Dating in Milwaukee Valentines Edition

Not sure what to do on Valentine’s Day in Milwaukee? From gifts to dinner spots to where to go out to we’ve got recommendations. Chef Adam Pawlak joins Grace, Danika and Richie. 

Dating in Milwaukee Valentines Edition

Not sure what to do on Valentine’s Day in Milwaukee? From gifts to dinner spots to where to go out to we’ve got recommendations. Chef Adam Pawlak joins Grace, Danika and Richie. 

Not sure what to do on Valentine’s Day in Milwaukee? From gifts to dinner spots to where to go out to we’ve got recommendations.

Maybe you’re single like and looking for that perfect opening line or pick up strategy at the bars like Joe Villmow, we cover that.

Want to hear a story about a man who drove 18 hours up from Florida to meet a woman in Milwaukee then went dark and came back that has nothing to do with Valentine’s, we cover that as well.

No matter what you are looking for this Valentine’s season we’ve got something for you on this episode.

Chef Adam Pawlak joins Grace, Danika and Richie.

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Grace Scalzo: I have gone on two dates in one day and it was on a Valentine’s Day.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Let’s go. Jesus.

Grace Scalzo: Okay, I’m never expecting a gift. Gifts are always just like, wow. You know what’s coming though, come on. I mean, if I didn’t have at least flowers, I’d be mad.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Maybe I need to go to the Harp to buy shots. Bombs. If they chew with their mouth open, we’re done here.

Grace Scalzo: I think that would be like red flag, right?

Richie Burke: Hey everyone, it’s your host Richie Burke and welcome back to Milwaukee Uncut Dating in Milwaukee Valentine’s Day edition. If you’re listening to this after valentine’s don’t worry We’ve still got some great stories and advice But if you are scrambling last minute wondering what to do for that special someone or maybe that special several people In your life, we’ve got some exceptional content coming your way or if you’re single Looking for that perfect valentine’s day opener out at the bars like our friends joe vilmo and ben anderson.

We go through that Or maybe you just want to hear some good stories like a story about a man who drove 19 hours up from Florida to Milwaukee to meet up with a girl, then went dark, then came back. What happened? This story really has nothing to do with Valentine’s, but was submitted to us and we hit, we had to cover it.

So no matter where you’re at in life, this is an episode you’re not gonna want to miss. On that note, let’s dive in to dating in Milwaukee. Valentine’s Day edition presented by Central Standard Distillery. Nicolet Law and in partnership with our friends over at On Milwaukee. Back by popular demand, we are here with Dating in Milwaukee, Valentine’s edition.

Back with me, I’ve got Danika Holt, former Miss Wisconsin USA. Danika, welcome back to the podcast. Thanks. Everything that has to do with Marquette basketball, yoga instructor at multiple places. Young and single bringing that perspective to the show. She’s on the market grace calls a welcome back. Good to see you

Grace Scalzo: Thank you.

Thanks for that introduction. That was great

Richie Burke: And this podcast is sponsored by central standard distillery I’m currently grace and I are currently drinking some door County cherry vodka and Gatorade Which is actually pretty good in my opinion grace. How is your drink after pouring? Some door county cherry vodka into your gatorade bottle.

Grace Scalzo: I would say it only made the taste better. So yes loving it

Richie Burke: As am I and some news we have a new sponsor as well Nicole law fear the beard and to go along with that. We have a special guest Someone whose beard rivals the Nicolet beard. That’s right. Chef. Adam Pawlak. Welcome to the podcast.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Hello sir.

Thanks for having me.

Richie Burke: , what are you doing here on a day? Dating in Milwaukee podcast? I don’t

Chef Adam Pawlak: know. You just hit me up and we’re just gonna let it rip here. . It’ll be fun though. It’s like good. It’s good. Did hit

Richie Burke: you up or did you hit me up? Or did Eric Kennedy hit, did Eric Kennedy hit both of us up and then you.

begrudgingly volunteered to come on and I was like, sure.

Chef Adam Pawlak: No, I love coming on here with you and this is a good perspective. This is someone that really doesn’t date all that much, so.

Richie Burke: But is single.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Yes.

Richie Burke: And can cook and is very active on the Milwaukee restaurant scene. So you can give a lot of good advice to the listeners today.

Chef Adam Pawlak: I can, yes. Perfect,

Richie Burke: thanks for coming on.

Chef Adam Pawlak: I’m ready for you, man.

Richie Burke: Okay, great. , first topic. Do you guys think people should make a big deal out of Valentine’s or do you think it is a completely overblown Hallmark holiday?

Danika Holt: , I kind of feel like it’s, it’s nice. Cause it reminds you to like celebrate each other or go on a date.

But I also feel like it’s totally one of those kind of overrated holidays. I never, never was dating anyone on Valentine’s day. I would, there was always sick or. A boyfriend and I broke up, so I never had good luck with Valentine’s day. So that’s maybe where my perspective comes from.

Richie Burke: Was there one occasion?

Danika Holt: Okay. Okay. We have to go back. I take back my last comment on the last episode. I have gone on two dates in one day and it was on a Valentine’s day. One was like a friend. One was like, I don’t know.

Chef Adam Pawlak: You got lunch and dinner covered.

Richie Burke: To add context, we did bring up someone on the last episode who went on three dates in one day, including one at the harp.

Jesus, that’s pretty good. Grace’s favorite spot and where she was you guys from last time. It was

Grace Scalzo: definitely not me like you I don’t do much dating, but I did go to the harp recently and they were very nice and it gave me free drinks because We talked about them

Richie Burke: your new sponsor the heart.

Grace Scalzo: So we love the heart.

Richie Burke: They’re not I am I am a fan of the harp after the last episode though. I went to the bucks game. I think it was that that night. And it went to the harp after with brandon chalker Bomb Knight Brando and, , Ben Jewish from Coakley Brothers, need to give him a shout out just to try out the, the bomb strategy we were talking about.

Not that any of us were on the market or anything, just doing a little market research over at the Harp. And I mean, if you’re a guy and you want to engage a group of girls, just buy a tray of bombs and bring them over at the Harp.

Danika Holt: He said it worked, right?

Richie Burke: Yeah. And I tested it out or witnessed people testing it out.

I was just along for the ride doing research. It’s gotta work. Free drinks. It was a business decision. , but yeah. Okay, wait. So Danica, how’d your two dates on Valentine’s Day go?

Danika Holt: You know, I honestly had to call my mom before this because I prefer to block all bad memories out of my head and usually Valentine’s was a bad memory.

So she had to rejog it. And, , Yeah, not memorable, I can tell you that much.

Grace Scalzo: Okay, look, ladies, gentlemen, I think you deserve to be celebrated. , if you are with someone, if you’re dating someone, Casually, not casually. I think, celebrate it. This is coming from someone who, my mom, I have a stepdad, she remarried.

He doesn’t even know what Valentine’s Day is, okay? So we gotta set the standard a little bit higher. We need to start celebrating these things. That’s why they happen, right? So I got my pink on today. If you’re with someone on Valentine’s Day, unlike me, , I need you to celebrate that in honor of the single ladies, okay?

That’s my two cents on that. I

Richie Burke: like that. And we have two weeks.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Don’t they have a day for that? Isn’t there a day for that, right? That they like celebrate single valentine. Oh, yes. There it is.

Richie Burke: Don’t don’t throw in the towel yet I feel like that’s more

Chef Adam Pawlak: special to people than the actual valentine’s day see more stuff about that Than what people are doing on valentine’s day.

Richie Burke: I know , I know grace’s mom carmen. Yes. I mean she she Has to go crazy not having Valentine’s Day celebrated. I feel like she’d be all for that kind of thing.

Grace Scalzo: Sometimes she does force it You know, but we’re not trying to force it. We need Sean to step up his game Sean if you’re listening my stepdad, this is a call out to you.

Take my mom out to dinner Show her a good time at dinner. Okay, we we need to step it up Carmen’s

Richie Burke: the best story mark studios will send her a valentine Carmen is a client over at johnson financial group not a sponsor of the show but a story mark client and we You Love everyone over there. , any, any, , chef, do you have a, a awkward Valentine’s experience that you would like to share on the podcast?

Chef Adam Pawlak: Well, I was telling them that my Valentine’s day is like in a restaurant, but like the last few years I haven’t had to be in the restaurant or whatever, but usually that’s the biggest night of the year for us in the industry. , for me, for Valentine’s day, I don’t know. I feel like the times that I’ve celebrated, it’s been like a couple of days before after, but it’s not very often.

And I say, go for it. I guess. I think it’s worse if you’re buying like the stuff from Walgreens and Target and stuff like go outside of that. I feel like we can’t just have like pink and red heart shaped, like stuff like that, like, or candies that are clearly bought in the Walgreens aisle. I don’t know. I would, I would be a little bit different.

That doesn’t even have to do with, , cooking or what I know, but I feel like if I got like a Valentine card that was all decked out like that, I’d be like, you pick this up on the way here.

Richie Burke: You know, Danica and Grace, I’d love to give the floor to you. What kind of, , gift would you be expecting on Valentines and at what point in the relationship too?

Grace Scalzo: Okay, I’m never expecting a gift. Gifts are always just like, wow. You know what’s coming though, come on. I mean, if I didn’t have at least flowers, I’d be mad. I don’t know if I’d be mad. I think time. Nothing can beat the time. Hey, I’m gonna come over at the very least like it should be like you making an effort or whoever I would be with You’re making the effort to spend it with each other besides that like that’s a gift your presence is a gift Remember that people but yeah flowers with rice too.

I mean, I feel like you

Danika Holt: guys need to do more. Okay I was gonna say you

Chef Adam Pawlak: open the doors like So I’m

Danika Holt: here. I’m

Chef Adam Pawlak: wearing a red shirt, just wearing a red t shirt ready for the night.

Danika Holt: , well, I had one Valentine’s where I woke up and my neck was out severely. I like literally couldn’t even get out of bed and I had to call the doctor and I was on muscle relaxers all day, horrible day.

But the guy that I was like casually seeing at the time, like dropped off, like all this stuff at my door didn’t even come in. He just dropped everything off. Like that’s super sweet. , I feel like Why didn’t he

Chef Adam Pawlak: come in? He just left it?

Danika Holt: It was like before he had to go to work.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Oh God, okay. I was gonna say, he’s like, I’m not coming in there, but your stuff’s right here.

Danika Holt: Yeah, no, that was before work. , but I feel like, yeah, I guess not expecting anything, but the least a guy could do is some flowers, a bottle of wine, something like that.

Richie Burke: At what point, if you’re like casually seeing someone, is it, do you, if they give you a Valentine’s Day gift or ask you out on Valentine’s, let’s see if you’re kind of seeing someone for a few weeks, is that a big deal?

Is it? Like some people are in that situation.

Grace Scalzo: I think it depends if you are really into that person because valentine’s day like the chef was talking about before we started here It’s kind of like a thing like everybody steps out on valentine’s day So if you don’t want to be seen in public with this person, you’re casually talking to Valentine’s day I would say but if you are like, we’re actually dating like people can know that’s okay Go to dinner do something.

Nice. That’s my

Richie Burke: It’s it sends a message That you’re maybe a little more than then Just casually seeing each other if you ask them to do something on Valentine’s.

Danika Holt: I feel like it’s like a cloudy situation. A few weeks in is a little stressful, but I feel like you could at least like

Chef Adam Pawlak: Get takeout. Here’s,

Danika Holt: here’s a Starbucks gift card.

Like, I don’t know, just do something cute. Like that’s just like thoughtful and nice, but it doesn’t have to like go beyond that next step of like romantic.

Chef Adam Pawlak: You just get takeout and then you don’t have to be seen with them and be like, I’d rather be here with you. Yeah. But really you’re just hiding them.

That’s what she said. I mean, I think going out on Valentine’s Day would be fine even if it was a couple weeks because it’s just like, hey, someone’s cooking for us and we’re just, you know, it’s a night out.

Richie Burke: , any, any advice for those who are single and maybe feeling a little down that they’re not with someone on Valentine’s Day?

Danika Holt: Like that’s when you do a Galentines. Yeah, is there a male version of

Grace Scalzo: that?

Richie Burke: That’s when you go to the harp

Grace Scalzo: Okay, this is my Valentine’s Day plan Tentatively speaking as the single sad one here. I don’t know what your experience is. But for me I know these two are taken. I’m single. I will be going to Moe’s Steakhouse with two of my cousins.

They’re both girls I’m very excited. We’re having our Galentines on Valentine’s so that’s why I’m spreading it. Staking it to the

Chef Adam Pawlak: man. Not even the day after.

Grace Scalzo: Yep.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Did you just say staking it to the man? Staking it to the man. I thought you did too. That’d be good too.

Richie Burke: Staking it to the man. I just ended up me asking that out because that was a very brilliant pun that you just pulled.

Well then yes,

Chef Adam Pawlak: yes. Then yes, it was that I think you did say that she said we don’t need a guy to buy a steak We’re gonna buy our own steak Yep

Richie Burke: All right. So chef, let’s let’s Move it over to you. You’re the the guest on today’s podcast the celebrity guest over there Hell’s kitchen been on multiple times.

Current relationship status single

Chef Adam Pawlak: single. Yep Pretty clearly. I’m just floating in my own cloud right now with no one, , no one on that list or no one, no perspectives right now. So, that’s kind of what that’s like. I feel like some people will always be talking to someone no matter what. , not if they’re taken, but they’re just like, oh yeah, they’re friends or whatever, but.

I don’t know. There’s some people out there that talk to like seven or eight people at the same time and I don’t know how that’s even possible, but

Richie Burke: Was that you in December?

Chef Adam Pawlak: Not me in December. No, not at all. I just, like I said, there’s people out there that I may know or may not know that hold on to a few different options, I guess.

Richie Burke: Would you put Eric Kennedy in that category right now?

Chef Adam Pawlak: Just putting me on the spot. I don’t know about Eric. I think he’s straight up. I think Eric, if he likes a girl, he just goes all out. And then if that doesn’t work on to the next one, I don’t think he’s dabbling with multiple different girls.

Richie Burke: Eligible bachelor, Colin Yelich, who you were playing video games with before.

Chef Adam Pawlak: That’s right. , No, I mean, he is a, well, he’s an out of towner, so he doesn’t know everyone. So if there’s a girl out there that doesn’t want a guy that’s been hanging out with every girl in Milwaukee, Colin Yelich, he just got here three years ago. So he’s still new, but I don’t know. We go out a lot and there’s, there’s so many nights where there’s no interaction with just like trying to hit on girls.

We just go out and have fun. And if it, if something comes up, I mean, it’s pretty difficult in this, , in the city to just like. Have girls rolling up to you. And like you said, though, maybe I need to go to the harp and buy shots.

Richie Burke: Bombs.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Oh, sorry. Bombs. Yes. Shots are too intimidating. Shots of tequila.

Richie Burke: I mean, when you’re out with Yelich and Holbrook and that crew, you just don’t have a group coming up to you left and right.

I mean, does it get any better than that? They’re good looking guys. Yeah,

Chef Adam Pawlak: they’re good looking guys. , but I don’t know. It’s like Holbrook’s married. Colin acts like he’s married to no one. He’s just always trying to get home after dinner, you know. He’s not very active out there. And, , for me, you know, I’m with a lot of people that are taken, so I think that also hinders stuff.

I don’t have a lot of good wingmen out there. Alright. Cause they just don’t care.

Richie Burke: Alright. Any , single guys who are getting after it out there? Chef Adam needs some new friends cause Colin and Eric and Holbrook are clearly not getting it done for him. Not getting the job done. What, what, you’re, you’re a chef, you’re very active on the scene, what are the best Valentine’s Day restaurants in Milwaukee?

Do you have, do you have a top five?

Chef Adam Pawlak: Sure. I mean, I would, I would consider these like date spots, maybe not just Valentine’s, but If you don’t have your reservation for valentine’s day like now or yesterday Good luck with that or come to egg and flour

Richie Burke: Bre and I ate at 4 p. m. Last year.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Yeah, exactly. That’s all they have, right?

Yeah, like it’s like new year’s eve when people are out at 3 30 having dinner all dressed up But some some on my list I would say La Dama I’m going there tonight, but that’s like a little chill spot It’s the old crazy water right on second Street your neighbor from here, sir It’s like across the street from it’s like a block over from tin widow Little kitchen used to be crazy water,

Richie Burke: but let’s check that out. I’ve been eating Sweetgreen and chipotle

Chef Adam Pawlak: Yeah, so La Dama, , cool little area, little space, really great drinks, higher end Mexican food I would say. , Santino’s in Bayview, if you haven’t been there, that’s a good spot, pizza and like Italian style. I like

Richie Burke: that spot by Enlightened Brewing, good spot as well. Super

Chef Adam Pawlak: old school. And just because something’s expensive, don’t think that it’s because Valentine’s Day.

Like, give an expensive gift and a more relaxed dinner and maybe that’ll be better. , egg and flour, cause we don’t take reservations. So you can just roll right in. You don’t have to be dressed up to do that. , if you want to do the high end stuff, always carnivore, you know, that’s the, the good go to spot or, , One spot I really do like that I have done a date, I have Story Hill BKC.

Really good spot to go. It’s chill. There’s a lot of menu items, but some adventurous stuff. So I like when I go out with someone that I don’t really know, I like to see like what they order and how they eat. Not literally how they eat, like physically, but like how they order and what kind of stuff they want.

I’m not staring at that meat. Yes! If they chew with their mouth open, we’re done here. See, she knows, right? But that’s a big tell, right? When you go out to eat with someone and see what they’re, what they order, what they like, or you order something and they’re like, no, I’m good on that. It all depends. It’s different for me though.

Richie Burke: Yeah. Danica, any, any favorite date spots for you in the city?

Danika Holt: In the city for dinner.

Richie Burke: Yeah

Danika Holt: or anything.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Well, she goes on two dates on valentine. So maybe once

Danika Holt: Let’s clear the stage clear there i’m a different person. All right , I don’t know Can you come back to me? What’s something cool

Chef Adam Pawlak: you guys would go to that’s not just dinner that you think would be like special

Grace Scalzo: Okay, wait, first I have to say Tanuta’s in Bayview because my mom’s a Tanuta, so Tanuta’s go.

, alright, wait, something special that’s not dinner, you said?

Chef Adam Pawlak: Yeah, like what’s something you’d be acceptable with having a guy do that’s not dinner on Valentine’s Day?

Danika Holt: I always think it’s fun to like, plan to make a dinner. Yeah. Like, something different, like roll sushi, or like,

Chef Adam Pawlak: Make pasta. Yeah,

Danika Holt: but like from scratch or something.


Chef Adam Pawlak: of course

Danika Holt: But

Chef Adam Pawlak: you have to be with them for a while, right? That’s not yeah, I guess it’s a little bit more than three week

Danika Holt: Yeah, yeah

Chef Adam Pawlak: relationship having them come over and do that But

Danika Holt: but having like some activity I think is good because you’re like distracted a little bit You don’t have to have full conversation the entire time

Grace Scalzo: Yeah, but what that making dinner?

No, let’s turn it back to you then. Oh, what are we? What are we making? What what should we make?

Chef Adam Pawlak: If it was

Richie Burke: someone not of your skill level,

Chef Adam Pawlak: no, of course Oh, so you want you’re not saying like what I would make for son. You’re saying like what people should make

Richie Burke: Yeah, if a guy’s trying to impress his girlfriend, well, I do know that

Chef Adam Pawlak: all girls are cool with pasta So like make a really good sauce and like take your time on that and then just use box pasta It doesn’t have to be fresh or go get like Whole foods are selling, they have like the fresh pasta.

It’s very easy nowadays to make it good. But pasta and like a salad, whip that together. That should be good. And then buy your dessert. We know that. It’s not like you have to, to bake or anything. , or I would say give a, give a shot at a steak if they’re down for that. You know, like a little filet and pan sear it.

I think every guy out there can make a steak in some, Vegetables, right? I mean, I don’t know. Is that

Richie Burke: just a pan on the oven? Asking for those listeners. Pan on the

Chef Adam Pawlak: stove, cast iron, little oil, get it hot. Sear it, finish in the oven.

Richie Burke: I’ll teach you. What about an air fryer? Does that pass? You wanna know,

Chef Adam Pawlak: I’ve never used an air fryer.

So I don’t even, when people ask me, does this go in the air fryer? I don’t know. I don’t even know what it is. It’s all about the deep fry, Richie.

Richie Burke: Okay, sounds, sounds good. We’ll talk, oh, oh, he’s looking for tips for yourself. Sorry, yes. , Grace, any, any favorite date spots for you? ,

Grace Scalzo: mention Tanuta’s, but I’m a big sushi girl.

I have to switch it up completely, but love anywhere that sushi is, I’ll be there. , yeah.

Richie Burke: Have you been to Screaming Tuna?

Grace Scalzo: I’ve been to Screaming Tuna. I’ve been to, , the one in Bayview. What’s it called? Hungry So?

Mm hmm

Cowa. It’s simple. It’s in 3rd Street Market Or a standalone as well. But yeah,

Richie Burke: let’s get into some fan submitted questions right here Joe Vilmo Going going out to the bars on Valentine’s Day Do you have a better chance with women opposed to on a normal night?

I think Joe Vilmo might be wondering if his odds are going up if women are more Desperate if they are out and single on Valentine’s Day.

Danika Holt: Well, I feel like with the big Galentine’s movement. It might be the play True didn’t

Grace Scalzo: even think of that. Yeah, I feel like if she’s out on Valentine’s Day This is my thing with all guys though.

No matter what the day is Approach the girl. Like, if you’re, if you think that she’s cute, whatever, shoot your shot. There’s no time to waste here, okay? Like, don’t message someone after and be like, I think I saw you. No, no, no. Go up to them, even if it’s not Valentine’s Day. That’s the play. That’s the move.

Richie Burke: What do you think of Chef Adam and his friends just keeping away from people and trying to wait for them to come up, come up to them?

Chef Adam Pawlak: Hey, I would, I’ll let you answer, then I will rebuttal that, Richie.

Grace Scalzo: I think it takes a certain type of confidence for the woman to approach the guy. Not to say I would never do it, but I think a lot of girls anticipate the guy doing it.

So, I don’t know if your standoffish play is gonna, you know, reap some benefits for you. You might want to start changing that. That might

Chef Adam Pawlak: be the problem.

Richie Burke: Let’s go, let’s go to a listener submitted story. This one is pretty crazy. , non Valentine’s Day related, but dating in Milwaukee related here, okay? Met a guy on Instagram who was from here but was currently living in Florida.

We were talking for two weeks and he finally drove 19 hours to come take me on multiple dates over his time here. He was totally love bombing me, telling me I’m the one and talking about our future together. After he left, we booked my flight to Florida, and then he got weird, and I didn’t hear from him for days.

Then he said we had to cancel my flight because there was a shooting at his apartment building, and he was moving. He totally ghosted me, and then weeks later, he sends me the longest paragraph apology text. Parentheses totally written by Chad GPT. Ends up moving back here. And would try and make plans with me And every time he made plans he would come up with the craziest excuses.

I have ever heard when I finally blocked him He found a way to send me a link to the drake song texts go green To shorten it into a topic discuss how to avoid being love bombed or ghosted. It’s happened to me many times

Danika Holt: Was he married? In florida

Richie Burke: That could be a thing. I mean if you’re driving 19 hours to get away, and then you book a flight It’s like my first

Grace Scalzo: initial thought.

Richie Burke: Don’t let her come down.

Grace Scalzo: I was gonna say I think that everybody’s very great like everybody listening to this you are amazing But someone’s gonna drive 19 hours for you or for me or for anyone like I think that would be like red flag, right?

Richie Burke: Yeah after Two weeks if you can’t find anyone in your entire state and you’re driving 19 hours to Wisconsin That’s probably a red flag

Danika Holt: Yeah

Chef Adam Pawlak: I’m almost speechless.

I wouldn’t even know. I wouldn’t even allow that. You’ve been very talkative so far. I’m just letting them get their insight in. But for me, I can, I don’t care if I hurt the guy pool out there. But if you’re a girl, it’s very simple. Just wait, wait it out as long as possible before giving in to any like, Bedroom time or anything.

And that is literally the test. Just wait it out. And if they stay around without that, you’re good. But if you give in, you’re on your fucking own at that point. I’m sorry for swearing, but you’re on your own. That is your fault. Wait it out. I’m telling you.

Danika Holt: I also just feel like when it’s like hot and heavy right away.

Usually burns really fast.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Oh, yes. Absolutely.

Danika Holt: So just being aware of that

Chef Adam Pawlak: I just don’t give it i’m like do real dates Don’t just like text and message but hang out a lot and stuff, but just be like i’m gonna go home It’s good to see i’ve only known you for three weeks. Why do like Just keep letting it go and if they don’t like that or whatever then you know that.

They’re not the one and if they wait and they’re still around then you know that you’re good I mean, it’s almost like , it’s so easy. I mean,

Richie Burke: well, I think with with ghosting too. Yeah, if you If you meet a guy or girl that first night the probability of them ghosting is up significantly opposed to if you actually went on like Several dates and didn’t hook up with them right away or know something about

Chef Adam Pawlak: them Like maybe their last name or something not just their instagram handle it’s like Just let it ride.

Try to do real life things. Don’t try to do like three amazing, crazy dates as your first three dates. Like do normal stuff.

Grace Scalzo: Yeah.

Chef Adam Pawlak: And then just wait and wait. I mean,

Grace Scalzo: Okay. I couldn’t agree more with him. And it’s sad.

Danika Holt: Cause these guys are going to hate me.

Chef Adam Pawlak: They are going to hate me.

Danika Holt: I also feel like this is taking a different spin on it, but I’ve had friends who they just like want the guy to be so into them.

And it’s like, pretty obvious from an outsider’s perspective, like, if he’s not, like, texting you often, trying to do things with you, like, Maybe he’s just not that into you and then like get over it. He’s rolling on the

Chef Adam Pawlak: bench. That’s what it is.

Danika Holt: Yeah

Richie Burke: Yeah, for sure. And if he’s only coming over when it’s convenient.

Yeah, or or yeah If he’s not responding right away, or if she’s not responding right away, that’s like a sign that there’s yeah, we’re not all bad There’s girls out there that will

Chef Adam Pawlak: not text back in the back. Oh, yeah I’m here. I

Danika Holt: forgot about that. Exactly.

Chef Adam Pawlak: That’s not a thing. I

Danika Holt: read this earlier. That is not a thing

Richie Burke: Grace, you’re the youngest one here.

Is ghosting a prevalent thing right now? You guys, it’s so rough

Grace Scalzo: out here in these streets. No, I’m just kidding. I’m totally joking, but, , in in some like with some sincerity here, it is sad. It’s like. It’s very common. Ghosting is very common, especially on a campus. Options are everywhere. We see it on social media, but especially when you’re on like a concentrated couple blocks.

, guys think that they can do whatever. Girls think that everything, like, nothing’s gonna come out or that maybe they’re doing whatever. So yeah, ghosting’s common. , finding out later that, like, two people you didn’t even think knew each other have been hanging out when it’s convenient. Very late at night, etc.

Very common. This is all just like Like it’s, it’s a lot. So try then being young, trying to find someone that’s for real good luck. Like that’s where I’m at. So , if anybody has any advice, let me know. But yeah.

Richie Burke: Well I think the chef, the chef, what the chef said was kind kind of solid. Yeah. Within the taking it slow realm.

I mean, I think if you hook up right away, it’s kind of a crapshoot and the ghosting probability goes up significantly. This girl’s message, apparently they met on Instagram and the guy drove 19. Hours to Wisconsin, which, right, I would consider that a red flag if he couldn’t find anyone in his, his region or state.

Or just fly.

Speaker 8: Yeah.

Richie Burke: I have anxiety on airplanes. I can understand that, but, but yeah, I, I even suck it up and fly when it’s 19 hours. The thing that’s weird is anyway, he went all the way

Chef Adam Pawlak: there, they hung out, she said that they were doing stuff, but he didn’t have her come back, so.

Richie Burke: Well, no, he moved back up.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Oh yeah, he moved back, okay.

Richie Burke: And then sent her, , Drake’s song, Texaco Green. Yeah. Do you know what that song is? I don’t. I do not. Grace, you went to the Drake concert, right? I love

Grace Scalzo: Drake. , I’m not familiar with that one though, no.

Richie Burke: So sending a pretty obscure Drake song specifically about texts. This guy, I, I think she dodged a bullet.

A hundred percent. Yeah, you dodged. Thank you for submitting your story, and you, you dodged a bullet there.

Ben Anderson, star of the last viral video. What is the best pickup line when you’re out on Valentine’s Day? If a guy approaches you and you’re at the bar on Valentine’s Day, what would you like to hear? Ben Anderson, Collier’s International.

Chef Adam Pawlak: What a plug. I’m dying to know, cause I’m going to use whatever you guys say right now.

I’m writing this down. So better work. I’m reporting back.

Danika Holt: Well, you want to hear a good or a bad one first?

Richie Burke: I mean, Ben Anderson wants a good one, but if the bad one’s funny, you can, , you can go there and then bring it back around on a positive note.

Danika Holt: I heard one once that a guy came up and was like, are you wearing space pants?

Cause your ass is out of this world.

Chef Adam Pawlak: It’s a classic.

Danika Holt: So I would not recommend something cheesy or corny.

Richie Burke: What was your response to that?

Danika Holt: I would walk away. It’s so creepy and uncomfortable. Don’t

Richie Burke: do that. Ben Anderson. I’d be like, I would be like,

Danika Holt: your smile is infectious. Like I saw it from across the room or your eyes are so beautiful.

Or they

Chef Adam Pawlak: really like, see, that’s why I get worried about this. Because if you say that to like, Oh, I’ve heard this a thousand times. Great. I think the space pants was cool. He was obviously thinking about it. Don’t encourage people. Danica, what’s

Richie Burke: a good one? She said the eyes across the room.

Danika Holt: Smile or eyes.

Richie Burke: Wait for the eyes. Yeah. Just go, go say hi or something.

Grace Scalzo: See, I’m bad at receiving compliments, so for me, I’m just really, it would just be cool if someone was like, Hey, like, we’re both, we’re both here on Valentine’s Day. It’s kind of funny, right? Like, can I get you a drink? Do you want like


Grace Scalzo: Or like hor, but then also just, state the elephant in the room.

Why are we out on Valentine’s Day at this bar? Like, what’s going on? You know what would happen

Chef Adam Pawlak: to me if she says that? She’d be like, my boyfriend’s in the bathroom. I don’t know what you’re talking about. And they would just, I’d be like, okay, sorry, thank you. Sorry for bothering you.

Richie Burke: Chef, how’s your self confidence these days?

Chef Adam Pawlak: We’re good. We’re good. Alright. I mean, when I go out, like I said, I’m out to just have fun, and I’ll, I’ll talk to seven year old ladies, to my lowest, probably, not like that, but I’m saying I’m just out there, like. We did, we

Richie Burke: did do the half your age plus seven thing last time.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Yeah, . No, I, I’m, I’m all about it, but they have to be interesting people too.

I don’t want to go up to a girl and just buy a round of shots. So then be like three hours later, they’re just, everyone’s drunk. Like it sounds like a good time, but it never finished as well.

Richie Burke: Let’s say I, I was, , I was out one time on Valentine’s day night. And some girl handed me a valentine like a grade school valentine That’s

Danika Holt: cute That

Richie Burke: was an interesting strategy she probably did in her purse, yeah, maybe she had like 10 just ready What do what do you guys think of that?

If like ben anderson like bought a bunch of grade school valentines and was just making them rain at joe cats or something

Grace Scalzo: I kind of like it I like it, but then it kind of is unfortunate if you meet a good one because It can’t be customized, you don’t know their name Like, what’s the note inside? Is there your nber in there?

Richie Burke: , Give it a shot, let us know Ben. I like this play.

Grace Scalzo: Yeah, give it a shot, let us know.

Richie Burke: I like Ben Anderson getting some valentines and , maybe, or getting some bombs and maybe putting the valentines cards on the tray of bombs and walking up to the table with them. Yeah, I mean you can’t, as a girl you like can’t get mad at that.

Danika Holt: No, I would think it was like funny It’s a good conversation starter.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Like why do you have ten Valentine’s cards in your pocket ready to

Richie Burke: go? So that’s that’s a bulletproof going out on Valentine’s strategy. Yeah. Tray of bombs Plus Valentine’s with something funny written in them go up to a group of girls

Chef Adam Pawlak: You’re pretty much walking into the club with a Party City bag just ready to go.

Like, what’s in there, sir? That’s all the things I need to hit on a girl tonight.

Grace Scalzo: I’m feeling hopeless. I don’t know.

Richie Burke: Grace, how can we make you feel more hopeful? Grace, the next time you see a guy out, here, you ready? The next

Chef Adam Pawlak: time you see a guy out, and you would even remotely be okay with going out in public with him to a restaurant, just go up to him and start talking to him. Do you think Grace needs to do that? She’s a good catcher over here.

I know, but the only people, you got to remember that the people that Are guys too

Richie Burke: nervous out

Chef Adam Pawlak: there to make a move? Well, think about this. If a guy is okay with going up to a girl and like saying something or hitting on her or whatever, just think about how many times he’s done that.

Speaker 8: The guys that

Chef Adam Pawlak: aren’t hitting on the girls are probably really good guys and they’re like, there’s no way in hell that I can go up to that girl or she’s gonna think anything.

And Some of the guys that I know that have had girls hit on them, they’re still with them, like, years later.

Danika Holt: I mean, I will say I hit on my husband in Martini.

Chef Adam Pawlak: At the grocery store. There we go! This is perfect proof. Then you can pick exactly which one. Let’s end this on

Richie Burke: an uplifting note. Danica, why don’t you tell the audience how you met your husband?

Danika Holt: It was at Fresh Time. Fresh Time. , by the North End. And I saw him walking in and I was like, Oh, he’s kind of cute. Was not going to the grocery store that day. Walked in.

Chef Adam Pawlak: She’s like, I got to go.

Danika Holt: Yeah. Walked in kind of like, you know, casually followed him around the store. This is a

Chef Adam Pawlak: one in a million story.

I’m sorry.

Speaker 8: Yeah,

Chef Adam Pawlak: when I go to grocery stores, there’s just people putzing around, like grabbing stuff.

Richie Burke: Miss Wisconsin didn’t roll up to you?

Grace Scalzo: I look my worst at the store, but let’s just grab some random stuff. Let’s just

Richie Burke: knock it off. Danica, you were following a guy around a store. Current Miss Wisconsin following a guy around a grocery store.

Danika Holt: And that was it. I gave him something in my purse to watch Miss USA.

Chef Adam Pawlak: But did you say something to him first? No.

Danika Holt: Yeah,

Chef Adam Pawlak: I just want to know if she initiated it.

Danika Holt: Yeah, I was behind him in the check online gave him like this Miss usa like watch thing because I didn’t know what else to do And then we like left.

I don’t even know if I said my name And I was gone for like three weeks. He found me on facebook , like messaged me a couple times and then three weeks later. We came back had coffee and that was it That’s so nice. Yeah So there’s hope there is but it’s like when you’re least expecting it So Just, yeah.

Chef Adam Pawlak: I’m gonna hit up Fresh Time all the time.

Danika Holt: Maybe, yeah, maybe we need to go to grocery stores, not bars.

Richie Burke: Yeah, maybe we should stop shouting out The Harp and Joe Katz and Red White and Blue and give Fresh Time a nice, See, that’s the problem. Whole Foods, you know.

Grace Scalzo: The problem is, before I even came on this podcast, I wasn’t frequenting those.

I was frequenting Fresh Time, and now I’m just like, trying to figure it out. So, we’ll go back to grocery stores, that’s what I’m getting from this.

Richie Burke: Well, , I don’t, I don’t know if, People got a lot. I think we I think we got some tips out of this from a cooking standpoint from places to go standpoint So, , thank you all for coming on today

Grace Scalzo: Thank you.

Richie Burke: Thank you. Thanks for dropping in good seeing you in your nice beard Thank you, sir, and grace for coming back looking great in your pink sweater over there.

Grace Scalzo: Happy Valentine’s Day everybody

Richie Burke: By the time this airs, there’s still like five days till Valentine’s Day Grace, what’s your Instagram handle? You want to shout that out?

I know it’ll be in the videos.

Grace Scalzo: At GraceGelso, just my name.

Richie Burke: Alright, you know where, you know where to go.

Grace Scalzo: Yeah.

Richie Burke: Do not DM do it. But anyways.

Chef Adam Pawlak: And you can hit up my Instagram DM whenever you want. Thanks for the shout out, Richie. And

Richie Burke: you

Chef Adam Pawlak: can

Richie Burke: go

Chef Adam Pawlak: eat

Richie Burke: at Egg and Flour

Chef Adam Pawlak: whenever you want.

Danika Holt: And dinner ideas. I need dinner ideas for Valentine’s.

Chef Adam Pawlak: Oh yeah. Dinner ideas. Yes. You can DM and ask for dinner ideas.

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