Hey everyone, it’s your host Richie Burke and we have a very special March Madness edition of Milwaukee Uncut for you today. Kam Jones and Stevie Mitchell, two stars on the number two seed Marquette Golden Eagles, were nice enough to drop by last night before they headed to Indy today for their first round matchup on Friday against Western Kentucky.

This was a fun one. You’ll get an inside look at the Marquette basketball program. They had a lot of great stories. We also had a lot of laughs and we talk about the hopefully long tournament run that they are about to embark on. Along with Kam and Stevie, Gray Scalzo, who was on a couple of our Dating in Milwaukee episodes and is very involved in Marquette basketball, also came down to co host this one with me.

Before we get started, just a reminder that Milwaukee Uncut is produced in the heart of Walker’s Point at Story Mark Studios in partnership with On Milwaukee. And sponsored by Nicolet Law, the Midwest’s law firm, Russell Nicolet, who is the man on just about every other billboard in the area. Great guy. He dropped in the other week.

His episode will be out soon. And this show is also sponsored by our friends at Central Standard Distillery. If you’re looking to get after it responsibly this March Madness season, I highly recommend my personal favorite, their Door County Cherry Vodka. Or their new canned old fashions. They did in collaboration with the line and Kugel’s that are out right now.

Those are also very good central standard distillery. Okay. On that note, let’s dive in with Kam Jones and Stevie Mitchell. You’ve had a busy last week. It hasn’t really even been a week. You had the biggies tournament put up a very good fight in New York city without Colick made a good run against Yukon in the finals.

How, how, how are you feeling? How’s the vibe been coming back?

Stevie Mitchell: I think, you know, the vibe is kind of, you know, we lost our last game. So obviously, like, you know, a lot of people saying good job, you know, doing you know, getting some wins even without Tyler. But we know we could have, you know, played a lot better in that championship game.

So we just got back, just learn from the loss, obviously proud of the games we won, but just looking forward to, you know, continue to get better and then adding Tyler back.

Kam Jones: Like we still hungry. We didn’t go out there that championship game to put up a good fight and lose. We wanted to go out there and we thought we had enough, but we did have enough. And as a team, we thought we had enough to go win that game. And down the stretch, you know, they made a run that pretty much separated the game.

But yeah, I would say that we’re very motivated, you know, to get another chance to play. And, you know, knowing I just want to go home now.

Richie Burke: Stevie, how are you feeling? I saw a tweet that said you doled out and absorbed more contact in two games than the New York Jets roster all season. How are you doing?

Stevie Mitchell: I’m doing good. You know, Kenny, our athletic trainer, he’s, you know, had to had to deal with a lot this year, but he’s been taking good care. You know, just getting treatment every day. Are off days coming to get treatment. Yeah, practice. They got treatment before and after. So just, you know, take care of the body.

pretty. At this point in season. Everybody’s, you know, banged up a little bit, so just trying to take any advantage you can get by getting in the training room as much as possible.

Richie Burke: Do you get over that lost pretty quick with selection Sunday and the excitement that that brings the day after.

Stevie Mitchell: Not really. I mean, I feel like we won’t completely be over until You know.

Like the next game and then the game after that, you know, like. Going losing that game was kind of like we wanted to win that like just as bad as they wanted to win it They they got the win. So it’s not really something we could just get over But selection Sunday was a good, you know to come together as a team right after that and be together and enjoy You know, enjoy the moment enjoy the time that we have together

Grace Scalzo: Alright, so I took a deep dive into the k1 and Stewie show if you haven’t tapped in I recommend it great episodes Something you guys do, like an EGB is an EGQ, and if you’re unfamiliar, that’s an energy generating question, so I got one for you guys.

What part of each other’s game would you like to have, if you could?

Stevie Mitchell: Shoot that three. Shoot that three, shoot them step

Kam Jones: backs. I was about to say, I

Stevie Mitchell: think you shoot a better percentage from three to me. Nah, those step back threes, I need those, and I need the, you know, the left hand, quick release. You I need those.

I need the, I need the layup package. I know you said one part, but. Yeah, I need, I need the snatch, the hang, I need the spin in the lane. Oh my gosh. Drive right, come back left. You know, teams have been scouting that for the entire season. Still haven’t really been able to stop it. So I need that in my bank.

So yeah, that’s probably one of those few things. I think a lot of people

Kam Jones: sleep on Stu’s bed. He got a nice, nice bed. But you, that would be very tough to describe, but definitely, you know, his, his, his aura for his team and his, his defense for sure. Man, it’s, it’d be like poetry watching him play defense, especially, you know, on the best players.

Yeah, that’d be all I could really just be there. It’s like, damn.

Grace Scalzo: Yeah, I agree. And your offense is underrated. I would agree with Cam on that too. Extremely

Kam Jones: underrated.

Grace Scalzo: So, I want to take it back though, because in one of the episodes you guys talked about like, AAU and playing against each other. When did you guys meet?

Like how, what’s the story of how you guys know each other?

Kam Jones: We didn’t meet until, well actually, I think the first time, was the first time I talked to you when your commitment got leaked? Yeah. Yeah, that was crazy. That was tough. You can

Stevie Mitchell: explain that. I mean, I think, cause, so he had like, I like had committed my coach had, my high school coach had told one of the like local reporters and I wasn’t announcing it for like another week, but the reporter, you know, took the, took the story and ran with it and had posted on Twitter right away.

So I just went on Instagram. I just saw like, I got tagged in a bunch of stories and I clicked on Kam’s story and it was like saying that I committed to Marquette. I was like, what? So I was lost. And I actually had a meeting with Dr. Lovell like in 15 minutes. So like I was kind of dealing with that as I was getting ready for that meeting.

So that was a lot. And then just, you know, from there me and Cam kind of just, we would FaceTime, just talk. And then we didn’t actually meet each other in person until. We got here on campus. That was my first time on campus. That was your second or first time?

Kam Jones: That was my second time on campus. But, yeah, that’s how we met.

That was, I remember posting that and then DK, which was who recruited both of us, he texted me and was like, Yo like, yeah, it got leaked that he was committing. He wasn’t, like, announcing that right now. I remember being like, damn, like, who took that away from him? Yeah.

Grace Scalzo: You didn’t have that? No one took it away from you, right?


Kam Jones: not really. People knew nor cared what I was going to do. So, you know, that wasn’t really a big thing. I pretty much just announced that I was coming to Marquette. So, that was a pretty fun experience.

Richie Burke: Stevie, did you, was it 100 percent made up in your mind while it got leaked? Or were you still in that decision process?

Stevie Mitchell: Nah, it was it was 100%. Okay. So, I think, cause I was, I wanted to do like, like I ended up doing a video or something. But I wanted to do that prior to, like, it got leaked, but once it did get leaked, I was like, I was kind of like, nah, I don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t want to do it. It’s already out there anyway.

But then, like, my parents kind of convinced me to still just do what I did. And I made a video with like, A bunch of like the younger kids in my area. That’s a great video. I have just like just known while they were growing up and while I was, you know, growing up still as well. And they we went to our high school, my high school football field and I walked up the bleachers and they were all in the stands.

And then. Once I announced I was going to Marquette, they held, like, flags and, like, showed their shirts. They had, like, Marquette shirts, so. It was a fun video, so I was glad I was, I still did it.

Richie Burke: Looking ahead to the tournament this week, heading to heading to Indy. You’re playing Western Kentucky on Friday.

You’ve got a loaded bracket. There’s the Blue Bloods. You’ve got Kentucky. You’ve got Duke. Number one seed, Houston. Badgers are there in the bracket. Florida, potential in the second round. We’ll How are you feeling? Is it hard not to look ahead and stay in the moment right now?

Kam Jones: I would say no, it’s not hard because I mean, we know what it feels like to be a first round exit in the second round exit.

So you know, you can’t take a game for possession for granted, especially in March Madness. Every possession is that much more important. Margin for error goes very, very, very low. Yeah, and I, the only team that I’ve been thinking about is Western Kentucky.

Stevie Mitchell: Yeah, I’ll say the same thing. Like, it’s hard to like look ahead when like we haven’t made it ahead yet.

So I think for us, the main focus is on winning the first game and then moving forward from there. Just kind of learning as we’ve been doing the whole season and growing and getting ready for the next game. And hopefully we keep, are able to do that until the national championship. So, but I mean, I think for us, we’re just focusing on it one game at a time.

Yeah. 14 tournament that starts on Friday against Western Kentucky, who’s a good team. And you know, we know that in the tournament, if you’re not your best, you’re very beatable. So we’re just really focused on being our best version of ourselves.

Grace Scalzo: For sure. Okay. And so now day by day, Friday comes, it’s game day, 2 p.

m. game, right? Eastern time, 2 p. m. Yeah. Tap in if you’re, if you’re not gonna watch already. I’ll be watching. I’ll have my popcorn. I’ll be ready, but I want to know. It’s game day. Walk me through. What’s the steps? How does it go? Do you nap? Like what’s going on on a game day?

Stevie Mitchell: Honestly, I don’t even. It’s different like when we like go away then versus like during the regular season or during this conference play or whatever because it’s kind of like a little more random, but if it’s like at 2 we’ll probably wake up, have breakfast.

Probably have like a walkthrough or something and then have pregame meal and then head over, which I don’t even, yeah, we might just have a brunch because two is kind of a weird time because it’s like right after lunch and we start warming up like an hour before. So I don’t necessarily know what the pregame will consist of.

I just know that, I mean, I’m listening to my music watch my anime TikToks. So,

Grace Scalzo: that’s the ritual. Anime, TikToks, music. What music? What do we listen to?

Stevie Mitchell: Broadway, mainly. Yeah, Broadway. And then, like, just like random songs by other artists.

Grace Scalzo: Okay. Kam?

Richie Burke: How many anime TikToks are you watching pregame over there?

Kam Jones: Me? I’ve watched a few before. Yeah, shit. I mean, yeah, they give you, yeah, they give you more energy than you think. But yeah, for sure. The

Richie Burke: anime TikTok’s got some EGB. Yeah,

Kam Jones: you, you’ll

Richie Burke: be

Kam Jones: surprised. Them motherfuckers got some EGBs. I’m like a superhero. No, yeah but I pretty much, like you said, just listening to a little bit of music.

On game days, I like to, I like to go with how I’m feeling. So, you know, it’s different for different games. Yeah, like even with my music, I like to listen to whatever I want to in that particular moment in time and how my body’s feeling. I really try to, you know, adjust and cater to that.

Grace Scalzo: Sometimes I see you just like singing on your story.

That’s great content.

Kam Jones: I just be bored. Yeah, I’ll be bored and don’t be having nothing else to do. So and I’ll be listening, sitting in my room, listening to music. I’d be like, man, somebody gotta hear this.

Richie Burke: You got some pipes. How is it?

Grace Scalzo: No, he is good. It’s like a, it’s more of like a vibe. Like he’s just chilling in there like it’s

Kam Jones: music

Grace Scalzo: on.

Yeah. I might put in the request though, tuned. Yeah, for sure. You, you can

Kam Jones: do that. Yeah, it is it be good music going on in there. .

Richie Burke: What, what time do you get, do you guys get up, do you have curfew before the game? Do you have people check it knocking on your doors or anything? Is there anything like that or no?


Kam Jones: nah, nah. I mean, we grown men, so it’s kind of like you, it’s, you gotta do some stuff yourself too. It’s on you to get your rest. We can’t have nobody watching your back to make sure you’re going to sleep. It’s on you to go to bed, turn your phone off, etc. Which I appreciate, but, you know, being that way here.

Richie Burke: Do you guys feel a certain amount of pressure after an early exit last year? Such a ravid Marquette fan base, and a starving Marquette fan base who hasn’t seen a team go farther than you went last year since 2013. 2013.

Kam Jones: What I would say to that question, as a player on the team, I can promise there isn’t one fan that wants us to win more than us.

Therefore, to answer your question, I try to really focus on my teammates to not let the outside things get in internal with our team because that can really, really be bad for a team. And, you know, having that pressure playing so tight and anxious can really, can really be bad. That can, that can, that can work against you for sure.

Stevie Mitchell: Yeah, I think like Kam said, like, I mean, every team I feel like is going to experience some type of, you know, pressure or feeling of pressure just because every team wants to win very badly. So I think if we can like, you know, use that to our advantage versus letting it like hinder our play or our performance.

It can be a good thing for us. And obviously, like we want to win, we want to win for ourselves. We want to win for each other. And then we do want to win for our fans as well. Because how much they care about, you know, our success and about us. So there’s a lot of people who want us to win. But we know that the only way we’re going to win is if we focus on doing the right things and doing the things that go into winning.

So getting caught up in the pressure and the feeling of pressure. It doesn’t really do too much for us, but, you know, acknowledging it is definitely something you gotta do because it’s there, but it’s there for everybody and it can make you better if you use it right.

Grace Scalzo: So fuel to the fire for sure. And you guys talked about on the podcast and back to it, you talked about your circle and how you said your word was Zen.

Yours was killer mode,

Kam Jones: killer

Grace Scalzo: mode. Okay. So if you’re trying to stay loose, you’re trying to be your best self, trying to be yourself, you’re out there in the game on Friday, we’re watching you. You do something cool. You dunk on somebody you’re like this, whatever it is. It needs to be a moment. Some, are you thinking Zen?

Are you thinking killer mode? What’s going through your mind in moments like that in a game?

Stevie Mitchell: I think like when I think when you’re really in your circle like you’re not really thinking about the things in your circle I think I think that’s more so like like when you you know Go back and think about that.

I was this I was that I was this but like when you’re in your circle You’re like so like in the moment Like the only thing you’re focused on is like what you just did or what you’re doing currently So I wouldn’t think say you’re really thinking about your circle at all I think the The circle is more so to help like direct you towards being Your your best like in your circle if that makes sense.

It’s like a it’s like a circle like It like guides you continuous. Yeah So it’s like I don’t think you’re thinking about anything other than what you’re doing at that moment when you’re a circle

Kam Jones: Yeah, and when you in the circle you like you are those things in your circle. So the terms that you have so When we at our best and me speaking personally when I’m at my best I’m in killer mode So I don’t have to think about it, you know what I’m saying if that makes sense

Grace Scalzo: Yeah, and now just so you know when I see you do something cool.

I’m gonna think killer mode

Richie Burke: We can do that I like that

So shaka I want to shift to shaka. He seems like a very unique coach Probably like no one that you’ve ever one on one played for before. Can you just touch on what it’s like playing for him? You

Stevie Mitchell: I think it’s, it’s definitely like, it’s an experience like every day just because of how consistent he is with like his vibe, his energy.

And then he’s like, obviously like a great role model because everything like we have a culture doc that he’s like, did by like made like, and it’s just like how we act, interact and respond and like kind of just like different principles in it. And he like embodies those and he like actually lives by those.

So it’s like, he’s a good role model to have because he practices what he preaches. And then just as far as like, a coach, like, he’s gonna yell at you, but that’s because he obviously wants us to get better and wants us to be our best. And then he’ll just, his energy is just like, like what I can’t say, one on one.

Like, I think a couple like film sessions ago, he was diving on the ground for a loose ball. He dove on the carpet, bro.

Kam Jones: He dove on the carpet, bro.

He’s like, what you got doing the ball loose? Bro, he threw me a ball, I rolled it out. He just dived on the carpet.

Richie Burke: In a film session?

Kam Jones: Yeah. In the hotel. In the hotel ballroom.

Yeah, nah, he, but it’s so consistent, like, every day, don’t miss a beat, and like, you would know if something was wrong with him, easily, like, just because of how, how, how, how of life he is.

Richie Burke: I only see him on the court, but I can’t really picture him any other way.

Kam Jones: Like, that’s him. Yeah. Man, that’s, I promise, like, the sliding, yelling, like, that is, that’s him, that’s all you need to see to know who.

You will know the very big element of Coach Mark.

Richie Burke: Yeah. Okay, what’s the most fired up that you have ever seen him? Like mad? Yeah, does a moment stand out?

Kam Jones: Yeah, I mean him yelling at me about defense. He’s always, like, in the game, his favorite thing to tell me is f ing guard. That’s his favorite thing to say to me.

But, yeah, he’s always fired up about defense. He hasn’t, I don’t think, he don’t really get on to any, like, mistakes, unless you’re just out there with avoidance goals. That’s the only time he really get on you for making a mistake or, or something like that, but for me, it’s just me playing defense.

Stevie Mitchell: Yeah, I would say. What Cam said, I mean, just like in practice, like it’s just like, he’ll, it’s like, he’ll kind of like pick somebody and, like kind of just pick on that person like throughout the practice because like we talk about responding a lot and like dealing with adversity. So like he’ll he’ll pick somebody in a practice every now and then and like kind of pick on them a little bit and just like test them and see how they respond.

And for me, I’ve had days where I responded well to that and days where I haven’t responded well to that. So, I think just like, you know, being able to,

Kam Jones: Yeah.

Stevie Mitchell: Being able to grow and get older and be able to handle those days better has been, you know, cool. Just cause How he is, like when he, when he is on you, he’s, he’s on you.


Kam Jones: Ooh, man. Just in practice today, like I was, I’m looking at bro, I’m like, man, I remember like, man, I, I know how I feel like he still do to us now, but you just remember like how like everybody had their day way. He didn’t handle it very well. And yeah, that’s him. But it is all a out of wanting you to be better and wanting to win for sure.

Richie Burke: For those of you who heard some laughs, Oakley was very comfortable by Stevie, then moved off the couch, did a big stretch, and passed out now. So there he is. It’s Oakley’s show. He’s in good spirits though. He


it. I dove into the K1 and Stewie show as well. Kam, I heard you accidentally sent Shaka, was it a Drake verse or something that was supposed to go to a woman?

No, no, no. I didn’t

Kam Jones: accidentally send it. So he thought I was intending to send it to a woman because of what the lyrics said. Damn. Yeah, it was just, I was just sending him a song, like, cause we sent each other music, and I had just sent him, cause when I was listening to it in the locker room, I’m like, man, and I played it back again,

Grace Scalzo: I’m like, man,

Kam Jones: and I’m like, man, somebody got here, so I sent, I just sent that line to Coach, and he texted me back, he was like, yo, you mean to send this to me, or you mean to send this to to your girl, I was like, My first thought was like, no, I’m gonna send it to you.

But it made sense now that I think about it. Like, if somebody just randomly sent me that, I wouldn’t thought it was for me. You

Richie Burke: don’t discriminate women, 50 year old

guys. You, if a song’s fitting, you just let it fly. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. If the song

Kam Jones: cool, yeah, the song cool, the song cool.

Richie Burke: What

Grace Scalzo: song was it?

Kam Jones: It was Slime You Out by Drake.

Grace Scalzo: Okay.

Kam Jones: Yep. What song? Slime You Out by Drake. Yep. I don’t know if I know that one. Very nice song.

Grace Scalzo: Scissors on that, right? Yep.

Kam Jones: Very nice song. Very nice. Is it a romantic song or a banger? It’s a

Grace Scalzo: great song. It’s a banger. He

Kam Jones: kind of was, he kind of was hurt. His feelings was kind of hurt a little bit on that one.

So yeah, that’s probably why he thought that.

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All right, now we’re going to get back into the episode with a highly entertaining round of rapid fire questions that we call the Standard Five with Cam and Stevie.

Grace Scalzo: Best dining hall at Marquette? Comments.

Stevie Mitchell: Comments, I guess. Actually, Strader’s pretty good. I lived in Schrader in like 2008. You have breakfast.

I still go with commas though, just cause I was right next to Humpty.

Grace Scalzo: He’s got a sandwich! I missed it. He said he

Kam Jones: wanted a sandwich.

Richie Burke: Cam, what is going on? Man, what I walk

Kam Jones: on. This is, what is it, sophomore year? Yeah, it was right after the season. Yeah, it was right

after. Yeah, bro. Yeah. Man, when I walk home, he was like, earlier today, he was like, I’m trying to get a six pack. We’re in the weight room.

Richie Burke: We went to the Shrader.

Kam Jones: He crammed it to the table.

Everybody else like got food, like chicken, fried, whatever, a citrus salad. He pulled up with just a sundae. Waffle Sundae. Waffle Sundae. Said it was the special. I was gonna say, you don’t want no six pack bro, that was hilarious, that was a very funny moment.

Grace Scalzo: RWB or The Harp? I’d

Kam Jones: go with Harpy. I don’t know if I’ve

Richie Burke: ever been to The Harp.

Grace Scalzo: Fair. I’d go with Harpy. There we go. Now you have it.

Richie Burke: Alright. Shout out to The Harp. Shout out to The Harp. They’re friends of the show. Most likely teammate to log on to Bumble when you arrive in Indianapolis. Oh, you know what Bumble is?

Kam Jones: I tend to. Oh. Damn.

Richie Burke: Thinking about this a long time.

Kam Jones: Cause it’s

Richie Burke: Most likely to log on to a dating app in any of that case. That’s

Kam Jones: what I’m saying, we got some, we got some characters. And I’m one of them, but I ain’t, not for this question.

Richie Burke: You gotta be locked in

Kam Jones: though. I’ma go with nah, it’s the career for Jonah. I ain’t gonna say Jonah.

Ain’t no wrong with him. Why would he do that? Oh, it’s cause he’s home. He had the career. He wouldn’t do it. He wouldn’t. He can’t do it. Nah, he ain’t gonna do it. We go shit. Shout out Cheese. I’m gonna go with Cheese.

Grace Scalzo: The default answer here.

Kam Jones: Okay. Oh, yeah, that cause,

Richie Burke: Cheese. Who, who is that? Yeah.

That’s one I’d walk on with RJ, but Oh, the sundae guy. Yeah, that’s the waffle sundae. Who’s the sundae and the bumble guy. Oh

Grace Scalzo: my god. I

Richie Burke: don’t know if he would, but if I had to pick one It’s not a bad thing,

Kam Jones: I was just curious. That’s a lie, it ain’t nothing wrong with it, but Yeah, I’m probably gonna go with cheese.

Stevie Mitchell: Alright.

Grace Scalzo: Okay, moving on. Best dancer on the team.

Stevie Mitchell: Ooh, best dancer. That’s tough. We

Grace Scalzo: see the videos, come on now, don’t be shy.

Kam Jones: Yeah.

Grace Scalzo: Ah,

Kam Jones: Stu up there.

Stevie Mitchell: I

Kam Jones: don’t think I’m the best dancer. Nah, you up there for sure. I could

Stevie Mitchell: follow directions for a dance, but I can’t. Directions? That’s

Kam Jones: what I’m saying in the videos.

Oh, yeah. You know what I’m saying? You be too probably, C Band, C Band be having the hips. C Band got, he got a little. C B, C

Stevie Mitchell: B can dance. Yeah, shout out Cam Brown.

Kam Jones: Walk on Cam Brown. We’ll give him that one. Give him that one.

Grace Scalzo: Valid.

Richie Burke: Worst dancer. There’s a

Stevie Mitchell: few for this one. Rat, rat a lot. Hang

Kam Jones: with the words,

Stevie Mitchell: man.

Man, have you seen Idol Dance before? Bengal. Oh, Ben.

Kam Jones: Goddamn, BG. I’m sorry, BG. I’m gonna throw you up there.

Grace Scalzo: Okay, so Kam, this is kind of like a two part question for you. So, you were like, best dressed, right? Did you get that?

Kam Jones: With the team votes? Yeah. Oh yeah, yes ma’am. He’s looking the part right now.

Appreciate that. Yeah.

Grace Scalzo: Okay, so who, so if you have the best, who has the worst drip?

Kam Jones: I thought, I don’t know, I think, I’ve been thought we got

the most style out of any team in the country.

Grace Scalzo: Wow. Okay. I’ve been

Kam Jones: thought that from, from last summer. Yeah, I don’t know, that’s a tough one. But

Richie Burke: That doesn’t seem . Stevie, do you agree with cheese? No.

Stevie Mitchell: Cheese. Who, who, who are, who are you giving this to Me? There’s just people who try less often than others. I

Kam Jones: was thinking like, who don’t wear nothing. They all,

Stevie Mitchell: it’s like, I wouldn’t say I, I feel like on our team, like if anybody tries to look nice, they can’t.

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.

Kam Jones: Oso don’t ever, I ain’t never seen Oso in No. Like I done seen him before, but. El also El also Elsa. Elsa can, he can dress, he can put it on. Yeah. He got swag. But yeah, him don’t be pulling, he don’t be trying to pull it out.

Stevie Mitchell: He, he doesn’t really pull out them. V , BG don’t really dress up that

Kam Jones: much.

Yeah. But,

Stevie Mitchell: but like when they, when they won to, they came. So we

Kam Jones: seen it. You feel me? We. When we went to Italy, we all, you should have seen, ooh, it was nice.

Stevie Mitchell: Yeah, I don’t know if we got a bad dresser on our team. We got people who try less often than others. Okay, that’s

Grace Scalzo: fair. That’s a tough one. I just saw something with Skims, I think, for you.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. But I want to know, like, dream brand deal. What brand?

You’re next, so start thinking.

Kam Jones: I mean, I’ll stick it out with Jordan. If Mike ever did, I’ll talk to Mike. I’m talking to Mike. Who wouldn’t

Grace Scalzo: talk to Mike? I like Jordan. You got Jordan on, what do you say CB?

Stevie Mitchell: I mean, I like Jordan, it’s just simple. Nice, comfortable, nice shoes, nice pants, nice sweatshirts, nice jackets.

Everything that we’ve gotten from Jordan has been nice, so I would say probably Jordan as well. Yeah,

Kam Jones: you can make some money from them, so, you know what I’m saying? That’s like, yeah, that’s fantasy land. That’s Coach Smart would call it.

Richie Burke: So, so this is my new favorite player right here. It’s not on me. It went away.

You gotta scroll. Oh my

gosh. Yeah!

Shout out to Cheese! That guy looks like he could take down a Sunday pretty quickly. Shout out to Cheese. Shout out to Cheese. Yeah,

Kam Jones: Cheese, he putting that work in. This was a long time ago.

Stevie Mitchell: Yeah, nah. But nah, nah, that’s funny. He came a long way. He’s injured right now, but. He ain’t been out of it for a minute.

He’s he’s been working to get cheese

Richie Burke: is welcome to come down here and defend himself on the podcast We can we can get funny episodes

Kam Jones: If y’all got you, I will come back. He’s also probably one

Stevie Mitchell: of the funniest people on the team We should we should team up for a

Richie Burke: k1 stewie milwaukee uncut cheese collaboration We’ll get that we’ll get we only have four mics we’ll get five so grace can come back for that one, too.

I hear some of you guys like your scooters Who is the worst scooter driver on the team?

Kam Jones: Well, I, Trey got the slowest bike. So, I mean, we’d be leaving him.

Grace Scalzo: No, that’s so mean. You’re dropping

Richie Burke: him? I mean, I mean. Jesus Christ.

Cheese is not going to recover from this episode. This was right outside of

Kam Jones: Hope. He wasn’t even on a, Cheese wasn’t even on a, he was on a, he was on a V. O. He was on a

V. O. that had, that you could like sit on. He was riding his bike and I was waiting on him. So I was bored. I was just riding my bike in circles.

So I’m just riding. I’m hitting my circle and I see cheese go. My first thought they was like this. I’m like, why are they that close? And see bands have when I just seen cheese hit the corner and they just man, that was crazy. See bands like let the bike go ran off. That was, that was, that was pretty funny.

You spend your cheese, man. We kind of, we low key doing cheese bad, but the great guy. But no, she’s a great, great, great, great guy. Great. To Cape. All right. Yeah. For those,

Richie Burke: for those who don’t know cheese, number 51, 51,

Kam Jones: six, six,

Richie Burke: six foot, 200 pounds, maybe two Oh one after that Sunday. He’s a junior from Chicago, Illinois.

Big East All Academic Team. Yes, sir. Let’s give a shout out to Chief. He be in

Kam Jones: them grades. Shout out to Chief. Yeah, he be studying. Sometimes he be running from me in 2K because he say he do homework.

Grace Scalzo: Okay, wait. So, this is on the school part of it. So, most likely to walk into a test unprepared?

Kam Jones: Me.

Grace Scalzo: Yeah.

Kam Jones: That’s not, I don’t say that to brag or nothing. That’s just, that’s just true. Not, I mean, I’d be prepared. Sometimes. But.

Grace Scalzo: You still do alright? Yeah.

Kam Jones: Oh,

Grace Scalzo: more chillin Yeah, yeah,

Kam Jones: yeah, yeah, yeah. I got a great major. I love my major.

Stevie Mitchell: On our team, most likely to walk into the test unprepared? Ooh.

Kam Jones: I’ma, I should, I should take my answer back.

Richie Burke: You go ahead. Don’t, don’t say it. Nah. Nah, it ain’t cheese. It ain’t cheese. It ain’t cheese. Oh yeah, he’s all academic. Yeah, he’s all academic too. I did

Kam Jones: on, yeah, yeah, yeah. She’s a leader. Yeah. Probably Al. Owl ain’t gon know you had it too. It ain’t no, yeah, Owl. I’ma go with Owl. That’s my dog, but Owl for sure.

That’s what I’ma go with. I remember

Sean told me.

Sean, too. Damn, man, Sean. Man, he was trying to tell us we was tripping, bro. When he was up there not talking about nothing. Talking about nothing. Was we tripping? When he had a presentation in class. Oh yeah,

Stevie Mitchell: that was crazy. Yeah, that was crazy.

Kam Jones: We had a presentation about an interview that we were supposed to have did.


Richie Burke: it good? Was it a good

Kam Jones: presentation? I’m about to explain it to you. So like I said, it was on an interview that we had already did. So Sean go up there and he said the person I interviewed was Ben. He from, he’s from New Zealand, right? He said and this is just an example, he was like what’s your favorite food?

And he kept asking him questions as he was presenting and we were just sitting there laughing. And

Stevie Mitchell: the teacher would ask him a question about the interview and then he’d be like, Ben?

Kam Jones: Ben,

Stevie Mitchell: you said That was a very funny experience. No, but, I mean Our team actually does well in school as a

Kam Jones: whole. Shout out Tyler Colick.

He’s the best reader on the team.

Grace Scalzo: That is bogus, because Tyler, when he came on the podcast for you guys, like, he sounds really smart. He answers everything, like he always, yeah, like that’s so bogus. They just

Kam Jones: trolling, you feel me? Yeah, he’s most hated. Who wouldn’t try to get at all American? Yeah, you feel what I’m saying?

They trying to get him out of the element. So true. Don’t work.

Shout out Tyler. Shout out Colick.

Richie Burke: Who’s the one guy on the team that you would not let date your sister? If you don’t have a sister, this would be if you had one.

Grace Scalzo: I

Richie Burke: thought that was a good question.

Grace Scalzo: They’re just like gonna

Richie Burke: throw the answer, guess it.

Nah, jeez. He’s all academic. He could

take her out for ice cream. He likes that. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Kam Jones: he’ll take her out for ice cream.

Grace Scalzo: I’m done. But,

Kam Jones: I mean, that don’t answer the question. We didn’t say take her out for ice cream. We said, date your sister. So, that’s my, I love cheese to death. But, I’m gonna have to go with that answer.

Richie Burke: Stevie, please say something other than cheese here. We can’t just, we can’t just completely body bag the guy who

Stevie Mitchell: I don’t want to, I, I, I, I feel like for me who I, okay, I’ll go with who I would let date my sister. Oh, what a nice guy. I would, I would, I would let, I would let Oso, I would let Bengal,

I would let CB.

Mhm. Three for three. I’ma, I’ma keep it top three. Top three. Top three. This stops there. All right. Top

Richie Burke: three.

Grace Scalzo: All right. Okay. So favorite Milwaukee spot when you’re not playing basketball?

Kam Jones: Like just to be at or like go eat?

Grace Scalzo: Either one.

Kam Jones: My new favorite spot, I just had it yesterday in 3rd Street Market Hall Mr.

Wing. Mr. Wing, so good. Shout out Mr. Wing, yeah, yeah, yeah, they do they thing out there.

Grace Scalzo: What, what flavor?

Kam Jones: I did the Buffalo Lemon Peppery Trip. They know my order when I walked in there, so it’s all love with them.

Stevie Mitchell: For me, favorite place to eat? We go to Capital Grill sometimes. Love Capital Grill. For, one of us has a birthday, we’ll go there together.

On the event, yeah. I’m more calm, I like, I like toast a lot. I think toast is better than sweet diner, in my humble opinion. But yeah, I like toast. I like the vibe inside. I also like I, I like obvious the one area, I think it’s MSOE that well like has all the food places, has a Chipotle, there’s a oh yeah, fusion poke.

I used

Richie Burke: to live on the east side. I was ATLE all the time. Yeah, fusion

Stevie Mitchell: Poke, that’s my spot too. I like that spot. That’s how you, man, I always thought it was fusion. Poke. Me too. But someone corrected me so it’s crazy. I’m not even sure it’s fusion Poke A, but I’m gonna go with that. ’cause the person corrected me.

It sounds, yeah, it pretty

Kam Jones: confident. Yeah. And it sound like that makes sense. What Fusion Poke mean? . Yeah. So , she might know. I mean, he made cheese. The man with the plan now cheese got it going on. He just, he a character too, so yeah. You come with both. Two things can be true at once. You know what I’m saying?

He’s the man with the plan for sure. Smart guy.

Richie Burke: Alright, what is the most embarrassing warm up song you get hyped to?

Kam Jones: A lot of teams, when they team go in, on the road, when they team go in the locker room, they try to play like BS songs, but. They kind of be like turning me up, like YMCA. They’ll play that.

Oh, you like the YMCA? Yeah, I like the YMCA. Like, you do that in summer camp, when you’re at the YMCA. They turn the YMCA song on. That’s one song I remember. I think that was at, like, Illinois. And they was, they thought they was throwing us off. They was turning us up. The joke was on them. You guys got that one.

you got to play, you got to play the fool to the fool to make the fool think that they the fool. I mean, they chew the food, but really they eat it. I messed that up.

Stevie Mitchell: For me, I, I don’t think I really listened to here and now I listen to some big time Rush songs, but that’s just, you know, I wouldn’t, I don’t think that’s embarrassing, I think.

Kam Jones: Oh, that’s what he meant. I thought he meant, like, I’m thinking about literal, literal warm ups. Like the music in the jumbotron. Oh, like in your headphones? Oh, I, if you were a T Swift guy over there, what you, you got going on? Yeah, I got Rihanna, Beyonce, all type of, okay, I’m just going down the line now.

Yeah. Justin Timberlake. I, it is whatever, how I be feeling. So some days Spice

Richie Burke: Spice Girls

throw back in. Not Spice

Kam Jones: Girls. No, not

Richie Burke: the Spice Girls. But

Kam Jones: like, some, it’d be some games to where I feel like, like a, like a, like a silent killer. So I play Rihanna. And then it’d be some games like, I just feel like just killing somebody like on the court.

So I play like crashout music.

Richie Burke: It’s

been working for you for whatever reason. For

Kam Jones: sure. It’s all in the mind.

Grace Scalzo: I’m just laughing.

Richie Burke: Okay,

Kam Jones: cool.

Grace Scalzo: What is the thing that you love the most about Marquette?

Stevie Mitchell: This might sound generic and corny, but my teammates, coaches, I feel like we’re actually like a family. It took, it was quick getting over being away from home just because of everybody that’s here. So, yeah. People make

Grace Scalzo: the place.

Stevie Mitchell: I

Kam Jones: remember you being so ready to go home that first break we got as freshmen.

That was hilarious. I did not want to go home. I wanted to go home so bad. I was enjoying that freedom. I didn’t have to ask my mama to do nothing.

Richie Burke: Man. And you haven’t looked back. Not once.

Kam Jones: Not once. I love you, mama. But, man, it was great. But it is great. I mean, outside of what he said, because that applies to me as well I would say, like, the community.

The fan base, for sure. They definitely help make you feel welcome, like you belong and you know, like you’re cared for. And I really appreciate that from a fan base because as a player you know, when you’re out there on the court doing, you know, certain things, it gets hard, you know, mentally, physically, and you know, it can lead to doubting yourself and to have fans that believe, that make it, that make you feel like they believe in you really, that is something I don’t take for granted.

Richie Burke: And final question. We’ll close the episode out. Anything you guys would like to say to the Marquette fan base right now?

Stevie Mitchell: Say we need y’all more than ever for this next for this next up and coming run. Been a big domino for us all season. Like Cam said we’re grateful. I mean, me personally, I’ve never been a part of a place that like loves basketball like Marquette.

So that’s been really cool for me and, you know, they help us a lot. They’re always showing love and we’re going to need that. Need them to continue to be our domino moving forward to help us, you know, get, get a goal that we both, we both want. So looking forward to it.

Kam Jones: Just to keep it short and simple.

I mean, you’re lost in a fight with us. You know, we’re going to be out there 40 minutes trying to get after every second on the, on the clock. We’ll And, you know, that support is needed. Every edge you can get in the tournament is essential, and you need to equip it and use it as much as you can. So, you know, just be there for us and, you know, let us know that you’re here.

Richie Burke: Thank you guys so much for coming on. That was fun. Grace, thanks for popping down as well. I learned a lot today from you two. Got a new favorite player on the squad. You a cheese man. We gotta get him out here. You a love. I’m telling you a love cheese. We’ll get him. We can get cheese man down here. Yeah, cheese man.

Most importantly, good luck this week. Next couple weeks we’re all pulling for you. So thanks for taking your time. Appreciate you. No problem. Appreciate you

Kam Jones: for having me.

Richie Burke: Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of Milwaukee Uncut. Just a reminder that Milwaukee Uncut is produced by Story Mark Studios in partnership with OnMilwaukee and presented by Nicolet Law and Central Standard Distillery.