Milwaukee Bartenders Uncut: Devin Wagner, Kameron Jones, and Gracie Kalichefski

Milwaukee Bartenders Uncut: Devin Wagner, Kameron Jones, and Gracie Kalichefski

Devin Wagner (Harp), Kameron Jones (Wicked Hop, formerly RWB) and Gracie Kalichefski (Red Rock) join for our first ever edition of Bartenders Uncut!  Topics discussed…

Devin Wagner (Harp), Kameron Jones (Wicked Hop, formerly RWB) and Gracie Kalichefski (Red Rock) join for our first ever edition of Bartenders Uncut! 

Topics discussed in order: 

  • How they got into bartending 
  • Weirdest thing ever written on a receipt 
  • How do you know if a bartender is showing interest
  • What your drink says about you 
  • Amazing FaceTime interview with GCTB Owner Daniel Slade (@ai_cowboy_mke)
  • Most money the bartenders have made in one tip and in a day 
  • Favorite bars 
  • Best bars to meet women 

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Kameron Jones: Like if a bartender goes out of her way to offer you a round of shots or a free drink, I would say she’s probably flirting with you.

Richie Burke: What’s the weirdest thing someone has ever written on a receipt?

Kameron Jones: Oh, that’s crazy.

Richie Burke: Hey everyone, welcome back to Milwaukee Uncut, produced in the heart of Walkers Point by Story Mark Studios, in partnership with On Milwaukee and presented by Nicolet Law, the Midwest’s law firm and Central Standard Distillery.

Which we drank a decent amount of on this episode, always recommend central standard distillery. Whether you’re having a casual cocktail with friends or looking to get after it a little bit at any of the bars mentioned on this episode, always responsibly, of course, we covered a lot of ground today. If you’re interested in how much bartenders make on water street and third street, what your drink says about you, where the best bars to meet women in Milwaukee are.

How to know if a bartender is actually showing interest in you and the bartender’s favorite bars in Milwaukee. Those are just some of the things that we covered today. It’s a great episode also had just a compelling, riveting call with Milwaukee’s cowboy, Daniel Slade, who we ended up FaceTiming in while taking a bomb.

That was, that was, that was good. Joining me today. We’ve got Kameron Jones. She is at Wicked Hop formerly at RWB, red, white, and blue. We’ll Also does social media for the bucks. We’ve got Devin Wagner who bartends and does marketing for the harp and was also a track star at UWM. And we have Gracie Kaliszewski, who is a bartender and marketing manager at Red Rock.

Also a couple of very quick announcement. If you want to see any of the clips, head over to Instagram. If you want to watch the full episode, head over to YouTube. We’re putting a lot of content on those platforms. We’ll link. Those in the show notes or you can just search Milwaukee uncut on any social platforms Also some other news milwaukee uncut now has its own drink and taco at vagabond during the entire month of may Vagabond highlights a small business every month and this month they teamed up with us.

So thank you to the people over there They’re also the same owners At the harp. So go check them out and have them walk you on cut cocktail and taco. All right, let’s dive in to this episode of Milwaukee on cut bartenders on cut edition. Thank you three for joining today for the highly anticipated episode of bartenders on cut.

So I’d love to just go around quick and hear how you got to Milwaukee and how you ended up bartending. Devin, we can kick it off with you.

Devin Wagner: Oh, okay. Well, so actually my sister was living in Milwaukee. She just accepted her first teaching job and I was like looking for schools and I ended up getting a track scholarship at UW Milwaukee.

So that’s how I ended up here. But I didn’t start bartending until I decided I wanted to actually live in Milwaukee full time, like throughout the summers and ran across the harp and I went in and I turned in my application and, Here I am still working there four years later, but yeah, that’s how I got into it.

Richie Burke: Great establishment. Yes, of course

Kameron Jones: Four years is impressive yeah, so I went to illinois state for a little bit and then covid happened and I left illinois state and then it was kind of Ping ponging between three different colleges uwm columbia and chicago and then nova southeastern and fort lauderdale and then one of my really good friends at the time You lived in Milwaukee and went to Gracie KalichefskiGracie KalichefskiGracie KalichefskiGracie Kalichefski UWM and I was like, I know a bunch of people up there, let’s just go there.

And then another one of my friends was the bartender at the Tiki Bar, shout out Tiki Bar, and she introduced me to it and then I applied, got the job, and then two weeks after that I got hired at RWB and then was there for a year and a half, a little bit more than a year and a half, and then went to Wicked Hop just this past two weeks.

Richie Burke: How would you describe your year and a half at RWB?

Kameron Jones: In one word. A treat. To be sweet. The

Richie Burke: place is just a combination of absolute chaos and maybe heaven on earth at times for younger people. I mean, you know, you can really Much younger than me, but RWB, you can

Kameron Jones: Yeah, anything you search for, you can definitely find there.

In some shape or form, so. You’re welcome. I’m not here to make a definition of what that is, but you can always see for yourself when you enter that place.

Richie Burke: I was once there after a Marquette game, probably about five, six years ago with Brie. And so I would have been. Almost 30 at the time and we invited Chris Stegman who was president of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel who was 50 and recently divorced and Oh, RWB year old bald guy who rolled into RWB.

You probably

Kameron Jones: loved that.

Richie Burke: Chris Stegman Hey, if you want to go somewhere to dance, there it is. He acted like he wasn’t happy, but I know he loved going there.

Kameron Jones: Deep down he was loving it.

Richie Burke: And then he proceeded to get Denied entrance to joe cats At one

Kameron Jones: time. Hey, man,

Richie Burke: then he was so elusive. He’s an ex two time iron man He just ran right around him and got into joe.

Shout out to chris stegman He’s currently in salt lake city running the salt lake tribune. Good shout out stegman Gracie how did you end up here?

Gracie Kalichefski: You know, I don’t really know. I started bartending because I got my dog and I needed to afford her. Because it’s not just when you buy them. And so I got, I applied to every single bar on Water Street.

I emailed them saying that my name was Grace and I love to talk. And then I got an interview at Red Rock and a couple other places. And I went there and I got the job. And then I’ve been there for a little over two years now.

Richie Burke: Nice. Yep. Yeah. Dogs aren’t cheap.

Gracie Kalichefski: No, still not. I don’t know how much it’s helping, but she’s, I try find life.

Richie Burke: That’s why I try and throw Oakley in the podcast, which she’s really excited about right now. And some of our ads excited. I try, I try get, I try and get a little bit of ROI off the guy with all the money we spend on a little

Kameron Jones: picture of, she’s comfortable .

Richie Burke: It’s here, the

Kameron Jones: camera here. We’re happy to able to see, but.

She is dead asleep. Out cold.

Richie Burke: It’s male dog, Oakley.

Kameron Jones: Oh sorry. He is passed out. He’s out cold.

Richie Burke: We gotta get him up on the couch when we call Daniel Slade. Potentially owner of Great Clips Tiki Bar. I think, I wasn’t excited about the we have these new Central Standard they’re kind of mini shot bottles.

They’re not mini

Kameron Jones: shot bottles. They’re double mini shots. They’re not shot bottles. I think there’s about four shots in each of those. They’re cute

Richie Burke: though. They are cute. They got a nice label on them. Yeah. You guys will get to leave with some. They’re at the studio. We can’t legally sell them. But I think if Daniel Slade answers, then we might actually need to take the shot in celebration.


Kameron Jones: yeah. I think we would need four little glasses though. Because.

Richie Burke: We got, we got glasses over there. We can, oh, perfect. We can have. From Michigan. What’s Alex. Alex. Alex can, Alex can pour some up for us. Alex from

Kameron Jones: Michigan, that’s what she’s here for. Alex from Michigan

Richie Burke: is in the studio. Shout out to Alex from Michigan.

Yeah, that’s my best

Kameron Jones: friend.

Richie Burke: Alright, what’s the weirdest thing someone has ever written on a receipt?

Gracie Kalichefski: Thanks for the show. Oh, that would be mine.

Richie Burke: We’re at Red Rock.

Kameron Jones: That’s crazy. Yep.

Richie Burke: What time of day was this?

Gracie Kalichefski: I don’t know. Well, I typed the receipt in at probably 2. 30.

Richie Burke: Okay, so it was a close, but it was probably

Gracie Kalichefski: yeah, it was probably like a night shift.


Richie Burke: group of guys

Gracie Kalichefski: I think it was an old fella Yeah, and I saved that one a it’s in my room just you know, I don’t think

Richie Burke: it was Chris Stegman Former president of the Journal Sentinel. I don’t think so.

Gracie Kalichefski: I hope not. I

Richie Burke: just wanted to clarify.

Kameron Jones: I don’t know if I have anything that’s like standing out but a lot of like phone numbers or like your cute add me on snap with no tips attached to it and like now I wouldn’t be looking for that but if you’re trying to pick up a girl bartender by leaving your snapchat or your phone number with no tip You will not be getting an ad and you will not be getting a text.

I can absolutely guarantee that. That’s probably the one thing that comes to mind.

Gracie Kalichefski: Yeah, yeah I mean and like it’s usually like a number and it doesn’t have a name So like yeah, yeah like or like yeah, like and a lot of people like at red rack like I share a drawer with someone And same sharing it with my friend and like they’re writing it down for her and she like doesn’t know who you are Like there’s no name.

Kameron Jones: Yeah, especially

Richie Burke: So is that not a good tactic for someone to write their name and number on a receipt? No,

Kameron Jones: if you want if you want to talk to a bartender and you want their number just talk to them Cause especially I know at Red Rock and at, at least RWB, we don’t have like toast, like the not Wicked Hot, the Harp and Trinity have, we have actual receipts.

So at the end of the night, we’re typing in anywhere from 50 to 400 receipts. We are not looking when people are writing on it. Like we’re just typing it in, moving on, typing and moving it on. So

Devin Wagner: I think the biggest thing too, if you ask for their number and they say like, oh, I’m sorry. I like don’t give out my number.

Don’t ask again. Or like, yeah, yes. Oh, I have a boyfriend. Even if, you know, they don’t like, yeah. We said it for a reason. Like keep keep it moving.

Kameron Jones: Yeah.

Richie Burke: That’s something guy, I don’t think I, I didn’t even know of that. If you write your receipt or name on a receipt, it may just get lost.

Kameron Jones: Oh yeah. Under, yeah.

Yeah. Like people don’t home and like, we don’t take that straight, straight up fast. I’m sharing.

Gracie Kalichefski: Yeah. If I’m sharing a drawer with someone. And like it’s for her and I’m typing it in like she’s like the chances of you seeing is probably not gonna happen

Kameron Jones: Yeah, and we don’t we talk to so many people throughout like the span of a night.

We don’t know who’s who we don’t remember If someone told us they wrote their name on a receipt or their number on our seat. Cool

Gracie Kalichefski: i’m not gonna have more of a chance getting someone’s number out than you do if they’re working Like yeah, I don’t know like just think like if you’re at your job and some random person comes up. You’re probably not gonna

Kameron Jones: I’ve only done it once.

Richie Burke: It’s pretty common to get someone’s number when you’re out.

Gracie Kalichefski: Yeah, so maybe if you see your bartender out

Kameron Jones: Yeah, I mean, I’ve only I’ve only given my number out once And it paid off. So

Richie Burke: And you’re still together, right? We are still

Kameron Jones: together. Yeah, is that rwb too?

Yeah, the good old rwb. You

Richie Burke: can find love on water street

Kameron Jones: third street Yeah, we did meet there. I was bartending. So Yeah, and we’re it’s almost a year and a half. So

Gracie Kalichefski: Find love. Good job. Or on the Red Rock Dating Show. Or that.

Richie Burke: You want to plug that? Yep. Seems pretty cool.

Gracie Kalichefski: In September. Come out again. It was in February.

Kameron Jones: It was so fun. You’ll find your match, I promise. And Grace did a great job setting it up.

Richie Burke: What was this event? Do you want to explain it?

Kameron Jones: I mean, yeah. So, we went.

Richie Burke: Was It was. So,

Kameron Jones: like, any like YouTube videos that you see of like, Our friends speed dating people and like they’re there’s the curtain and there’s the person on the one side and like the 10 people on The other it basically was that so you had either a bachelor or bachelorette asking questions And then the guys would answer and some Some people were answering real crazy.

I was like, there’s no way Out of your mouth.

Gracie Kalichefski: Yeah, it’s on the stage and then there’s like seating to watch it. So it was super fun

Kameron Jones: There were so many entertaining So many people it was i’ve never laughed harder at a bar in my life

Gracie Kalichefski: and you get a lot of free shots

Kameron Jones: Yes, yes It was really fun.

Richie Burke: All right, let’s move on to what your drink says about you.

New segment on the podcast. Go with vodka soda lime.

Gracie Kalichefski: I don’t want to be too mean. My friends are the number one consumers of this. Yes, they are. I

Richie Burke: feel like vodka soda lime is a classy drink. Like a vodka soda.

Devin Wagner: I feel like a lot of times it’s girls just kind of like choosing to like, you know, Drink that drink and like force it down just because they know it’s like they’re not having the added sugars or all that stuff like The calories are being more like it

Gracie Kalichefski: tastes better as a press.

Yeah, I would say vodka Then

Devin Wagner: it’s like okay, I feel like I can’t drink a

Richie Burke: vodka press this popular drink

Gracie Kalichefski: or a berry water lime that’s easy one

Richie Burke: What is that?

Gracie Kalichefski: It’s berry backup water and lime juice You get a little bit more flavor. It’s way better than a back and it doesn’t taste like rummy alcohol with a little splash of lime Yeah

Richie Burke: Kim, what about people who order vodka?

Red Bull

Kameron Jones: do drugs? .

Richie Burke: What if you’re old and you need to stay awake?

Kameron Jones: Just drink a Red Bull. You don’t need mixing. To me mixing alcohol and caffeine is terrifying. ’cause that’s just like poison. So at that point, might as well just do, don’t do drugs, please. .

Gracie Kalichefski: I’ll say like one, one Vac Red Bull. Like it’s like that’s fine, right?

Like you need like a vac, red Bull, whatever. But it’s like. A little concerning when it’s like their fourth time up and it’s their fourth vodka redbull. It’s still vodka redbull. Yeah How are you

Richie Burke: mentally tracking that

Gracie Kalichefski: sometimes? Because not many people order them but it’s like the same groups will and usually like It was like probably two weekends ago It was two guys that kept coming up and I want to say it was like probably four times.

So eight vodka redbulls They’re one really expensive and they’re expensive and two that’s just like a lot of redbull You A lot of Red Bull. We gave her the whole can, so. It’s, it’s four cans of Red Bull from 9 to 10. 30.

Kameron Jones: And especially like, cause some people, I had some people who would just get one and they’d get like a single vodka Red Bull, which that’s okay.

That’s not on a drug level.

Richie Burke: What does a tap beer say about someone when they order a tap beer at a party bar?

Devin Wagner: I just think it’s so weird when you order a tap beer like past 11 PM because that’s when like the dance floor’s crowded, the bar’s crowded, and you’re trying to like get through the crowd while you’re like.

It’s like, can you just get the bottle? They’re like, no, I prefer tap. I’m just like, is there that big of a difference? And maybe it’s just cause I’m not a beer drinker, but

Kameron Jones: you lose half of it walking back to your friends.

Devin Wagner: Exactly.

Richie Burke: I, I love tap beer .

Kameron Jones: He’s like, that’s me,

Richie Burke: Olympian. Alright, next. I’m like, all these, so far I need a vodka red bull to stay awake.

If I’m not, he’s like taking, I love, I love tap beer. I love vodka soda. See?

Kameron Jones: Okay, well a tap beer at a place like Wicked Hop is great. Yeah, because we have like the nice glasses. We have all like the fancier tap beers, but at a place like. The harp

Richie Burke: granite i’m out at harper red rock like maybe maybe four times a year past 11 30.

Come on, make it like

Kameron Jones: six Make it at least one. My trend’s

Richie Burke: been going downwards over the years Maybe what about a cherry bomb Shout out to brandon chalker former uwm phenom and the current the current founder of the e sports alliance, milwaukee

Kameron Jones: You know so many people I love a good cherry bomb, to be honest.

I, but I don’t do, I do, I do like cherry McGillicuddy’s, but I do the yellow Red Bull, the tropical Red Bull. It’s so much better, but I was converted maybe a few months ago to a root beer bomb, which is root beer, McGillicuddy’s and Coke, but at Wicked Hop, we do root beer float bombs. So it’s root beer, McGillicuddy’s and rum chata.

It is so any kind of like bomb. I love. I’m a bomb girl. I love them. I kind of want one right now.

Gracie Kalichefski: I would rather have a shot of tequila probably. I would say like a cherry bomb for me would be like if I need a little bit of Red Bull. So I’m not ordering a vodka Red Bull because I wouldn’t do that. I’m not crazy.

But I think like I mean like at Red Rock we use McGillicuddy’s at Harp you guys use vodka, correct? Yeah. So it’s like it kind of depends like that at Harp it would be a stronger bomb, but I feel like For me like they don’t do that much but if they’re fun easy shot when you don’t want to like take something That’s gonna get you super fucked up.

Devin Wagner: So yeah I feel like when you’re out for bomb night though, you like yeah, everyone’s gonna have a bomb but yeah

Richie Burke: Question how many shots does a bomb have in it? Is it a full shot? Not even well, it depends a half a shot

Kameron Jones: So mcgillicuddy’s is not like a full proof liquor, right? So it’s like a shot

Richie Burke: Which is half essentially.

Yeah, so I mean

Kameron Jones: bomb night they do You It’s not even, is it a full shot or a half shot? I believe it’s half. Okay. Yeah, I like to do my, like, count in my head when people pour, cause then I know how much I’m getting. Yeah, usually I think bomb nights. And I usually take one with the least, if I like. Yeah. Bomb nights I think they do half, but, like, on a normal night, a bomb is like a, it’s a full shot worth of alcohol, but if it’s, like, McGillicuddy’s, it’s not a high, like, proof of liquor.

Richie Burke: you could do a Dr. Pepper bomb with one of these.

Kameron Jones: Ooh, that would be good. I could, what, what is it?

Richie Burke: Red Cabin bourbon or brandy. We got brandy and we have whiskey. I could, I could do, I’ll

Kameron Jones: do the cherry vodka.

Richie Burke: It’s really good.

Kameron Jones: Do we have a mixer or do we wanna just take shots?

Richie Burke: Or should

Kameron Jones: we make a bomb?

Richie Burke: Do you have your Dr. Pepper over there?

Kameron Jones: It’s like my spit in it though. I don’t want to.

Richie Burke: No, he’ll pass. What

Kameron Jones: drinks do you have in the little whiteboard room up there?

Richie Burke: I think we got bubbler. Oh yeah.

Kameron Jones: Do you want to grab a bubbly from that fridge up there? I feel bad making her make these bombs. Oakley, don’t leave.

Richie Burke: oh, he wants to see his mom.

Kameron Jones: He’s gone. Bye Oakley. Should we call Slade while we’re waiting for these?

Richie Burke: Maybe one while they’re poured. Cause I mean, how good of a combo would that be if we had it in hand and he picked it up? Hey everyone. It’s your host, Richie Burke. Thank you for tuning into Milwaukee Uncut.

Please take a second to subscribe. If you have not already, that helps support the show, get more ears on this podcast, and we’ve got a lot of great Milwaukee episodes coming up. Also just wanted to give a quick thank you to our sponsors, our friends over at Nicolet Law, the Midwest law firm and Central Standard Distillery.

Also, if you have not yet, make sure to go check out the craft house right outside the third ward. They’ve got great drinks, great food, and a really nice rooftop for when it gets warmer out, which hopefully it will soon. All right back to the episode.

Gracie Kalichefski: I could have one shot, then I took a look.

Richie Burke: Well, there’s definitely less than a shot in there because these are like two shots and we only did one of these and then a little part of another one.

Are you gonna call Slade?

Kameron Jones: Me?

Richie Burke: Or me.

Kameron Jones: I think you should, I haven’t talked to Slade in a real long time.

Richie Burke: I think he’d probably answer your call before. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cody, we’re still rolling, right? Yeah, you’re good. Okay.

Kameron Jones: This is the most imperative part of this podcast.

Gracie Kalichefski: I need a straw. Oh, it smells good.

Richie Burke: All right. To every, to everyone watching, we were calling Daniel Slade AKA Cowboy of Milwaukee and owner of the Great Clips Tiki Bar. Okay. No, for a legal,

Kameron Jones: a legal standpoint, he doesn’t actually own the Tiki bar. We just like to say he did it for a day or two.

Richie Burke: I mean, he basically bought out the bar, buying all the drinks at the Tiki bar.

Kameron Jones: I want his face to like pop up. There’s a little, a little sticker that is like dancing back and forth.

Richie Burke: I don’t even know if I have his number.

Kameron Jones: Oh. Do you want his number? We are prank calling him. You don’t have his number? He’s not gonna answer a random number. I really don’t think, I have not talked to that man in over a year.

I just messaged him on

Richie Burke: Instagram.

Kameron Jones: I don’t have any contact with him. Don’t worry, I have Daniel Slade’s number.

Richie Burke: Alright, Kam.

Kameron Jones: Call him up. I don’t think he’s gonna answer me.

Gracie Kalichefski: Watch, she’s black. It goes straight to voiceless.

Richie Burke: I’m sorry. I literally don’t have his number. Okay, well,

Kameron Jones: how about I give you his number, you call him on the phone, see if he answers.

Richie Burke: From my 608 area code? Random number? Like, that’s gonna work? This is, this is the only How about we just

Kameron Jones: try? Cause I really don’t wanna, I don’t think he’s gonna answer me.

Richie Burke: Yeah, I do wanna FaceTime. Alright, how about from your phone I’ll call him?

Kameron Jones: Yeah.

Richie Burke: Okay. It’s a good compromise. I don’t mind calling him, I just don’t think he’s going to answer my 608 number.

Kameron Jones: If he answers me, I will be shocked.

I can like see that. Hey! Hey! Hey! He’s gonna be like, why the hell is Cameron Jones not here?

Richie Burke: He’s unavailable.

Kameron Jones: He declined me. He did? I told you!

Richie Burke: Wait, wait, wait, wait. He’s calling back.

Kameron Jones: Oh!

Richie Burke: Oh, how do I do that?

Kameron Jones: Swipe down, swipe down.

Richie Burke: Oh wait, did he not? I thought he called, oh wait. He’s calling back. Screen record it.

We lost him. We lost him. Daniel Slade, Daniel Slade, you are live on Milwaukee Uncut. And since you picked up the phone, we are going to take a bomb in honor of you over here.

Kameron Jones: Oh, hi Slade! Wait, wait, we didn’t cheers, we didn’t cheers. Hold on.

Richie Burke: Cheers to Daniel Slade.

Kameron Jones: Cheers. Cheers. Cheers.

Richie Burke: Cowboy MP. This is really big.

Hang on one sec, we do want to talk to you quick.

Kameron Jones: It’s a couple gulps. Yeah, it’s great.

Gracie Kalichefski: And I said

I wasn’t drinking

Richie Burke: Okay, we got Daniel Slade dancing cowboy MKE or AI cowboy or just How have you been doing lately?

Daniel Slade: I’m doing great. Doing really good. Good to talk to you, Richie.

Richie Burke: Great talking to you. We are curious, is the Great Clips Tiki Bar coming back for 2024 at Bradford Beach?

Anything you’d like to say to the city of Milwaukee?

Daniel Slade: I mean, if the original cast members, those on the couch there, are coming back.

Kameron Jones: We don’t think so. Maybe.

Daniel Slade: Maybe. I think it’s reached its, you know, you got to shut it down. Well,

Richie Burke: okay. Okay. What if, what if they come back to celebrate, even if they’re not bartending?

Daniel Slade: It’d be like a

Richie Burke: reunion

Daniel Slade: for sure.

Richie Burke: Or what about, what about moving it to the harp?

Daniel Slade: Yeah.

Kameron Jones: Hey, we do. Wait, there is a Tiki bar right next to

Daniel Slade: it. I prefer club Brady, but

Richie Burke: are you, are you at work at Baird right now? Are you in your cubicle?

Daniel Slade: I’m in an open workspace. He’s

Richie Burke: in an open workspace on Bartenders Uncut.

This guy’s just an animal. Looking good, by the way, too. So we also heard that you’ve just been a machine at Pottawattamie recently with several Several big nights. Do you want to comment on

Daniel Slade: that? Yeah, let me put my earphones on

Gracie Kalichefski: His boss said where were you?

Kameron Jones: What were you talking about?

Richie Burke: Cody are we picking any of this up?

Daniel Slade: We do have a fellow podcaster sitting next to me here But he’s also my boss’s boss, so.

Kameron Jones: Oh, so head honch. Your

Richie Burke: boss has a boss?

Kameron Jones: Head honch.

Richie Burke: We thought you were a baller. There’s levels above you? Oh, I mean. How much are these guys pulling in?

Daniel Slade: Well, we’re doing pretty good, you know. We got our name on the side of the building now.

Richie Burke: He’s drinking an athletic beer right now.

Kameron Jones: Guys, Slate knows how to get down with it.

Daniel Slade: Number one workplace in Milwaukee.

Richie Burke: I have heard

Kameron Jones: that.

Richie Burke: Okay. So do you want to chat about your big winnings at Pato recently?

Daniel Slade: Yeah, I’ve been doing, doing all right. And

Richie Burke: what is the, what Pato?

Kameron Jones: I don’t know if legally he wants to pay.


Richie Burke: 000. Daniel Slade, a 22, 000 man. Why can’t I have that happen to me? You could throw plenty of plenty of tiki bar parties for 22, 000.

Gracie Kalichefski: I have my loan is 505 a month, if you want to donate.

Richie Burke: Do you guys have any questions for the cowboy of Milwaukee over there?

Gracie Kalichefski: Do you guys need another employee or can you bet for me?

Kameron Jones: I’ll give you, I’ll give you 5 to put on black, take it or leave it. We

Richie Burke: want to give you our money. Basically, we’d like to invest our money with you in a Baird slash Pottawatomie portfolio.

Gracie Kalichefski: I’ve only been there twice.

Daniel Slade: I think that should be arranged. However, I would direct you to our very talented financial advisors That work. I

Kameron Jones: need myself at this. It’s great firm

Richie Burke: All right

Kameron Jones: What a guy he’s

Daniel Slade: really

I am not speaking on behalf of, nor forbeared, and this, this cannot be used in association with anything related to Baird.

Kameron Jones: On record. Okay,

Richie Burke: you gotta, gotta clear by compliance. So for for all the listeners, how’s your love life right now? Are you are you are you in the game? Are you out of the game?

What do we what do we got going on? What’s the status?

Daniel Slade: Complicated complicated

Kameron Jones: Richie

Daniel Slade: you’re aware of many interesting facets of Of the love life, but this this weekend is the culmination, right? It’s luke You’re

Kameron Jones: going to luke holmes and nicki

Devin Wagner: minaj.

Kameron Jones: What what day are you going to luke holmes

Daniel Slade: both nights?

Kameron Jones: Okay, i’m gonna be pit on for tomorrow

Daniel Slade: I’ll be there tomorrow in the pit.

Kameron Jones: Oh Let’s go

Richie Burke: Who are you who are you going with on both nights?

Daniel Slade: So tomorrow night i’m taking summer and jordan And then Saturday night I’m taking Summer, Olivia, her boyfriend Tony, who is the GM of Club Brady.

Kameron Jones: You love your Club Brady.

Richie Burke: So, so at the airing of this episode in a couple weeks, you’re either going to be with Summer or back in the game. Win win situation.

Daniel Slade: I Airing him out. Characterization of the situation. I wrote you. All right. Daniel

Richie Burke: Daniel Slade, any closing comments before we get back to the episode? We really appreciate your time today.

Daniel Slade: Looking forward to hearing the episode

Richie Burke: coming, coming,

Kameron Jones: Slade. Do you have any questions for us? Bartenders? Do you

Richie Burke: have any questions for the bartenders right now?

Daniel Slade: I did. I was going to ask, and I apologize. I didn’t get this to you on time, but. How would, I mean, How would a bartender express interest in a customer in a way that the customer would understand that’s what it meant?

Kameron Jones: That’s a great question. No, that’s really hard.

Richie Burke: Slade, you are, you are on fire. I have an answer for that. People know you’re cleaning up that potto. So, you have a great job. You’ve got a hot date this weekend, but if it doesn’t work out, you’ve got the whole summer ahead of you, and you’re asking intelligent questions.

You’re coming across well here. Okay. What’s to answer his question, how does a bartender show interest in a customer?

Kameron Jones: Yeah, so, I mean, if you’re asked for, if someone asks for your number, obviously you’re either going to have a response, most likely it’s no but if they give you kind of like a oh, like, maybe come back in like, if somebody says like, come back in like five minutes, like I’ll tell you at the end of the night.

You have a higher chance than if they just say no, because then they want to talk to you again. But, at least for me, When I picked up my boyfriend from the bar, my now boyfriend, I offered, I kept offering to buy him shots throughout the night to be like, Oh, like, do you and your friends want like a round of shots or something?

Like if a bartender goes out of her way to offer you a round of shots or a free drink, I would say she’s probably flirting with you. Interesting. Okay.

Richie Burke: So what’s I like that.

All right Oh, I appreciate milwaukee uncut being more important than summer in this moment

Devin Wagner: I feel like I fell guilty though to like giving people my number even though I didn’t want to because I didn’t want it to Be awkward and like I’ve

Gracie Kalichefski: done it. I feel like That is like some people will do that like give the number and just because you want to get it out of the way Yeah, i’ve been lucky.

I don’t i’ve i’ve always told people i’d never given out my number and i’d try and like Really dial them. Yes Leave me alone

Devin Wagner: Or be like, I’ll be like, no, I’m okay. Or like, Oh, I have a boyfriend. Then someone goes, what’s his name? Blank. Blank. I blanked. I go, John? And they’re like, no, you don’t have a boyfriend.

I’m like, I don’t. But this is honestly more embarrassing for you than it is me. Yeah, you’re like, come on up. Bless you. Thank you. I’m like

Richie Burke: laughing. So if you guys are showing interest in a guy, you’re going to proactively offer free drinks. That’s a good sign. At least

Kameron Jones: that’s what I did the one time. Try to keep them there longer too.

Yeah, I’ll be like, Oh, like you do you need another drink or do you need something else? Yeah, always asking if you need more

Richie Burke: Yeah,

Gracie Kalichefski: I don’t do that

Richie Burke: Have you ever been interested in a guy who’s I don’t really know. Maybe that’s why. I don’t

Gracie Kalichefski: know. Maybe. I don’t think so. I don’t really know.

Richie Burke: Alright Daniel Slade, we know you’re a very in demand man over there at work.

We’ll let you get back to work on this Thursday afternoon. Turn your dang

Kameron Jones: phone off.

Richie Burke: What’s, what’s your, what’s your Instagram handle for all the fans out there?

Daniel Slade: A. I. underscore Cowboy underscore M. K. E. Yeah!

Richie Burke: A. I. Cowboy. Everyone

Kameron Jones: follow him.

Richie Burke: Great, great talking to you.

Kameron Jones: Bye, Slade.

Richie Burke: Bye, Slade. Bye. Make sure that, can you make sure that records?

Kameron Jones: Oh, it recorded.

Richie Burke: What a great surprise

Kameron Jones: I’m actually so happy. He answered

Richie Burke: me too. That was a good conversation. Yeah, Daniel Slade likely eligible bachelorettes

Gracie Kalichefski: I want to know who summer is. This is like I feel like I’m like in on their summer She

Richie Burke: bartends at Jack’s I Follow her on Instagram, even though I’ve ever never met her just just keeping tabs on Yeah, big fan of summer over there You hopefully it works out between the two, but if not do we want to go over any of these final drinks or move on to other topics?

Kameron Jones: I think we hit those drinks. Yeah, drinks were good.

Richie Burke: What about people who order a straight shot of vodka?

Kameron Jones: Oh, you’re scary. Goodbye.

Richie Burke: Alright, we’ll end on that note. Okay,

Kameron Jones: she said, okay. Don’t date. Simple enough.

Richie Burke: What is the most eye opening thing you’ve ever seen while bartending? No. No.

Devin Wagner: I would say, I feel like mine is like seeing all of like both guys and girls come in and they’ll be with someone new each weekend.

Like you’ll see them come in and you’re like, okay, like I’m trying to figure out the situation. I’m there every weekend. So I new TV show. Yes. It’s literally, I’m watching reality TV right in front of me. I’m like, Oh, like they have, they’re talking to them. They’re talking to them and I’m like, they’ll come up to me like, Oh my gosh, my girlfriend’s coming next weekend or my boyfriend’s coming next week.

And I’m like, wait a minute. Wait a minute. So it’s like, I feel like that’s very eyeopening. Like Oh, like, I just, like, the trust in people is a little bit went a little bit down after that.

Kameron Jones: Yeah, I’ve seen people that I know and people that I don’t know that I’ve seen in the bar, like, actively cheating on their significant other.

And I’ve tried to take the steps in letting these people know, but some people are just like, okay, whatever.

Devin Wagner: Well with that too, like if it’s someone you know, do you feel like, inclined to like, do I tell them? Or like, am I supposed to like, ruin that, like? So

Gracie Kalichefski: I, I am one that if like, well, I would say if they’re a close friend, especially like one of my close girlfriends, if I saw something I would definitely say something.

But it is like that fine line of like, is it your business? Like, not really, but.

Kameron Jones: I, I saw something Halloween weekend that I still think about all the time, and I try to take the steps. It wasn’t someone that I like, was really, really close with, but other people I was really close with directly knew that person.

And it’s still like not really it’s kind of it was like beat around the bush with the whole situation and I think about it Literally every single day i’m like driving to work or school and i’m like, oh, yeah, I remember that one thing that happened Yeah, you should still tell that person but whatever

Gracie Kalichefski: It’s sad

I would be so sad if someone told me that I don’t know what I would be like that sucks I don’t know.

I mean the person knows but it was just kind of like

Kameron Jones: Brushed under the rug like it didn’t really matter

Devin Wagner: Yeah, I think a lot of times too, like, people don’t realize, like, okay, they’re obviously drunk and they don’t realize that we’re mostly It’s always an excuse. It’s, yeah, there’s an excuse and we’re mostly, like, we’re not completely sober.

We’re like, we’re mostly sober throughout the night, like, we’re aware of what’s going on and, like, when we’re not serving, we’re observing. So it’s like, I am watching everyone, what’s everyone doing, because what else am I supposed to do if I’m not serving and drinking? That’s, like,

Gracie Kalichefski: probably one of my favorite parts of the job, is just, like, watching all the people and, like, There’s just like you could sit for two minutes and you see like a hundred different types of people like and like what they do And who they’re with and it’s like I like makeup stories about like who is that guy?

Richie Burke: I want to talk about money. What is the what is the largest tip you have ever received?

Devin Wagner: Like individually or like our tip out at the end of the

Richie Burke: individually Let’s start there.

Gracie Kalichefski: I one time So red rock’s partner bar is mcgillicuddy’s and I I was thinking about this on my drive here I can’t remember like why?

I had to go it was on a thursday night and they were really busy at mcgillicuddy’s they must have had like a I want to say it was like a welcome back or like a send off senior send off something Or like their thursday was promoted and red rock was like the following week And so they were super busy.

So I went there to like help out because like we’re there And I was working and there was a guy who tipped me 600 in 100 bills. And it was crazy, like not at once, but I would notice he would like order for him and his five Marquette people he was with or whatever it was and then Underneath the receipt would be a hundred dollar bill.

I’m like, that’s crazy. So I would keep like, okay I’m gonna like go to him first Whatever you want, sure, literally anything you want, I will give it to you immediately And then I like just kept saying, I’m like, and then it would be like a fifty and then another fifty and like I I could be wrong, but it was like Almost like six hundred dollars and I was like that is crazy Like never see that but I would say biggest like at once usually it’s like a hundred not like that That’s very common.

Yeah, but I would say like when i’m like, oh, that’s like a really good tip I feel like it’s around like a hundred and it’s usually like very rare. But yeah, I am

Richie Burke: hitting on you at all No, no, that’s awesome. What a great customer. I’m

Gracie Kalichefski: like, I like this guy. He was like, I don’t know He was probably like The mid 40s early that’s the thing is like for me The, I think his son or someone was like graduating.

I don’t know. It was like, he was like there with like his son or someone he knew and their friends. So it was awesome.

Kameron Jones: Yeah. And then they were like throwing money into, I was like, I’ll take it. For me, I think the highest I ever got was two 50 like myself. But it was the same, like two guys that always came in.

They were just like friends with all the bartenders. And for me, the highest tips, that I ever got was never anyone flirting with me. It was always just like friends or like people who actually care and like, want to help out bartenders cause they understand that we make all of our money from tips and we don’t like rely on a wage.

But then at RWB, the highest tip that anyone ever got was a thousand dollars and it was a mom. And like all the bartenders had been serving the skies tab like all night, but. We, they did give her the offer. Like you can keep this tip like to yourself. And like, she was a single mom, like had a daughter and we all were like, like you should keep that.

And she decided to split it like evenly between all the bartenders. And she was like an angel for doing that. But that, and a thousand dollar tip. I would fall on the floor the rest of the day. I would just cry. Yeah, that’s crazy.

Richie Burke: Dev, what have you seen?

Kameron Jones: For

Devin Wagner: love and

Kameron Jones: a

Devin Wagner: thousand dollars. I’d say like the biggest tip I’ve gotten like individually was probably around like 200.

There was like this couple that was coming in. He would work in Milwaukee and like travel around with his wife. And they would come in like once every like three months. So it was like random when I saw them. And we’ve gotten to know each other since they’d come in during my shifts. And then they’re like, Oh, you’re graduating this May?

Like, yeah, I’m finally graduating, like getting into grad school, everything. He was like, well, here’s your graduation present and like that was like, oh, that’s so sweet Yeah, there’s like but it’s never the people like when you said like it’s not the people that are hitting on you that are giving The big tips.

It’s like your friends the people that have been there the regulars. Yes,

Kameron Jones: or like around like christmas There was someone who gave me a hundred dollar tip just around holidays Like you’ll get no tips and then you’ll get the one person who will tip you like 75 to 100

Devin Wagner: Or if people are just super hyped up like the box tournament and all that stuff that gets people going and like they’re like They don’t care.


Richie Burke: What’s the, what’s the most you guys have made in a day?

Kameron Jones: For me it was Shamrock Shuffle 2023. I worked from bar 10, like the bar was open from 10 a. m. to 3 a. m. And I made, I walked out with 986. That’s crazy. But it was that 13 hours, an hour shift. Yeah. I would say it would have to be like, Night, I’m so sorry.

Is it Daniel Slade? No, it’s my boyfriend. Is it Daniel

Richie Burke: Slade? Deny.

Gracie Kalichefski: I would say Kind of the same. I don’t know if it was like 900 I can’t really i’m the worst that when it comes to like how much I made in a weekend Like I have no clue. I really need to like write it down Like I’ll like go to the bank like the next week, but I never like keep track of it But I would say probably like shamrock shuffle is like and if especially if you work like open to close That’s a lot of money.

Yeah So I would say probably around there. I don’t know, maybe like 800, 700. I don’t know exactly, but I can ask him what, but it would be like around the same ish.

Devin Wagner: Yeah, mine was more towards like the Bucks tournament, like weekend. Like that was like a huge deal when they like finally won the championships and stuff, but I didn’t work a double, thank God.

It was just like I would say like it was super busy. So I was there still like three to close, but like not the typical like 11 to close, like when we’re open. I think it was around like six to seven hundred dollars from that one. But I think the biggest thing was like at the night, like when they actually won the championship, we had like a regular with like wads of like single dollar bills.

He just threw it up like confetti and everyone’s just like cheering. I’m like over there.

He’s like picking up all the ones. I’m like, I’m not even embarrassed. Like you guys are here celebrating. I’m here working.

Richie Burke: You want to bring the boyfriend on the podcast?

Kameron Jones: I can ask him if he has a question.

Richie Burke: You can ask him if he has a question. Let’s see. We already brought Daniel Slade on. Then we’ll get into some rapid fire questions.

Kameron Jones: Henry would not be on the podcast. What’s his name? Jackson.

Richie Burke: Jackson? Yeah. Like a full Jackson or a Jack?

Kameron Jones: No one calls him Jack. Hey, do you, do you have a question for bartenders? No. Hey my girlfriend, why would I have a question for you?

Richie Burke: Can I

Kameron Jones: kiss right now? Have fun. Well, he’s boring, so.

Richie Burke: Unlike Daniel Slade, AI Cowboy MKE, any ladies listening, look him up. Alright. Now Jackson, he is boring and taken.

Kameron Jones: Okay, he’s not boring, I wasn’t being mean.

He actually is really fun. Yes, he’s a very fun guy. He’s

Richie Burke: really fun, not on a podcast, and he is taken. And he is a hockey player, and he’s an athlete. Don’t look at him.

Kameron Jones: Yeah, be careful Yeah, if I was a

Richie Burke: girl I would not mess with cam

Devin Wagner: We don’t do that. Okay I choose not to

Richie Burke: All right. We’ll go into some quick questions here.

This one’s for devon. Who is the og devon at the harp?

Devin Wagner: Oh the og devon at the harp.

Richie Burke: Yeah

Devin Wagner: Hmm What do you mean by that?

Richie Burke: He works for Pat Connaughton now. Oh, Devin Granger!

Devin Wagner: Devin Granger! I’m a big fan of the show, Devin Granger. I’m thinking, I thought you meant myself, like, who’s the OG Devin? You’re like, who’s this guy?

I’m Devin, I mean, like, I’m right here. Let me tell you. No, actually, that’s funny, because Devin Granger, when I first went to The Hart, my first ever drink, we’re all wearing masks, too, that’s the thing, it was after COVID. And I went up to the bar, I’m like, oh, who’s this cute bartender? I was young, and I was like, who’s this cute bartender?

And I’m like He’s like, my name’s Devin. I’m like, my name’s Devin. Like, no way. He’s like, yeah, Devin was a

Richie Burke: bartender. Yeah. He was a bartender. I thought, I knew he just was a frequent visitor and may still be, but I, he comes once a while now,

Devin Wagner: but y’all know we work together. And so, well, so he first started as a bartender.

I ordered my drink. I’m like, oh my gosh, he’s so cute. And I would always try and talk to him. And then I got hired. I’m like, oh my gosh, I don’t work with this kid. Like, oh geez. So like I was working with him and it was fine. And we just became like super close friends. And now. Him and his, all of his little posse comes in and we all hang out and they’re all good people.

But yeah.

Richie Burke: Did anything ever happen between Devin and Devin?

Devin Wagner: Oh no, strictly just friends. I was always just like, it was the first time in Milwaukee. He’s a good looking

Richie Burke: guy.

Devin Wagner: He is, he is. It was my first time at Milwaukee, first time bar, first bartender I saw. And I was like, and it was at the Harp at Tiki in the summer.

It was like. Just fell in love. Oh, yeah,

Richie Burke: he’s got some game too. I’ve seen him in action at the heart before. We actually

Devin Wagner: play kickball together. We

Richie Burke: have

Devin Wagner: like a heart kickball team and me it’s me dev dev and like kelly kramer and all of us we play like Kickball in the fall on the heart team. But yeah No, just dev and granger

Richie Burke: three leaf partners All around good guy

Devin Wagner: Yeah,

Richie Burke: this is a good one.

I know some guys who fall into this camp Is it annoying if a guy’s if a guy is pursuing you and keeps showing up while you’re on shift?

Gracie Kalichefski: Yes

Richie Burke: What if you like just started dating him and you’re interested in him Is it nice or is it like a turn off if you just if you guys so

Kameron Jones: if you’re like not boyfriend girlfriend You’re seeing each other

Richie Burke: seeing each other talking okay maybe you’ve hooked up a couple times or you’re talking

Kameron Jones: maybe like once in a while but not every single day yeah I think it really depends on the person like if you really like the person I mean like my boyfriend and his friends come in all the time and like obviously I’m like that’s so awesome but if it was someone who I didn’t want to see or like someone I was like not Interested in I would definitely be like that’s I feel like I’ve had too many people Yeah, come in all the time and it’s actually kind of scary and I’m like, please leave me alone I feel like once you it’s like your boyfriend or your girlfriend coming in to see you.

That’s different You better be in there every single night like you better But if you’re not at that point, then I think it’s

Devin Wagner: I feel like also you kind of like read the room. Yes, yeah, I agree. Especially like how she reacts when you first walk in. If she’s not like, oh my gosh, hi. Like, hi! Excited, yeah.

She’s kind of just like, oh. What

Kameron Jones: do you want? And if she doesn’t come up to you as soon as she possibly can. They don’t want to see you. I hate to break it to you, but she does not like you.

Gracie Kalichefski: Too many times do people just come in and I’m like, Oh,

Kameron Jones: yeah, or like we, I mean, I would have the customers that I knew how they would act and they would come up to me still every weekend and I’d be like, Oh, I don’t want to serve you.

Richie Burke: But on a more positive note, what is your favorite bar in Milwaukee that you do not work at?

Kameron Jones: Oh, I was about to say Red Rock.

I really like. I like camp in the third ward. I’ve recently started going there a lot and it’s really chill and I can just like sit there. It’s a nice

Richie Burke: adult bar. You’re really growing up wicked hot from camp. I know. I’m proud of you. I’ve

Kameron Jones: had enough of the third ward. I don’t even know you and I’m proud of you.

Thank you. But I do really like Water Street Brewery because it, it still, it has that little like dance floor, really good music, but also a ton of places to sit. I can play pool. I can play Jing. I can play cards. I can do a lot.

Devin Wagner: No, I 100 percent agree. I think mine’s the brewery too. I feel like their food’s good too.

Yes, they have good food. Mine

Gracie Kalichefski: is the Tiki Bar in the Public Market. I could park myself there for hours. The entire day me and my two friends go there almost every week and I never want to leave I love the tiki bar. It’s my favorite place. Yep

Richie Burke: It’s

Devin Wagner: brand would you say like even in the winter like that’s oh, I

Gracie Kalichefski: I mean the last like month.

I probably no two months I would say I’ve been there like probably like six times. Yeah, we brought our whole friend group out there and we all were there for like an hour and a half. Her and I, I mean, I think like every day I’m almost texting her like, so. Tiki’s open. The only, the only problem is their drinks are really expensive, but that’s okay.

I just have to make good friends with someone that works for her. But in the summer, I would say like. Or

Richie Burke: Daniel Slade.

Kameron Jones: Yeah. The summer is definitely better and I go to Harp a lot. I don’t go to Water Street Brewery that much. Cheers. Daniel Slade has sponsored some of my drinking nights with my boyfriend and his friends.

Richie Burke: Giving back to the youth of Milwaukee.

Kameron Jones: Especially at Jacks, he’ll just walk over, give me a little hundred and we’ll just buy a round of shots or drinks or anything. Thanks Slade. I would put that in my bank account.

Richie Burke: The greatest tip you ever got was not while you were bartending. It was just Daniel Slade.

Yes. On the streets of Milwaukee. He’s great. He

Kameron Jones: likes to give back.

Richie Burke: He is great.

Kameron Jones: Making the community a better place.

Richie Burke: Ben Anderson He had the viral video of his Joe Katz still the best the upstairs at Joe Katz still the best place to meet women By the way before we get into his first question, where do you guys think is the best place to meet women in milwaukee?

Devin Wagner: not Joe Katz

Richie Burke: Really?

Devin Wagner: I wouldn’t say brady street in general, but that’s just me

Gracie Kalichefski: I would say, I’m gonna sound like a biased piece of shit, but I would say, like, if Water Street, I would say Red Rock, Harp.

Richie Burke: To add context, Ben is early 30s, but still has a good hairline and can dance a little bit. Okay. Can dance pretty well, actually.


Kameron Jones: not Joe Katz. Not, no. No, no, no, no, don’t do that.

Devin Wagner: No! I don’t understand the hype around it, but.

Richie Burke: Okay okay. So for ben anderson early 30s solid hairline good at dancing. Good job someone in shape. I would say where are we going?

Gracie Kalichefski: Red Rock, Harp, Water Street Brewery, probably not Trinity. Do not know.

Richie Burke: So he’s not going to be too old for Red Rock? No,

Kameron Jones: no, no, absolutely not.

Gracie Kalichefski: Okay I would say Harp and Red Rock are roughly the same crowd. Like, yeah. Age wise. I will say, I will say because Red Rock is a little bit bigger, like on the inside, it does have more college kids and it like, is more of like a lot of our staff too is college kids.

Yeah. We have like a couple that have been there for a long time. Yeah. Aren’t in college, but I would say it’s but he’s not out of place No, definitely not either camps either the camp on third street or the camp in camp is a really good one

Devin Wagner: I think it’s always good to go to a place that kind of has like darts or like some type of yeah You can place like while you’re flirting Because I know I know at

Kameron Jones: camp on third street most of the time they like only let people in who are over 25

Richie Burke: And there’s good looking women there for ben.

Kameron Jones: Yeah Ben, go ahead. Go crazy.

Richie Burke: We like to hear that.

Gracie Kalichefski: Hit the streets running. We could do a 30 plus dating show.

Richie Burke: I don’t know if Ben’s going for 30 plus. He’s, he just falls in that bracket. Okay. Maybe he is. I think he’s open. I think he’s open to options. Any closing thoughts from anyone?

Kameron Jones: I don’t think so.

Just make sure that you tip your bartenders because they rely on tip money. They don’t get paid from wages, barely ever, and be nice. You Please be nice to your bartenders because you’ll get served faster They appreciate it and you’ll probably make their night.

Richie Burke: Hey everyone Thank you for listening to milwaukee uncut bartenders uncut edition If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe write our view and share with your friends that helps the show Also check us out on instagram and youtube for any clips both linked in the show notes Milwaukee uncut is produced by story mark studios in partnership with OnMilwaukee and presented by Nicolet Law and Central Standard Distillery