Why Your Small Business Needs a Podcast

It’s important to catch your audience in new and unconventional ways to stand out from the competition. A great way to do this is through podcasting. Though not a new form of media for entertainment, it is becoming a new and innovative way for businesses to reach their audiences.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements–so much so that they begin blocking them out–that traditional media just doesn’t have the same impact it used to. Not to mention, traditional media lends itself to being more intrusive–it attacks your audience where they’re at. In contrast, podcasting allows its audience to come to them, creating a symbiotic relationship.

Those who listen to podcasts seek them out and are actually interested in learning about what you have to offer. For this reason, podcasting is a unique marketing strategy because, when done right, it doesn’t feel like marketing. And if getting directly into your target audience’s ear isn’t enough to sell you on the benefits of podcasting, keep reading, and you’re sure to see why it’s becoming one of the #1 marketing strategies.

1. Your target audience is listening.

Okay, yes, this was just mentioned above, but we cannot stress this enough! By creating quality, niche content for your audience, your perfect target audience will come to you. No need to sit back and hope the ideal prospect sees your ad.

2. You’ll attract high-quality customers and clients.

In line with point #1, what’s the point of an advertisement if the people seeing it aren’t interested in your product? After all, you wouldn’t put a display ad for a vegan restaurant in a Cabela’s. 

3. You can present your business as an industry expert.

Starting a podcast for your business allows you the opportunity to share your story in a personable way. By providing valuable information about your industry, you create an authoritative, credible presence. 

4. It fits into a busy schedule.

It’s true what they say, time is money, and that’s why we strongly recommend outsourcing your podcast product (no bias here at all). By hiring a professional podcasting agency to manage your podcast, all you’ll have to worry about is showing up and speaking–or not even that, as we also can host for you.

5. Podcasting can be lucrative.

Not only are you gaining exposure to potential customers and clients and therefore leads, but you’ll also be gaining a powerful networking tool. You’ll find yourself creating powerful partnerships with those you invite to be on your show.

6. Increase your reach and your brand awareness.

With just one recording, you can distribute the audio to all major listening platforms and use the content for social media, blog posts, videos for Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram, and content for any ads you might want to create.

7. Longlasting content

Once your podcast is released, that content is out in the world for anyone to find at any time. Your content won’t be buried by the competition on an Instagram feed or faded by the sun outside; it will continue to be recycled as new listeners discover your content and go back to old episodes.

8. It’s fun!

Sure, these are all great–logical–reasons to start a podcast for your business, but if nothing else, it’s a ton of fun! After all, we wouldn’t center a business around something unless it was #1 effective and #2 fun.

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