Milwaukee Admirals: Zach L’Heureux & Kevin Wall

Gearing up for the playoffs, we dive into Zach and Kevin’s first year on the Admirals (including the 19-game win streak), and in Milwaukee! 

Milwaukee Admirals: Zach L’Heureux & Kevin Wall

Gearing up for the playoffs, we dive into Zach and Kevin’s first year on the Admirals (including the 19-game win streak), and in Milwaukee! 

Gearing up for the playoffs, we dive into Zach and Kevin’s first year on the Admirals (including the 19-game win streak), and in Milwaukee! 

Along with their backstories, how they got to the pros and how the team is prepping for a playoff run we cover a wide range of topics and fan submitted questions including: 

  • Doorbell camera disaster
  • Las Vegas shenanigans
  • Biggest transition to pro hockey 
  • Where the Ads go on a night out in Milwaukee
  • Who would win in a fight – Zach, Kevin,……. or Richie?
  • What teammates would you NOT let (and let) date your sister?
  • What do they like to do in Milwaukee?
  • And more Fan-submitted Q&A’s


Zach L’Heureux: I’ve never been to Vegas before, and from my first experience it was, you know, on top of the moon. And then our captain comes flying out of nowhere and jps over all of us and grabs this guy by the head. Next thing you know, everybody’s piling in.

Richie Burke: How long would it take you to knock me out? How many beers in a night would be considered impressive for a hockey player?

Kevin Wall: I mean, you can see when you go to other places,nothing compares to our home rink. Let’s go win a cup. Yeah, let’s do

Zach L’Heureux: it. I mean, we’re on the train now, and there’s no getting off of it.

Richie Burke: Hey everyone, it’s your host Richie Burke and welcome back to Milwaukee Uncut, produced by StoryMark Studios in partnership with On Milwaukee and presented by Nicolet Law, the Midwest’s law firm and our friends at Central Standard Distillery.

We’ve got a good one today with first year Admirals players, Zach LaRue and Kevin Wall. Kevin was the leading scorer and team captain for the Penn State Nittany Lions. This is his first of a two year deal with the ads. He is from Rochester. New York as well, Bill’s mafia country. And we’ve got Zach LaRue also in his first year, he was a first round NHL draft pick by the Nashville Predators in 2021 played juniors in Canada, where he’s from, he’s a Canadian, and this is his first year playing professional hockey, as you may know, the ads are having a great season in January and February, they were on a 19 game win streak, the second longest in AHL history, and are now gearing up for a playoff run.

This is a fun one. It’s a good mix of ads, hockey, hilarious story, and some really good fan submitted questions that you’re not going to want to miss. Let’s dive into today’s episode with Zach and Kevin. All right. So you guys have had a hell of a first year so far. Set the team record 19 game win streak, which is the second longest in AHL history.

Both your first year in the city of Milwaukee. What’s it been like for you two?

Kevin Wall: Yeah, it’s been awesome.It’s been a little bit of a learning experience, different schedules than college at least.But no, it’s been awesome. I mean like you said it’s been a great year for us and It’s been awesome to be a part of it and lucky enough to be here.

Richie Burke: Were you, did you go straight from college hockey to the AHL? Yep. What’s the biggest adjustment been like?

Kevin Wall: Probably the amount of college it was 34, maybe 36 if you went all the way. And, here it’s 72 regular season. So, it’s a lot more wear and tear on your body. So, just adjusting and learning from the older guys on how to keep yourself.

Just ready to go.

Richie Burke: Zach, you had a different path. What’s the, what’s the first year been like for you?

Zach L’Heureux: Yeah, it’s been great. I’ve been loving the’s definitely an adjustment. Like you said,I came from junior. So I think the amount of games is,was, you know, kind of more similar, but you know, living on your own, cooking your own food, you know, laundry, all that stuff that, you know, had billets back in Halifax who helped me a lot.

And it’s,it’s been an adjustment, but,I’ve been loving it, you know, learning. What it’s like to be a pro and you know every day, you know, this is your day job kind of now So it’sit’s been fun.

Richie Burke: Yeah, welcome to being an adult. Yeah, exactly You’re only a few weeks away from from being 21. I know this episode I want to go back a little bit.

What was growing up like for for both of you? Zach let’s start with you growing up in in Canada. When did you get into hockey who pushed you into it? How old were you?

Zach L’Heureux: I was pretty much I think three or four years old. My dad, you know, played hockey is his whole life. So he kind of pushed me into it. But you know, I feel like also just being from Canada.

It’s what every every kid did every kid wanted to do. So as soon as I you know, got my first pair of skates on, I think I was, you know, flying already. And you know, that’s what I wanted to do. And when I set my eyes on so it was, it was definitely special, you know, growing up in Canada where it was, you know, so big.

Richie Burke: Any other sports you played growing up? Or was it just all hockey from home?

Zach L’Heureux: Played a lot of different sports.I think I played, you know, rugby, soccer, football, but soccer was probably my nber two sport. You know, I could play a lot,up until I think I was like 14 or 15 years old and was a goalie, surprisingly, cause I’m a forward now in hockey.

So it’s, it was, it was a bit of a switch and, my, my parents hated it cause I just sat in that and didn’t do anything, but I loved it. So yeah.

Richie Burke: When, when did you know you were different from the other kids or wanted to make the

Zach L’Heureux: I felt like, you know, maybe once you hit, you know, 14, 15 years old, I thought, you know, I was starting to separate myself maybe a little bit more and, you know, getting more opportunities and, you know, you’re getting scouts, you know, agents, you know, people are looking at you.

So I felt like then maybe I had, you know, a little something special, but at the same time, I was just a kid playing hockey like I, like I am today. It’s, you know, taking it one day at a time. I’m loving it. And yeah.

Richie Burke: Yeah, and you got drafted in 21. Yeah, so you were still were you in high school then or I was I just graduated high school that year Okay, so his senior year.

Yeah get drafted is the NHL draft in spring smer when

Zach L’Heureux: it was It was a kovat year. So it was online. It was July. So it was a little later than usual And yeah, that was definitely interesting. But at the same time, you know, I was able to be at home with all my family and friends, even though it was middle of COVID, bend some laws a little bit, back home, but ,it was still a great, great night.

Yeah. What was that moment like for you? So special and stressful. I’m kind of happy it was, it was over when it was. I remember, you know, I think the draft started at 8 30 and I didn’t get drafted until 11 30 So it was probably the longest three hours of my life just sitting there and you know The first round’s the night before so I was you know Hoping to be a first round pick and you know, I had potential but you never know how it’s gonna go.

So You know, it was a lot of nerves, but when,when the Preds called my name, it was a special feeling. You snuck in there. Snuck in there. They traded up to get me too, so who knows if I would have went, would have went in the first round if they didn’t do that. So it was,yeah, special.

Richie Burke: Yeah. And,Kevin, you were not, not quite in the first round, sixth round, 2019 Rochester, Bill’s Mafia guy, are you?

Yeah, I am. Yep. . Love to hear that. Yeah. Packer fan, but I pull for the AFC as well. Jping on picnic tables, I’d, I’d, yeah. How can you not? So you grew up in Rochester. What was that like? Did you get into hockey right away too? Did you play other sports? So,

Kevin Wall: , no one in my family ever played hockey. My dad played baseball at college.

My mom was a basketball player. So I tried those sports before getting into hockey wasn’t my thing. And then I went and I watched a high school hockey game, still remember which, which game it was. And just fell in love with it. Loved how quick it was. And. Just the constant movement and got on skates and ever since I got on skates just fell in love with the game and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.

Richie Burke: How did your game evolve? Is Rochester a big hockey town? So

Kevin Wall: it’s, it’s grown. Back in the day it was mainly,Brian Gionta, Nathan Page, Stephen Gionta, Ryan Callahan.a bunch of guys who had gone off and played in the NHL, won Stanley they’ve done a really good job of growing the game within Rochester.

, but back then, I mean, we had teams in Rochester, of course, but,you know, Buffalo and Syracuse were always probably the two places where it was a little bit better.but now it’s, it’s come a long way and I think there’s going to be some really good hockey players coming out of there.

Richie Burke: Yeah.was there a moment you knew you wanted

Kevin Wall: to go pro?

I think it was always for me was that’s the end goal no matter what. But it wasn’t a. realization where I thought I was good enough or maybe bad enough. It was just I just wanted to be the best at hockey and just tried to work for that as long as I could. And wherever my skill set took me, it took me.just continue to do that.

Richie Burke: Yeah. In,This season, you guys got off to, I mean, a bit of a rough start. Then basically went undefeated in January and February. You lost one game, which was the last game of February. Kind of been 500 since. How’s the, how’s the squad feeling going into the playoffs? I

Zach L’Heureux: feel like we’ve been feeling pretty good.

I think, like you said, it’s been kind of a roller coaster, maybe a little bit of a year. But, you know, the highs were, were so good that we know how good of a team we are, how good we can play. So I feel like, You know, it hasn’t been going as well, but we have six games to really, you know, fine tune our game and make sure going into playoffs that we’re as ready as we can be.

And I think we’re doing that, you know, the best we can right now. I feel like our last three, four games, even though, you know, I think we’ve lost two of them. It, it hasn’t, you know, dictated our play, you know, I think our play has gotten a lot better over the last few weeks already. I think we’re kind of going on the maybe a little bit of a high here before playoffs and you know going in Happy and you know everybody on the same page ready to go So, you know, it was it was definitely cool to have that 19 game win streak The losses after wasn’t it wasn’t as fun, but I think we’re ready

Richie Burke: Yeah, what’s it like being on a 19 game win streak?

Kevin Wall: The best way to describe it is you go into every game and you just know you’re not gonna lose It’s how we felt and it was the confidence that we had in the roomI mean, it was, it was awesome. It was a great run and it’s a testimony to the team that we have in our leadership group.but yeah, it was an unbelievable.

Yeah. Second, it was kind of AHL history. The AHL has been

Richie Burke: around for a pretty long time. Yeah.what about when you lose four straight right after that, then what is that, are you just kind of in shock?

Zach L’Heureux: It was crazy. Cause that’s like, like you said, you know, you go 19 in a row, like, I don’t think before that, even, even if like before that, you know, we had some, a couple of good runs and I don’t think we lost more than two in a row the whole year.

So like we were on the ultimate high and then we went and lost four in a row and that was, that was pretty hard because, you know, you go from thinking you’re, you’re invincible pretty much, which I felt like we were to, you know, now struggling just to win a game and it’s like, you gotta, you know, find, find new ways, you know, adapt and I think we did that well, you know.

Yeah. The injury bug didn’t help us, you know, we had some some some definitely, you know things to work around But not to find excuses or anything, but I think you know We did do a good job as a team and you know, we’re still you know, finding that groove again.

Richie Burke: Yeah anything you two are working on Individually leading in or gearing up for the playoffs and anything specific as a team.

You guys are really focusing on I

Kevin Wall: think from a team perspective just Hammering the details, you know Coach Taylor talks about our standard as a Milwaukee admiral, and I think we know what that is and when we Play our way we could beat anyone So just yeah fine tuning stuff nothing crazy Individually, just like you said, I mean, injuries are so common now, especially at this time.

The games are tougher, more physical. It’s more demanding on your body. So just keeping your nutrition up, getting your sleep and just making sure you’re ready to go when you’re out there.

Zach L’Heureux: Yeah, I mean, to add to that, I think it’s, you know, we’re first year guys, so A lot, a lot of the season and, you know, going into playoffs, we’ve never really experienced it.

So it’s, it’s pretty, it’s pretty fun and special, I think, for us to kind of feel it all for the first time. But I think you got to give a, you know, kudos to the older guys and, you know, the way that they handle themselves and, you know, show us the way. I think it definitely goes a long way and, you know, we appreciate it a lot.

So. Have

Richie Burke: they done a good job taking you guys under their wing because you are first year players But you’re definitely expected to contribute and play at a high level.

Zach L’Heureux: Yeah. Well, you never know to like, you know, you always hear, you know The dark side, you know bad, you know bad teammates bad, you know, whatever So to go into a team a new team as you know young guys and you know Now we’re playing with you know guys with kids that are in their 30s and it’s just a whole new world So, you know, our guys have done a great job Unreal job, you know, we couldn’t have asked for, you know, better veterans to have and In our first pro season.

So it’s a, definitely a big

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Also. It’s almost summer. Hopefully almost summer So make sure to check out their rooftop at the craft house when it does get nice out Don’t think there is a better spot in the city to enjoy a cocktail in the summer Okay, we’ve got some great fan submitted questions coming up. Let’s dive back in with Zach and Kevin.

This one from PR Admiral. Is this, is this a guy over here? I didn’t recognize the screen, the profile pic on Instagram, but it’s a good question. What was your welcome to the party moment when you got into the league? Ooh, good question.

Zach L’Heureux: That’s a good one.

To the party or to the game like could be either it’s open for interpretation Well, we got to we got to have our rookie party in Las Vegas this year so we basically went to Henderson for two games and Got to play there and you know, we end up sweeping both games And then,you know, had a big dinner and just the whole team was out and just kind of being in Vegas.

It’s, you know, crazy. So that was definitely a special moment, I think for, for both of us.

Richie Burke: Any moments that stuck out to you from the team being out in Vegas?

Zach L’Heureux: We had a wild dinner, you know, it was in, you know, really nice spot and it was a, it was a crazy wild dinner. You know, a ton of, like, the food was unreal, and then after that, you know, there was music and dancing, you know, dancing on the tables, and it was just, I’ve never been to Vegas before, and from my first experience, it was, you know, on top of the moon, so it was,it was pretty cool.

Anything to add

Richie Burke: over there?

Kevin Wall: Yeah, I’d say,I mean, that’s a good one.

Richie Burke: Hard to top that one for this year for sure. Yeah, it is hard to top that.

Kevin Wall: And

Richie Burke: I was only at dinner.

Kevin Wall: Yeah, seriously.I’d probably say just like, you realize that this is, like Zach said earlier, it’s your day job. You know, it’s, you’re based on performance, how much money you’re going to make, stuff like that.

Like, it’s the real world and that was kind of like the, okay, this isn’t school anymore, I’m going to class after, anything like that. Like, it’s just my job and

Yeah, that’s about it. Yeah.

Richie Burke: Gab was wondering, this one’s for Zach, What do you think you could bring to the Preds the next few years?

Zach L’Heureux: Hopefully a roster spot. No,I think, you know, I can bring a lot of energy. I think, you know, I’ve shown that this year, that, you know, You know, I can bring a lot of grit, you know, kind of that hard skill soft skill that, you know, it’s hard to find But I you know, I just want to be an overall NHL player I think once you get to that that level, it’s you know, whatever it takes to stay at that level So, you know, hopefully everything I’m doing now can you know, maybe give me an opportunity and you know Once you get there if you need me to block shots my face I will if you needed me to you know Kill penalties or play on the power play or play fourth line minutes second line minutes, whatever it is, you know I just want to a spot there and do whatever it takes to you know Fulfill that role and whatever the team needs to win.

So I Think you you know, hopefully Within the next couple years. I can have that opportunity.

Richie Burke: Yeah Liv was wondering what’s you guys favorite pregame snack or meal?

Kevin Wall: Usually Well, pregame meals always consistent. It’s usually just chicken and pasta, but pregame snack is a peanut butter sandwich with banana on it and some honey.

Zach L’Heureux: I like that. You see, that’s great. Oh, cause I started doing that this year too. I think chicken and pasta is pretty standard for every guy before the game. Yeah. Like pregame meal. And then once I get to the rink, I do a, I do a peanut butter honey sandwich too. I started doing that this year and I feel great.

Richie Burke: Those are good. They don’t really weigh you down. No, I do that on the golf course sometimes.How? How many hours before the game are you eating Chicken and pasta.

Kevin Wall: Say if it’s a seven o’clock game, I’m eating. Yeah. Six, six and a half hours before. Yeah.

Zach L’Heureux: I

Richie Burke: thought you were gonna say six. I was like

Zach L’Heureux: thrown.

No, no. Definitely like Yeah, I took like six hours before. Yeah. You just take a nap, .

Richie Burke: That makes sense. Mr. Wolf was wondering, what is your favorite jersey? In the history of hockey or sports Wow history of hockey favorite jersey That’s a

Zach L’Heureux: great question.

Richie Burke: You could you could go outside

Zach L’Heureux: of

Richie Burke: hockey

Zach L’Heureux: if you want to outside of hockey, too Oh You know what i’m gonna have to say the halifax moose heads Because I one I played there so i’m extremely biased But they also have a great jersey and I think that green is just beautiful and it’s hard to beat

Richie Burke: Does it have a big moose on it?

Zach L’Heureux: Big moose on it. It’s just a, and it’s just an iconic jersey. I feel like everybody that sees a jersey just knows it. Like, McKinnon and Drew may help a lot for that, but I feel like just everybody knows that jersey. Anywaysum, He’s gonna say Penn State.

Kevin Wall: No, I’m not. I crossed my mind, so once you did Halifax I gotta, I gotta,

Richie Burke: I gotta get that jersey for one of my buddies,who threw a, who threw a party in college when his parents were out of town and he got caught cause there were footsteps in the snow and he told them it was a, It was a big fucking moose that ran through the yard.

So I got I got to get a Halifax jersey. That’s great for my buddy Ryan Boyd shout out to Boyd It is a big fucking moose There you go, it didn’t it didn’t work. It didn’t work.

Kevin Wall: anyway, uh I’d have to go with the old atlanta thrashers jerseys. Okay, really? Yeah the baby blues Yeah Just old school and just kind of when I was growing up that they had them when I was watching hockey.

So And it’s a I think it’s a sick jersey. It’s a sick jersey. So many better jerseys. They picked your junior team jersey I picked

Zach L’Heureux: my junior team jersey I did

Richie Burke: We got a question this is an interesting one from joe like a tote then they they get a little better What’s your what if you had a lightsaber?

What color would it be? Damn, it’s a great question Yeah, you don’t even

Kevin Wall: know what do you mean? I don’t know we’ve watched star wars before.i’d probably go red

Richie Burke: Blue come

Kevin Wall: on.

Richie Burke: All right. All right.this is a good one from kristen. What’s the funniest chirp you’ve ever heard on the rink? Or said

Zach L’Heureux: Yeah, oh Like sometimes it’s just like so outrageous that it makes you laugh in the moment, but you just forget about it

Kevin Wall: yeah, I heard one where You Someone told another player that,It was based on his height.

He was smaller. He’s like, I got five ya in my Effing front yard, buddy. Yeah, that was, that was out of the box. Probably one of the craziest ones.

Zach L’Heureux: Some small guy jokes. The short Kings are just getting crushed out there. They just eat it. The gingers always get chirped heavy too. It’s hard to, it’s hard to chirp when you’re a ginger.

Cause you just eat that back in your face. My roommate’s ginger and he just soaks it. Yeah. He just soaks them though, which is great. Man, I couldn’t, I don’t know, like, I don’t know. Any good specific ones you’ve heard about? Like specific, I’m trying to think, and nothing’s coming to my head. I’m sure as soon as we walk away, I’m going to be like, Ah, I remember that, but.

Can’t think of one? I can’t think of one. Not one shirt. I’m going to keep thinking though, if it comes to me,

Richie Burke: I’ll. Alright, what’s the craziest fight you two have ever been in?

Zach L’Heureux: Ooh, I got in a line brawl in juniors, which was, I guess, probably not my craziest fight, like one on one, but basically one of the, we’re on a PK and,our goalie spears this guy in the balls, like just like a nasty whack.

So the guy turns around and like, with the stick turns around with this, well, the goalie goes like this kind of, so this guy turns around and just smack right across the helmet with his stick. So, he kind of goes behind the net and our captain, like, I, like, one guy kind of grabs him and I grab him, and then our captain comes flying out of nowhere and jps over all of us and grabs this guy by the head.

Next thing you know, everybody’s piling in, we’re all, gloves are all gone. Ended up being my last game of the season, was, ended up getting suspended for like three games or whatever. It was like second fight. They just gave me a bunch of stuff. Random bullshit, and that was it, but I think that was probably the wildest one I’ve been a part of.

It was pretty cool. After you go back in the room, you’re with all your boys. I don’t know if you saw the New Jersey Devils against,Against the New York Rangers. They had that line brawl, and then after they’re all like just boys, like so happy to be together. They all fought together. It was kind of just that feeling of, you know, we all did it.

Fuck it. Who cares? It was awesome.

Kevin Wall: I don’t think I’m gonna have anything here for you. No fighting. No fighting in

Zach L’Heureux: college. That’s the thing, all these pretty boys coming out of college can’t fight.

Kevin Wall: Canada juniors, you can just let it rip up there. Well, this guy’s got like 19 suspensions and juniors, so he’s bound to have something crazy.


Richie Burke: you ever gotten hurt bad in a fight? Hurt bad?

Zach L’Heureux: , concussions, bloody knuckles. So no, not really? Nothing, no. Nothing crazy.

Richie Burke: How long would it take you to knock me out?

Zach L’Heureux: Like a normal han. You got a good chin. You got a good reach. I would say, if it was a full on square up fight, you probably, you may beat me up.

You got me on reach and height. No, I’m not. Skate

Richie Burke: stuff. I don’t know if I’d call myself pretty, but I’m kind of in that camp. I’ve maybe been involved in a couple of bar fights, none that I initiated. They just kind of, you know. Happened. Yeah. They just kind of happened. I don’t know. I try not to fight off the ice.

I would not fight a professional hockey player. Yeah. Yeah. He’s wondering who’d win in a fight of you two on the rink

Zach L’Heureux: you see we’ve had this argent nerous times And I would have to kick his ass, but he says he wouldn’t it’s not and he does have a fat head So he’d probably eat a lot of my punches.

That has nothing to do. I think he

Richie Burke: has a lot more experience

Kevin Wall: exactly He’s got a lot of confidence in himself.

Richie Burke: I

Zach L’Heureux: agree

Kevin Wall: and like He’s not he we even if he

Zach L’Heureux: gets a couple punches off. There’s no way

Kevin Wall: he’d

Zach L’Heureux: ever beat

Kevin Wall: me both times We’ve sparred up after practice I was moving you around more probably because I got the weight advantage on you.

You wouldn’t but still okay, that’s fine. I mean I’d probably

Richie Burke: win though Johnny hockey 15 says hey kev we are ben state. What’s up? Johnny hockey 15 shout out. Johnny hockey this one’s for zach, what is cow bay And what is the best thing about it?

Zach L’Heureux: So, Cow Bay is where I billeted when I was in Halifax.

And a billet is a host family. It’s a host family. So, Cow Bay is a little city about 25 minutes, I’d say, outside Halifax. Right on the water and just beautiful little town. Beautiful people, you know, just so nice. And, you know, they welcomed me in with open arms. And it’s definitely like a second home to me here.

Richie Burke: Did they have a security camera?

Zach L’Heureux: They did. They did.

Oh, that’s great. Alright, so this is, so my billets had like a, like a ring camera. And, oh, that’s great. Who sent that? Oh, that’s awesome. So it was probably my first week I was there.they must have been out of the house or, or something. I think it was maybe in the middle of the day. And,so the boys, we, I think we were coming back from the beach.

So they dropped me off. And, so I go down, like I’m leaving. So they, you know, you turn and it’s kind of like on a hill. So they’re like at the top of the hill driving away. And I just kind of like, just drop my pants and start waving. Just like to say bye to the boys, like just trying to be funny. But Dave, there’s a camera right behind me.

And this is like the first week I was there. So, funny enough, they’ve never, they never told me the story until I was going to leave. And they said, you know, this happened your first week you were there and we knew you’d fit in right away. So yeah, that was my welcome to Halifax moment right there.

Shout out to Andrew Simp. Yeah, that’s my bullet dad.

Richie Burke: I think he messaged me that on Instagram like, am I, am I gonna wanna ask? Ask this. That’s great. Love it. Jenna was wondering, what’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you during a game? Anything more embarrassing than your billet family seeing you drop your pants in front of their house the first week you were there?

Kevin Wall: I hope there isn’t on the ice. Embarrassing. I would hope

Zach L’Heureux: so too. Yeah, I mean, I’ve done some embarrassing things out there

Kevin Wall: during game.

Richie Burke: During the game, in the locker room, before the game, I don’t know. Like,

Kevin Wall: nothing like that. I mean, I’ve gone out, I’ve stepped out with my skate cards on before. Yeah, like, I feel like I fell during, I fell in warm ups this year. Base planted, helmet came off, it was horrible. Yeah, I did that. I ran into

Zach L’Heureux: one of my guys a couple years ago and like, I didn’t have my chin strap off because I thought I was the coolest junior kid ever.

And my helmet went absolutely flying and that was like a big no no. Yeah, so that was that was a little embarrassing definitely

Richie Burke: All right, Okay, kasha jenna. What is what’s ascii’s go to victory celebration after w?

Zach L’Heureux: And like on the ice he usually gives a couple Like down on a knee or oh, yeah one pp, but they both both like always

Kevin Wall: do it Yeah, it’s like a leg in the air and yeah a couple fist bps maybe or he’ll just pull the net down and doReverse push ups with it.

Zach L’Heureux: Yeah when he did that, that was cool He doesn’t he doesn’t have like a dance in the room though or nothing. No

Richie Burke: Just speaks russian. All right. We got some questions about what about after the game Ads have a big w where where are we going? Where are we going, Kevin?

Kevin Wall: Potter Street Brewery.

Zach L’Heureux: The brewery?

Kevin Wall: Yep.

Zach L’Heureux: That’s been our spot.

Kevin Wall: Good spot. We went there like once in the beginning of the year and then just haven’t Yeah, we go to

Richie Burke: That’s usually it. That’s really it. They did a nice job. It’s a newer spot. Yeah. St. Moners is the harp in Trinity. If you guys go there at all. We’ve been to the harp. Yep. We’ve been all over.

Red, white and blue. No problem. Are you too old for that? No, I haven’t been there. You might be too old for that. Is that downtown or on 3rd street? The red white blue. It’s on 3rd street. No. Solid spot. Ben Anderson was wondering if you’ve been to the upstairs area of Joe Katz before and if you have any thoughts on it.

So funny enough. Yeah, we haven’t been. We’ve been

Kevin Wall: in Joe Katz on the first floor, but apparently last year Joe Katz was like a popular spot. Yeah, it was their spot. They would always go up there. Haven’t been this year though. Maybe we’ll get out there. You guys gotta live a little. In Milwaukee? It’s hard.

We try to take advantage. There’s

Richie Burke: so much, like, most of our weekends we just play. So it’s, you don’t get that much time. Yeah, and on your kinda little break before the playoffs, probably not the best idea to be doing that. No, no, we’re turning. Trying to get dialed maybe the offseason. This is a great question from bones straight from the loopers barn at whistling straights He asks why are they so good at drinking?

I have caddied for a few and they are in a different league Not referring to you two specifically, but maybe hockey players in general I mean just I get that to athletes any of my friends who are in the military. I mean you guys yeah different

Zach L’Heureux: It’s a good point. But I mean, I think it was just kind of bred into my family at least So I kind of just grew up, you know being from Canada Yeah, it’s just

Richie Burke: you know, it’s something I mean, you’re from Bill’s mafia country.

Yeah, you’re from Bill’s monster country Basically the same thing if not more so Don’t see videos of Canadians jping through picnic tables. We chug our maple syrup. Yeah.

Kevin Wall: Yeah, I don’t I just think it’s somehow it’s started back in the old days that it’s just a a thing with hockey that after wins you guys go get beers and These guys are just pretty impressive with what they can take down

Zach L’Heureux: Yeah, there’s definitely

Kevin Wall: there’s some guys out there that are pretty crazy

Richie Burke: What, how many beers in a night would be considered impressive for a hockey player?

Richie Burke: I was going to say 18. Yeah, over 18 maybe. Kind of lighter beers. If you’re drinking like,

Kevin Wall: I’ve seen some guys hammer some IPAs. Yeah, I’ve seen some guys. Good nber, good nber. It’s like, wow. Like a 15

Richie Burke: IPA night?

Kevin Wall: Probably. Damn. Like a

Zach L’Heureux: 12 pack of IPAs. 20 pack of a light beer.

Richie Burke: Yeah. Are they cool the next morning too?

Not too bad. Go out with the boys and wake up with the men. Impressive. I have like six and I’m done the entire next day. I’m a 35 year old non athlete though. So,This one we got,This one’s for Zach, but Kevin, feel free to chime in. Zach, what is the most Canadian thing about you?

Zach L’Heureux: Ooh. He says I speak like a Canadian.

When I say certain words, it’s really different and he calls me out for it, but the most Canadian thing I do I say sorry a lot. I apologize for everything. I feel like that’s probably the most Canadian thing I do

Richie Burke: people in the midwest do that

Zach L’Heureux: Really?

Richie Burke: Yeah Well, I think people who do you guys think is more friendly canadians or midwesterners?

canadians What’s what about what about midwest what about

Zach L’Heureux: midwesterners new yorkers

Kevin Wall: New yorkers

Zach L’Heureux: No way. What’s Midwest? ? Midwest is like this whole area, right? Like Wisconsin? Yeah. Midwest is technically Iowa,

Richie Burke: min Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois. Michigan is Midwest. Maybe Ohio. Yeah. Michigan is considered Midwest.

It’s an educational podcast. Yeah. Yeah. Every day. Everything on here. Oh boy This this one’s for this one’s for zach to joe vilmo Zach, I saw you did a hard launch with your girlfriend on instagram. Is it difficult to maintain? A relationship being an above average professional, an above average looking professional athlete in a city like Milwaukee where temptation is everywhere.

Joe Vilma.

Kevin Wall: Joe for that question.

Zach L’Heureux: It’s taking a long time to answer this one too. I know. stper from Joe Vilma. It’s definitely not the easiest but I have a loving girlfriend and we have a great relationship and.

Richie Burke: Good, good, good answer. Yeah, good answer by Zach that one will keep him out of trouble what is your go to restaurant in Milwaukee?

Ooh, good question.

Zach L’Heureux: I love the Calderone Club It’s a little pasta spot great great spot. Like I think it’s some of the best pasta that I’ve had So I’m gonna have to say there.

Richie Burke: Pasta. That sounded a little Canadian. Right? Yeah, you heard Italian. Call Their Own Club’s great. It’s on the Breaking Bread circuit.

If you guys have heard of that, it’s a group in Milwaukee that goes and gets dinner. Anyway.could

it be like a breakfast bar? Yeah.

Richie Burke: Sweet Diner.

That’s a good one.

Kevin Wall: Yeah, that’s a good

Richie Burke: spot too. Their pancakes are phenomenal. All right, since this question was so popular with the Marquette guys, I gotta ask, who’s one teammate you would not let date your sister on the Admirals?

Ty Feliber.

Zach L’Heureux: Liam

Kevin Wall: Foody. Oh, that’s a good one, too. Great guys, don’t get me wrong. Unreal guys. Yeah,

Zach L’Heureux: just would not let them with a 10 foot pole to my sister.

Richie Burke: Anyone else you want to mention is an honorable mention.

Zach L’Heureux: No, that’s it. That’s it. That’s probably the only guy I’d really be like, no.

Richie Burke: What about one guy on the team you would let date your sister? Well, that’s a good one too. Honestly, oddly enough, probably

Kevin Wall: Kevin Gravel, our captain. No chance. What do you mean, dude? Kevin’s like the straightest arrow ever. I would let I’m gonna disagree with your answer.

Zach L’Heureux: Jasper Weatherby. That’s a good one. That’s a good one. It’s a better one than you. He would date my sister for sure.

Richie Burke: Shout out to Jasper.favorite Milwaukee activity? You

Zach L’Heureux: know what, we went to Dave and Buster’s. I don’t know if that’s a Milwaukee activity, but.

Richie Burke: Yeah, that’s a Tosa activity. I’m right out there.

It’s so fun. I do,Big Brothers Big Sisters. I’ve been doing it for like three months and I got a high energy six year old, Rayshawn. Shout out to Rayshawn. AndI don’t have any kids in the first day. We go to, I take him to Dave Buster’s and he thinks it’s funny to hide from me. And I’m 35 with a sore hip and He’s fast for a six year old.

He’s like climbing in the machines and I’m like losing him sprinting around Dave and Buster’s. So,yeah, he’s gotten, he’s gotten a little better at that the last couple months, but yeah, I had a great time at Dave and Buster’s with Ray Sean. So it’s a great spot.all right. Dave and Busters for a fa if, if one pops in your head, that’s actually in the city.

And the next one. Yeah. I’m trying to wait. Feel free to shout that out. No, I’m trying to think.

Kevin Wall: We haven’t done lot. Do you guys like doing

Richie Burke: anything in the city other than going to the brew? I mean golf, but it’s not like actually great golf. Oh yeah. Really good. Wisconsin. Any

Kevin Wall: forces? The Bog. Bog. I thought that was a great course.

Grant Park. We’ll go do we go to Grant a lot. This one of the first ones open.trying to get out to Westling Straits at some point towards the end of this year.

Richie Burke: Oh, bones could caddy for you. Perfect. Done. That’s easy.from Romo Cop, we’ll end on some friendly ones. Favorite ads moment so far? Anything stand out to you?

Zach L’Heureux: I got one. Definitely when Cal O’Reilly broke the record. That was pretty cool and then you know for him to get it And I know I kind of had a big part in it, too So I thought it was it was it was definitely a special moment for for me Yeah

Kevin Wall: Because you got the assist. Yep. That was why I was a big moment for you Well, no It’s

Zach L’Heureux: just it was so big for the team and like for him and his family and you made the yeah And I was like a part of it.

So I was like awesome You know, I wasn’t you know, I didn’t do shit for him. He did everything but

Richie Burke: you have to assist

Kevin Wall: I’m just busting your balls.winning,getting the win streak at home.

Zach L’Heureux: That 19th

Kevin Wall: one? Yeah. Who did we beat? I don’t know, but especially with, I want to say Goose was in the net. And just him being from Milwaukee, it was just like, a very cool and unique moment, especially for our first years.

That was, That was pretty sick.

Richie Burke: How’s, how’s, how’s the fan base been in Milwaukee? It’s for an AHL team. I mean, we got a

Zach L’Heureux: Like, I’ve Really good. Like a lot of the guys have said like this year especially has been even over the top. So it’s, it’s like for us who don’t know any better, like this is awesome.

Like we love it.

Kevin Wall: Yeah, I mean you can see when you go to other places, Yeah. Nothing compares to our home rink. Yeah, there’s definitely

Zach L’Heureux: a few other barns that I’d say like are probably as cool and entertaining. Yeah. I think like just our fans are so involved to like they’re screaming at the other goalie Like I feel like we probably have like the most coordinated fans in the league.

Yeah, they’ve been great.

Richie Burke: Yeah We’ll end it here. Any any closing message you want to say to the ads fans of the city of Milwaukee?

Zach L’Heureux: Let’s go win a cup. Yeah, let’s do it. I mean we’re we’re on the train now and there’s no getting off of it. So Hopefully they’re all on board too and with us all the way

Richie Burke: Love it kevin and zach great meeting you guys today. Thanks for coming down. Yeah. Thanks for having us. Appreciate it Thank you for tuning into this episode of milwaukee uncut If you do want to support the show, please subscribe wherever you are listening Write a review that helps us out and share this content with your friends We’ve also got a lot of great content on youtube and instagram.

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