Ian Bennett: Milwaukee Wave Champion

When it comes to the MASL and Milwaukee Wave Ian Bennett is a certified legend, he’s a two-time MASL MVP and three-time champion with the Milwaukee Wave

Ian Bennett: Milwaukee Wave Champion

When it comes to the MASL and Milwaukee Wave Ian Bennett is a certified legend, he’s a two-time MASL MVP and three-time champion with the Milwaukee Wave

When it comes to the MASL and Milwaukee Wave Ian Bennett is a certified legend, he’s a two-time MASL MVP and three-time champion with the Milwaukee Wave, he is also still performing at a high level this season at the age of 40.

That said there is a lot more to Ian Bennett than what you see on the field. The guy is a father of two daughters, has more energy than just about anyone I’ve ever met and his authentic unfiltered nature made for a great and highly entertaining podcast.

The episode kicks off with Ian discussing what it’s like to be nearly double the age of some of his teammates and get gets pressed on his responsibility to show them the ropes on and off the field, which segways into where the Wave go to celebrate a night out (it is quite a few places in Milwaukee) as well as what they do after a loss.

Richie and Ian also dive into his upbringing of playing soccer (and American football) growing up in Canada, how he barely got into college passing his SAT on the number and started his career as an outdoor player in Charleston, SC before transitioning to the indoor star that he is today.

The Standard Five, sponsored by Central Standard Distillery, delivers rapid-fire questions, touching on Ian’s greatest soccer moment, his Canadian obsession with maple syrup, and even his love for McDonald’s, and if Canadian’s are actually more friendly than Midwesterners. The episode wraps up with Ian’s  love for life, his motivation, and his deep appreciation for the people and home he’s found here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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[00:00:00] Ian Bennett: Dude, you want me you want me to get released man. Oh my gosh. How do you know? Okay, so we’re supposed to keep I mean the kids are watching maybe kids are not watching But yeah, you already 

[00:00:08] Ian Bennett: told them what the wave players do after I know but like I just don’t want my secrets Also, I love life man. I love meeting good people and that’s probably why I stayed i’ve stayed in wisconsin so long Hey, everyone.

[00:00:19] Richie Burke: It’s your host, Richie Burke. Welcome back to Milwaukee Uncut. My guest today is a two time M. A. S. L. MVP and a three time champion with the Milwaukee Wave. He has represented both the Canadian national team in futsal and beach soccer. He’s a father of two. He’s, he’s 40 and he’s still going strong on the field.

[00:00:37] Richie Burke: He’s got more energy than literally any, anyone I know. He’s hilarious. This is a highly entertaining episode today. Before we dive in. Just a reminder, Milwaukee Uncut is presented by Nicolet Law, the Midwest’s personal injury law firm, Fear the Beard, as well as Central Standard Distillery, home of my favorite vodka, Door County Cherry Vodka, and in partnership with our friends over at On Milwaukee.

[00:01:03] Richie Burke: Now let’s dive in to today’s episode with Ian Bennett. Speaking of, you are 40. 

[00:01:10] Ian Bennett: Haha, yeah, I’m 40, I’m 40. 40 young, I guess, we can say that. 

[00:01:14] Richie Burke: What is it like being a professional athlete? I saw you, you guys just drafted someone who was born in 2002. 

[00:01:20] Ian Bennett: Dude, don’t even remind me. So like, you know when you play a sport, and then like, you’re one of those jokers when you talk kind of trash to the old people?

[00:01:28] Ian Bennett: And the old guys, and you’re like, oh, you’re so old. I’m that guy, but the good thing is over, I’m not gonna lie. Like I can still keep up with them. So I think that saves me. Cause I don’t get those old jokes a lot. Sometimes you just talk about, cause my age, I am 40 logistic, right? Like it’s legit. I’m 40, but I don’t look like 40.

[00:01:45] Ian Bennett: Like, dude, I don’t look for it. This body doesn’t look like 40. If I took off my clothes, there’s no 40. There’s no four. There’s more like 26. Even if you kept them on. I mean, yeah, I appreciate that. See, that makes me feel good. I appreciate that. 

[00:01:55] Richie Burke: Yeah. I mean, you got, yeah. Looks like you have maybe a nice skincare routine going.

[00:01:59] Richie Burke: You got a nice beard. How’s the hair you’re wearing? 

[00:02:04] Ian Bennett: I’m good. Yeah. No grays, no nothing. Like I got good genes. Amen to my parents. I got good genes. I moisturize. People don’t understand. You have to lotion. All right. Doesn’t matter what in this city you are. Skin color, moisturize. Drink water, and moisturize.

[00:02:20] Ian Bennett: And you’ll feel good. You’ll be good. 

[00:02:22] Richie Burke: Yeah, uh, my girlfriend Bre finally got me to start doing skin care. See? For the first time. I wish I started earlier. Ha ha ha! That’s awesome. I don’t know how well it’s working, but I did start that. Yeah, I started doing Rogaine a long time ago and that, that has not worked as well for me, but I’m hoping to have better luck on the skin care side of things.

[00:02:41] Richie Burke: Do you take the guys out much? Do you, do you feel like you need to show them, show them the scene, show them around? Do you feel that kind of responsibility? And I’m guessing you also want to set an example for them at the same time, but you got to show them a good time. 

[00:02:55] Ian Bennett: Yeah, a hundred percent. So basically I always say if we win.

[00:02:59] Ian Bennett: We go, we go nuts, right? Well, we, we drink, um, we have a good time. I’ll take you to these bars. If we lose, it’s, it’s, we got two drink minimum. Probably going to go home, um, because you got to set the standard, right? 

[00:03:12] Richie Burke: Two, two drink maximum. 

[00:03:14] Ian Bennett: Yeah, I mean, no, there’s a minimum. You have to drink two at least and then you’re done.

[00:03:17] Ian Bennett: So, but like, but you, you’re drinking. So if we lose, you’re drinking maybe if you drink or not, but you’re not happy. But when we win. You’re drinking. We’re having a good time because you just got to set the standard. If you lose, you can’t be happy about that. Right. And some people like these days and age.

[00:03:34] Ian Bennett: They lose and they’re still happy and it doesn’t, I’m a little old school when it comes to that stuff. 

[00:03:38] Richie Burke: If someone wants to party with the Milwaukee Wave after a game, where, where are you guys 

[00:03:43] Ian Bennett: going? Oh man. Okay. So we got, I got a shout out to Goolsby’s. They always take care of us. So we just go there because a lot of players we don’t eat before we play because we want to stay loose.

[00:03:52] Ian Bennett: Get those wings. Yeah. So we get the wings. We like Calderone Club. I’m a big guy with like Italian. I love Italian. Um, cause I’m Canadian. I grew up with a lot of Italians. So I love that place. Um, the ambassador hotel, big sponsor too. They always put us on and they have good food. So we hit one of those. Um, and then after, I mean, we’re out, we’re out, Richie, like, we’re out.

[00:04:13] Richie Burke: You’re not, you’re not dodging this question. Are we, are we talking Joe Cats? We talking RWB? 

[00:04:17] Ian Bennett: No, I’ll be honest. No, no, no, I’ll be honest. Yeah, we’re, we’re hitting Joe Cats. We’re hitting, um, 720. We’re, we’re on Brady. We’re everywhere. Like, so you could find us, I mean, we sometimes split up, conquer and divide, divide and conquer.

[00:04:30] Ian Bennett: So, I mean. Yeah, we’re doing it. 

[00:04:32] Richie Burke: How is club 720 these days? I have not been in there in a long time. You know, that like tap in trend on instagram right now when you’re 21. I saw P fat post a photo from there when she was 21. Um, but yeah, how’s 720? 

[00:04:46] Ian Bennett: That’s been good. White tail has been a new little spot.

[00:04:49] Ian Bennett: That’s been good too. Um, but yeah, I mean, we’re just out and about and when When the games are over, if we win. So, we’re having fun. 

[00:04:56] Richie Burke: Yeah, you guys are everywhere. I like that. And, it’s not like you have a game the next day, usually, right? 

[00:05:02] Ian Bennett: So sometimes if we have it back to back, yeah, we won’t, but if we don’t, yeah, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll have a good time.

[00:05:07] Ian Bennett: I’ll take these guys out, kind of show them the ropes a little bit. Yeah. 

[00:05:10] Richie Burke: Um, do you just burn all that off the next day? How do you stay in such good shape? Does it come back to genetics? 

[00:05:16] Ian Bennett: Yeah, I think genetics and then obviously how you take care of your body. I think diet is massive. Um, you got to always stay hydrated.

[00:05:23] Ian Bennett: That helps injuries prevention. And then again, stretching, doing all that stuff, right? If you’re out and about, just partying a lot, it’s gonna catch up to you, right? 

[00:05:31] Richie Burke: Yeah, you know, I’ve, I’ve found, um, It’s hard for me to minimize a hangover these days. It’s just, you know, if I reach a certain level, I’m just done.

[00:05:39] Richie Burke: But, Central Standard Door County Cherry Vodka with Electrolyte Powder, pretty good mix. 

[00:05:45] Ian Bennett: Man, I gotta try that then. You should. I’m a more of a rum guy though, but that’s, that’s what’s up. 

[00:05:49] Richie Burke: That’s good, that’s good too. Alright, um, That was some good insights right there. Your backstory, you’re Canadian. You grew up in Hamilton, Canada, population 600, 000, close to Toronto, played football and soccer, excelled in the classroom.

[00:06:05] Richie Burke: Can you talk about your up? Dude, I love it. Or is that not accurate? Did I not do my homework correctly? You got like a 17 on the ACT. I heard you got into college. How would you hear about 

[00:06:18] Ian Bennett: that? How that’s, that’s like serious information. How’d you know 

[00:06:22] Richie Burke: about that? I do work. I take this podcast seriously.

[00:06:25] Richie Burke: Okay. 

[00:06:26] Ian Bennett: So I’m going to be honest with you. So I got a scholarship, like they’re like, Ian, you got a scholarship. All you got to do is, um, is get a 17 on the ACT. So I was like, Oh man, I’m going to get better than that. That’s like the minimum. I’m like, isn’t that just barely passing? So I’m like, okay. So I studied for like a week.

[00:06:41] Ian Bennett: Um, and mind you, I try hard. I don’t think I’m the smartest dude, but like I give a hundred percent. So anyways, went to there, um, went to take the test, feeling good, feeling like a baller. Um, coach calls me, he’s like, Ian, you’re in. Like, you got, you passed, you’re in. So I’m like, okay, cool. That’s awesome. I’m, I’m hyped up.

[00:07:00] Ian Bennett: I go, but what did I get? He’s like, you sure you want to know? I’m like, yeah, man, I studied hard. 17. Dude, I was so hyped and I’m not going to lie. I was a little bit sad. I was like, cause I really never get sad, but I was kind of like, dang, like I got a 17, like that’s what I needed. So whatever that, I mean that helped, but I, so I got to school, I got to college.

[00:07:21] Ian Bennett: Um, graduated, um, summa cum laude, all that stuff. No, I’m joking. 

[00:07:26] Richie Burke: Marion college, junior college in Indiana. 

[00:07:29] Ian Bennett: No, it’s NAIA. So now it’s a university. So 

[00:07:32] Richie Burke: now it’s a university. So you go pro, you get your professional start with the Charleston battery. Yeah, I heard you were just a machine on and off the field in Charleston.

[00:07:43] Richie Burke: Can you tell us about that to that time? 

[00:07:45] Ian Bennett: How are you knowing all, like, it’s so crazy. Like I’m, you got me tripping right now. No, but so Canadian kid, there’s like no beaches. I’m I get drafted to Charleston. It’s like a whole new world. There’s beaches. You get done with practice. The weather’s amazing. It’s fantastic.

[00:08:02] Ian Bennett: And then. And I’m like, so wait, after practice, I can just go head to the beach. And then I’m like, wait, this doesn’t make sense. Like I thought we were like, it was just so much fun. So I think I had too much fun and not enough like focus. Because I thought I already made it. Right. I thought I’ll play in Charleston and then I’ll go to the MLS.

[00:08:22] Ian Bennett: And I kind of just kind of slacked on my game. I really wasn’t in the gym. I wasn’t perfecting my craft and I kind of just enjoyed. My time there, probably too much. Let’s 

[00:08:32] Richie Burke: just say solid talent in Charleston, 

[00:08:35] Ian Bennett: Charleston. Oh my gosh. It’s just good people. Like, I mean, there was good looking men, good looking women.

[00:08:41] Ian Bennett: Like I can’t discriminate. It was amazing. It was awesome. 

[00:08:44] Richie Burke: Pair of the city of Charleston to a night at RWB. 

[00:08:49] Ian Bennett: Let’s just say, uh, it’s, it’s. We’re behind let’s just say we’re behind let’s just say that fine, but it’s still good You know, I love my any 

[00:08:57] Richie Burke: advice you’d give the staff at RWB to step it up a notch 

[00:09:00] Ian Bennett: No, I just think we don’t get the Sun as much, you know, like that’s that’s the thing the Sun You know, we need the Sun and we can’t do anything about that right in the winter.

[00:09:07] Ian Bennett: It’s like it’s tough 

[00:09:09] Richie Burke: All right. So so then you transition to indoor you do not make the MLS Did you did you did you ever want to go to the MLS after you like hit your stride in 

[00:09:18] Ian Bennett: Milwaukee? Yeah, I think that was, I think that was always the goal. But then honestly, I ended up, I had my daughter, right? And then that’s where I was like, man, I’m going to have to travel a lot.

[00:09:27] Ian Bennett: I got to try to establish myself again. And I reestablished myself as an indoor player. So then I was like, you know what, let’s just ride this out and let’s be there for my kids and. And make sure I’m part of their lives. Cause again, I’m a guy that’s like hands on, right? I want to be there. I want to take them to school.

[00:09:42] Ian Bennett: I want to do all that thing. And plus, I want to give them that swag that I have, right? Imagine a kid growing up and they got swag and they’re confident and stuff. It’s amazing. And my two daughters, I’m not lying to you, they got swag for like two girls. I’m confident with them. No boys are going to mess with them.

[00:09:58] Ian Bennett: Like they’ve got it down pat. And then that makes me feel like I did a good job, right? They’re good kids, but you can’t play with them. They’re they’re, they’re cool. 

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[00:10:41] Richie Burke: At the end of that review so we know where to reach you And if you’ve already written one, we we do appreciate that just dm us on instagram and we’ll still enter you in the weekly drawing Thanks for all your support. Let’s get back to today’s episode with ian bennett How many years you think you got left in you?

[00:10:57] Richie Burke: So i’ve got a high level. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah It’s rare for a soccer player to So you’d be used to playing at the age you are, 

[00:11:04] Ian Bennett: right? Yes. And I mean, I think it’s, it’s not rare, but it’s like, if you’re an impact, right? Sometimes you’re a role player at that age, right? And thank God I’m not a role player yet.

[00:11:14] Ian Bennett: I’m still, still doing my thing. I’m still balling. So I think once that ends, I won’t, I don’t want to be a role player. If I can’t do the same stuff I was doing when I was like 26, then I’ll just retire. So we’ll see how it goes. Keep it going. Right. 

[00:11:29] Richie Burke: Keep it going. All right. Thank you. Are you ready for.

[00:11:32] Richie Burke: Standard five sponsored by central standard distillery five ish quick questions. I think we got about eight on the docket. Let’s go. 

[00:11:40] Ian Bennett: Let’s go ready. 

[00:11:41] Richie Burke: When it comes to professional soccer. What is your single greatest moment? 

[00:11:47] Ian Bennett: I think captain the side and winning the championship with Giuliano because I used to play with Jules and then he took over and then we could win a championship together.

[00:11:56] Ian Bennett: So that was kind of cool. So. We won one together and then we won another one while he was coaching and he gave me the captain’s band and I think that was awesome. Next 

[00:12:05] Richie Burke: question. Who gets more women? Soccer players or football 

[00:12:09] Ian Bennett: players? Oh my gosh, hands down soccer players all day. Have you seen Cristiano Ronaldo?

[00:12:14] Ian Bennett: Like, we got Cristiano Ronaldo. Who’s gonna beat him? No, soccer players, hands down. What 

[00:12:20] Richie Burke: about, what about soccer players or basketball players? 

[00:12:23] Ian Bennett: No, hands down because we have, so here’s the thing. Basketball players. They’re six, eight. Sometimes, sometimes girls don’t want that. Like, what are you guys going to do?

[00:12:30] Ian Bennett: Like, no. And then you can’t do stuff. You can’t fit in rides and stuff. No chance. Soccer players can do it all. Cause we do have some tall guys and we have some short guys and we have some fun size guys, but we can do it all. Like you, you can’t go 

[00:12:42] Richie Burke: on thing parts. More soccer players are MLB players.

[00:12:47] Richie Burke: Baseball. 

[00:12:47] Ian Bennett: Okay. So perfect. So it’s close almost, but they’re not fit. I’m sorry. They’re not in shape. Some of these guys just hit home runs and You could be 280, you could be whatever you want, so. You guys 

[00:12:58] Richie Burke: are in amazing shape. 

[00:12:59] Ian Bennett: That’s what I’m saying, we got it. We shave our legs, we glisten, we put baby oil everywhere.

[00:13:04] Ian Bennett: Whenever we can, we put baby oil everywhere. Are girls actually into that? I don’t know. I have no idea. That’s, that’s for them to figure out. I don’t know. I’m just telling you what you do. Or what I 

[00:13:13] Richie Burke: do. Michael Shepard, uh, SimGad, who’s wondering how you look, how you stay so young. Dang. 

[00:13:19] Ian Bennett: I mean, honestly, like I said, I drink a lot of water.

[00:13:23] Ian Bennett: I moisturize, um, good skin care. Um, get my sleep. Hey, sleep’s important. People like don’t sleep is a key and I try not to stress. Honestly, Rich, I don’t stress a lot. Like if something I never really get mad. Um, I just try to find solutions. Um, if someone kind of ticks me off or piss me off, I just. Won’t deal with them, but I’m pretty much I just try to stay happy as much as I can stay positive, too You know 

[00:13:50] Richie Burke: Next question who is the best looking Zimmerman brother?

[00:13:57] Ian Bennett: Dude, you want me, you want me to get released, man? Oh my 

[00:14:00] Richie Burke: gosh. You, you might, you might, depending on your answer, one, one, one in particular could be a 

[00:14:06] Ian Bennett: little upset. No, I think, I think honestly, like everything, like you got Joe, he’s kind of the funny guy, more outgoing, but I, it’s gotta be Mike. Mike’s got, Mike’s got the looks, he’s got the brains, he’s got the business savvy, he’s got, he’s got some charisma, he’s got it, I think, it’s gotta be Mike.

[00:14:23] Richie Burke: What is the most Canadian thing 

[00:14:24] Ian Bennett: about you? Oh my gosh, that’s easy. I’m obsessed with maple syrup. I will eat, like, I don’t want, I don’t want the stereotypes like Buddy the Elf and all that stuff, but I would literally, like, I would literally destroy syrup and I’ll put it on anything. Um, like everything. I love maple syrup.

[00:14:41] Ian Bennett: Like, dude, it’s, I can take a, I can take a bath in it and just lick it and eat. I love it. I’m obsessed. Would you put 

[00:14:48] Richie Burke: it on McDonald’s fries? I would, 

[00:14:50] Ian Bennett: honestly, I haven’t done that yet, but I would. Um, I You’re a big 

[00:14:52] Richie Burke: McDonald’s guy, right? 

[00:14:54] Ian Bennett: How do you know okay, so we’re supposed to keep I mean the kids are watching maybe kids are not 

[00:14:57] watching 

[00:14:58] Richie Burke: But yeah, you’re already told them what the way of players do 

[00:15:00] Ian Bennett: after I know but like I just don’t want my secrets Oh, so I love 

[00:15:04] Richie Burke: I love how McDonald’s is worse than RWB and Joe catch for the kids 

[00:15:10] Ian Bennett: McDonald’s is I’m not trying to promote McDonald’s cuz they don’t sponsor me anyways, but I’m loving it Like I love McDonald’s right?

[00:15:17] Ian Bennett: Like I’m it’s like my guilty like pleasure. I don’t know what it is, man I don’t know what it is I try not to eat it a lot, but that’s 

[00:15:25] Richie Burke: my go-To who? Who is more friendly? Canadians or Midwesterners? 

[00:15:30] Ian Bennett: Oh my gosh. Canadians. Hands down Canadians reallys all day 

[00:15:33] Richie Burke: young. If you, what if you exclude the greater Chicago area?

[00:15:38] Richie Burke: Totally. Because they can kind, they can be 

[00:15:40] Ian Bennett: dicks Canadians. ’cause like sometimes when, like, even when I’m in here, like in the, like in Wisconsin, like if it’s cold, like that brings kind of the attitude down. Like it’s cold in Canada when it’s cold. It’s just part of it. We’re just like, Hey, it’s part of life.

[00:15:54] Ian Bennett: You know, we warm up our cars the same way. It’s like, it’s different, but like in the summer when you guys are happy and you get the sun, you guys are really, really nice people, but I mean, Canadians just all around any season we’re, we’re pretty cool. You know, we don’t. 

[00:16:07] Richie Burke: What, uh, what keeps you so motivated and going all the 

[00:16:11] Ian Bennett: time?

[00:16:11] Ian Bennett: I love life, man. I love meeting good people. I mean, like, obviously, like, I met you and, like, it’s kind of crazy. We, even if we’re not talking every day, we kind of stay in touch and stuff. And you still, like, that’s what I love about life. And, and, and that’s probably why I stayed, I’ve stayed in Wisconsin so long.

[00:16:26] Ian Bennett: Because I met some really, really good people. Kind of like just back home in Canada. Like, it’s just, anything happens. If I need my car fixed, I know a guy. I need to go to the dentist. I know a good, like, it’s just, it’s a lot of good people that I’ve met over the time, and it feels like home. Like, it’s obviously, it’s my home now, but it’s, it’s, it’s like my second home, and I love it, man.

[00:16:45] Ian Bennett: I wouldn’t change it for, for anything. I could have played in Florida. I could have played in some, maybe some better areas and nicer climate, but I love Wisconsin, man. It’s home, man. 

[00:16:55] Richie Burke: Thanks for coming on today. It’s great seeing you. Dude. Thanks for having me, man. Appreciate you. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of Milwaukee Uncut.

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