Pat Connaughton & Joe Stanton: Untold Stories from the 21′ NBA Finals

What happens the night and days after winning an NBA title? How do you get the Larry O’Brien trophy through TSA? What’s it like to party with Bill Clinton at Marc Lasry’s place in the Hamptons?

Pat Connaughton & Joe Stanton: Untold Stories from the 21′ NBA Finals

What happens the night and days after winning an NBA title? How do you get the Larry O’Brien trophy through TSA? What’s it like to party with Bill Clinton at Marc Lasry’s place in the Hamptons?

What happens the night and days after winning an NBA title? 
How do you get the Larry O’Brien trophy through TSA? 
What’s it like to party with Bill Clinton at Marc Lasry’s place in the Hamptons? 

Those are some of the topics on this episode from the vault with Milwaukee Buck Pat Connaughton and his childhood best friend/business parter at Three Leaf Partners Joe Stanton. 

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Richie Burke: Hey everyone. It’s your host, Richie Burke, and we’re going to do something a little different on this episode. Pat Connaughton and his childhood best friend and current business partner over at three leaf and my good friend, Joe Stanton came on the show. It was a two part episode back in 2022. They told some great stories from the 21 finals, including what happened the night and days after defeating the sons, trying to fly commercially with the Larry O’Brien trophy and getting it through security as well as partying with Bill Clinton.

At Mark Lasry’s place in the Hamptons since we’ve got a lot of new listeners over the past couple of years who have never heard These stories and because the bucks are in the playoffs right now I thought it would be timely to take those stories and piece together a little episode if you want to listen to the full episodes Those are linked in the show notes As well also shout out to joe who had a baby girl recently with his beautiful wife erin and also bought A house so he’s no longer in the apartment that he mentioned in the episode Just just a guy winning out life right now Joe stanton and good luck to pc and the rest of the guys against indiana And in the playoffs the rest of the way we’re pulling for you Also, just a reminder that milwaukee uncut is produced by story mark studios in partnership with on milwaukee and presented by nicolet law the midwest’s law firm and central Central Standard Distillery.

If you are enjoying some drinks, we recommend Central Standard Distillery. Go Bucks and let’s dive in with Pat and Joe.

All right. Let’s let’s go to the championship. What was, what was that like? That moment?

Pat Connaughton: It was incredible. I mean, I think the coolest part about the championship that you don’t see.

From the outside is the journey of the championship, right? It’s, it’s not like the super bowl. It’s it’s, it’s a seven game series. It’s there’s ups, there’s downs. Obviously we made it. very difficult on ourselves throughout the entire playoffs by going down 0 2 to Brooklyn, going down 0 1 to Atlanta, going down 0 2 to Phoenix.

So we didn’t make it easy for ourselves. But I think the cool part about it was that, was that we were able to get over the hump, was that we were able to come together through the face of adversity win it at home. And, you know, when the confetti starts falling, you know, you know you won it. But you’re so into it like that brooklyn series felt like it was a month and a half it was two weeks Each series was roughly two weeks so when you End that final game six.

You’re almost like who do we have next? Like who’s not like you’re just so ingrained in it And to finally kind of get to that mountaintop to finally like do it and again shared experiences, right? I mean almost the exact same group from the dunk contest was at the game six You know, joe was there our buddy Joe curbs were there crotty was there my parents were there like we almost had the exact same group so to have them be able to come down on the floor afterwards to have them be able to you know joe still got the confetti.

He sleeps with it every single night And under his pillow, like he’s, he’s, he’s cherishing the moments as much as I am. And that’s what’s fun about it. And my mom to see her, you know, my dad had a great line. Like you take a picture with a trophy at the end of the at the end of the game, like later on a few few minutes, hours after media, all that sort of stuff.

And so I gave my mom the trophy to hold. And she was on cloud nine and my dad’s immediate comment was like, don’t drop it too. And so like, she gets really nervous, but she’s happy at the same time. So to see those facial reactions from the people that have been there since day one and to have them be able to share in those experiences, it’s really what makes it.

I mean, obviously I want to have success. I want to continue to work hard. I have all these other things that I, you know, can get better at and want to accomplish, but to have them be a part of it along the way, I think puts it in perspective.

Joe Stanton: Really quick. I just like to interject. I want to upkeep the image a little bit.

I do not sleep with a confetti under the pillow, but I did take confetti from, I mean, you have to, I mean, where is the confetti? Yeah. Where is it? It’s, it’s in my apartment somewhere. I can’t reveal, I can’t reveal. No, not under the pillow, but I can’t reveal the location. I mean, this is going to be broadcast to the public. I don’t want anyone breaking into my apartment and stealing it.

Richie Burke: What was that first night like after winning? What was the party like? Where did

Pat Connaughton: that go on to? It was a blast. I mean, you have such memorable moments. I think the Bobby Portis and I interview was hilarious that went viral. You got dinner afterwards.

We did it at Harbor House. It was just a team. It was really fun. Families were included. I don’t even know where we went afterwards. I know we were up until like seven in the morning. I know that next day it was kind of a blur. I think Joe, myself, our buddy, Karp, and Joe’s wife, Erin went to red, white, and blue to blue Joe’s favorite spot.

Joe Stanton: No, we went to a blue bat, Taqueria, which was for

Pat Connaughton: a little late, late lunch. Honestly, it was just like, we just sat on the deck outside. We just won a championship the next day. You see the four of us just sitting on the deck. And it’s just kind of like you basking in it, right? You’re just kind of, wait, was that real?

Let’s talk about it or discussions or people walk by kind of give you a double glance. Like, wait a minute, is that? Yeah, there was a few, I was going to say there was

Joe Stanton: a few lucky people who happened to be getting lunch at 2. 45 when we were there at Blue Bat who were like, God, is that, is that Pat? They just won the championship like last night.

I got to go up, I got to get a picture. I got to tell him congrats. So we had a lot of that at lunch, which was pretty funny. But yeah, like you said, I mean, the party was, was crazy. And for me as like, you know, from a fan’s perspective, And from, you know, being his friend we obviously, like he said, had a good crew there and, you know, just the whole celebration was surreal.

I mean, we went from, you know, being there at the game, which is obviously the coolest part, but then it just kept getting, you know, better and better. I mean, they were like, Oh yeah, you guys can come down to the floor and celebrate with the team. And. So we went down and did that and the confetti is falling.

I’m scooping up confetti and fill up my pockets as we’ve already discussed. We’re going to get so many messages for confetti sales

Richie Burke: after this podcast. I know, I know.

Pat Connaughton: I’m telling you, the confetti is going to be an underrated thing. There’s only a finite amount of the pieces of, there’s only two nets.

There’s only. What else can you sell? There’s only so many sneakers that were worn in that final game. Exactly. Confetti has more supply,

Joe Stanton: but so we, so we did all that and then, you know, we were, they’re like, all right. Yeah. You know, after the celebration on the floor, Hey, we can go back to, you know, go back to the locker room.

And so, so we celebrate in the locker room and then we went down and, and got to, yeah.

Pat Connaughton: You guys were in the locker room. I didn’t even make it back to the locker room. Yeah, we actually made it. I got

Joe Stanton: pulled to media and they’re in the locker room media. We, by Pat’s locker in the locker room. He wasn’t even there.

But that’s in my honor. Yeah, no worries. And then we, we ended up going down further down the hall, took pictures with the trophy. And I mean, just like you said, went out to dinner after up until six or seven in the morning. I mean, it was. It was the night. Obviously we’ll never forget.

Pat Connaughton: It was really, really tell them about the parade though.

Like that’s where we had probably our most fun aside from winning like the parade. We just, we did our own thing.

Joe Stanton: That was probably the cherry on top. And then they, they say, yeah, you know, the, the friends and family are going to be able to to come on the float or come on the bus with the guys. And we were like, Oh my gosh, we get, we get there day of the parade.

We jump on the bus, we get a prime spot right in front, double decker bus. And we’re riding through the street. Obviously there’s hundreds of thousands of people there. And early on the parade route, like right before it started, someone tossed up a football and they’re like, we want to toss back. I’m like, no, no, keep it, keep it.

And we were like, all right, sweet. This is actually perfect. So we gave, gave the football to PC and throughout the entire parade route, we were, he was just throwing dimes to people in the crowd and they were catching them and throwing it back. And it was, it was a good back and forth with the and then what, what did it turn into?

Yeah. Then it turned into people like, Hey, well, you saw my Jersey and I’m standing like just behind Pat and I’m just calling for everything. Throw it all. Like, so people are throwing up jerseys, catching them. That’s got a Sharpie. He’s signing it quick. And then I’m balling it back up and throwing it to the person.

It was actually a lot of pressure. You got to remember who’s moving the Jersey and it’s moving, moving.

Pat Connaughton: I don’t get the shortest last name. I mean, I don’t get the longest last name on the team, which is obvious, but I don’t get the shortest one either.

Joe Stanton: Right. It’s tough and then you don’t wanna throw it to the wrong person or, you know, have a fight ensue in the cre.

So, but no, all lot to worry about. I know it’s high pressure.

Richie Burke: I think I think Noah trainer at F45, I don’t know if you know him or not, but he was one of the crazy guys who took his jersey off and threw it at you and you signed it. Was it successful?

Pat Connaughton: Yeah. A hundred percent. And then look, we had multiple things going, like Joe might’ve started it.

Our other buddy, Joe was on the other side doing the exact same thing. My dad was on the other side that got a few thrown at him. So we kind of had like a few different, what I would call storefronts going on every side of the thing.

Joe Stanton: Oh, for sure.

Richie Burke: Joe, if you wanna talk about partying with Bill Clinton or transporting the Larry O’Brien Trophy from Milwaukee to PC’s House for sure.

Yeah. On the East Coast last minute.

Joe Stanton: Yep. Oh God. Yeah. I got got a couple good stories on that. So, back to the yeah, the championship celebration. So we got invited. I say we, pat got invited and I was, was fortunate enough to be invited by him to to the Lazarus.

Pat Connaughton: That’s, that’s nice of you to say. I, I thought even on the blue bat thing, you were gonna say how people were really like.

Is that, that Joe Stanton? Can I get a picture with Joe?

Joe Stanton: My rep’s not that big in Milwaukee yet. I’m hoping maybe one day. But. You’re going to,

Richie Burke: you’re going to be the E of Milwaukee after this podcast. He was pretty prolific figure on Entourage. Yeah, true,

Joe Stanton: true. I guess I’d take that. So, confetti man. So yeah, so we, we get invited to this party at Lazarus.

So he’s got this mansion right on the water and we show up to the party and. We walk in again, keep in mind, I keep hitting on two kids from Arlington. We walk in and we see two Ferraris parked on the front lawn. So I was kind of you know, the first alarm going off in my head, like, Jesus, like, where, where are we?

This is bananas. So we walked in. And as a

Pat Connaughton: real estate guy, Joe’s very concerned, like. The lawn, like, what are we doing? Like, there’s not a cost to fix the lawn. Come on now. We got to, we create

Richie Burke: value. Maybe as much as one of the tires. Yeah,

Joe Stanton: exactly. So, so we walk in and see that it’s crazy. I mean, the house is beautiful.

We’re walking around the backyard. He’s got this whole, you know, catered thing put together and the trophies there to just sitting there, you know, on its own table with a bunch of championship hats around it. People were going up, taking pictures. It was probably, I don’t know, just like 75 people or so there, but The craziest thing as I was walking around the party, kind of exploring the the backyard and just taking it all in those with my wife was there too.

We were walking around and we were just like, I keep noticing like these security guys, like, and there were rumors,

Pat Connaughton: there were rumors. Peter had rumors, some rumors, some high profile

Joe Stanton: people. So when we walk in, Adam Silver was there. Obviously, you know, Pat’s there. Bobby Portis was there. Coach Bud was there.

So there’s, there’s definitely some high profile people there. But. The security seemed like at the time when I’m walking around, seemed like such overkill. We get guys with ear pieces everywhere, walking all over the party. They’re wearing these like

Pat Connaughton: nice suit coats. And mind you, this is a guy coming from the NBA dunk contest where he had two security guys driving around.

So I know some experience. Yeah, exactly.

Joe Stanton: So I’m just very impressed with with this whole operation. I get with his security guys coming out of the bushes. I mean, there’s guys out, you know, there’s guys, there’s multi boats off of the Off of the coast, just like sitting out there, like watching the party.

And I’m like, wow, this is like crazy. Like what? I don’t understand this, but anyway, so we, the night keeps going on. And then I’m talking at a table, eating some hors d’oeuvres with my wife. And all of a sudden she’s facing the other way and I’m looking right at her. Jaw just drops. And I’m like, what? And she was like, like, turn around and look.

And I turned around and president Bill Clinton was just showed up at the party and people like, they were pretty good about it. They didn’t swarm them. Like, but anyway, he’s long story short, he’s boys with Mark Lasry and Mark had invited him to the championship party. So naturally being, you know, the fan boy that I always am.

I’m like, all right, I’ll, I’ll try to play it cool for right now, but I do eventually want to go over and chat with Bill and get my picture. So fair enough. We had Pat had already met him before, but we went over, that’s a whole

Pat Connaughton: nother story.

Joe Stanton: Yeah. A whole other, yeah, that is actually a funny story too.

But I guess we can, we can touch on that while we’re on the subject. So Pat had met him before at a game in Brooklyn, the Barclays center,

Pat Connaughton: Mark and him are close. So like, They would go back a long time. And so Mark will bring him to the Barclays Center from time to time. And this was my first year in Milwaukee.

And so I didn’t know he was coming. I mean, I, you see him courtside, right? But I didn’t know he was coming before. And so he’s at the game or whatever. And just before I have a great relationship with Mark, it’s probably my. second month on the team. It wasn’t that far into the regular season. And so after the game, I have my routine, you know, I, I do a little workout and ab circuit get stretched, do some PT ice the knees.

And then I jump in the shower and I get ready. And I usually, I come out and say hi to people. Like I got a bunch of friends from Brooklyn Notre Notre Dame connections. I got a bunch of people that come from Boston. It’s not that far of a drive. Right. So I jumped in the shower pretty quickly and I come out of the shower and I’m standing there in a towel and Mark goes to me, Hey, you want to be president Clinton?

And I’m like, Yeah, absolutely. He goes, all right, well, he’s about to leave, so you got to do it right now. And I’m like, what do you mean? And I turned to my right and he’s standing there talking to Giannis. So Mark grabs him and pulls him over and he was like, President, he introduces me. I’m standing there in a towel.

I got nothing else on. And I’m like, Mr. President, how are you? And I’m like shaking his hand. This is obviously before I had a broken one and I’m shaking his hand and then Mark was like, let’s get a photo. Like, let’s get a picture of you guys. And I’m like, I would love it. Do you think I should put some clothes on first?

And he’s like, look, he’s got to go get a shirt. So someone threw me my shirt, which was just this white shirt. So I’m in a white towel, white shirt. And I’m standing there and there’s a picture of me shaking the president’s hand. We’re both looking at the camera and all I’m in is a towel. Now, granted, way better than not having a shirt on as well, but.

It’s a hilarious photo because when you look at it right away, you see a shirt on me. So you don’t really think a whole lot of it, but then like you look at the photo and you’re like, are you in a, are you in a towel shaking president Clinton’s hand? When he sent it to me, I had that exact right. I was like, wait a minute.

Like what, what is going on here? So, so anyway, so I’ve met him and he’s come. to Milwaukee once or twice. I think he’s been in Brooklyn almost at each game that we’re in Brooklyn. And so I’ve met him a few times. And so at the party, I’ll let Joe finish story about the party, you know, Mark’s big thing, like Bobby had talked to him both from Arkansas, right?

So they were hitting it off there. And Mark wanted me to come over and meet him because I’m sure part of his reason for going is to be able to see some of the players because he’s a basketball fan, et cetera. So I had, I didn’t see Joe and Aaron. I didn’t pass by the table that they were standing out with Aaron’s.

Jaw on the grass. But I was over there like kind of shaking hands and I see them kind of like making their way over which was perfectly played by Joe.

Joe Stanton: Yeah. So perfect timing. So we kind of walk out move. Yeah. We walk up all this first rodeo, all of us together and just got them at the perfect time and we went right up and just went right in.

And I forget it, honestly, I think I blacked out when I was meeting them, I, before leading up to it, I’m like, what the hell am I going to say to this guy? Like, obviously he’s way, way older than. You know, so much smarter than me. So what, what am I possibly going to say? So I went up, just shook his hand, said, you know, it was an honor to meet him.

And then basically I think I asked him a question about the Bucks. No, you threw

Pat Connaughton: me under the bus for some reason, right? You said, Oh, if you had made some more shots, maybe it wouldn’t have been as close.

Joe Stanton: It was something to do with the Bucks and PC. So we got to, We got him to laugh and joke, warm him up.

Richie Burke: Exactly. This guy knows what he’s doing. We got somebody

Pat Connaughton: ripping photos. Like, I don’t know who it was. I don’t. Oh, it’s who Ryan Hoover greatest guy ever ripping photos. So he sends me all the photos afterwards. And we took like a real photo of him as well, which Joe knew or whatnot. And we had who’ve do it.

But the funniest photos are the ones where Joe’s in the midst of conversation with him, because he’s like, As he’s talking and President Clinton’s like actually talking to him. And then there’s one candidate of all of us laughing and it’s just really, it’s priceless.

Joe Stanton: Yeah. So it was a, it was a wild, wild story that definitely that was probably one of the best things from the, the championship run, maybe aside from the, the trip with the Larry o

Richie Burke: Yeah.

Can, can you touch on that quick? When you needed the trophy to celebrate with your family at home? You get it for a couple days and it’s in Milwaukee and you’re not there.

Pat Connaughton: Yeah, for sure.

Richie Burke: So, I mean,

Pat Connaughton: short, it’s a short off season, right? So. It’s not like the Stanley Cup, you know, I got a good buddy who I worked out with Connor Sherry back home who won it with the Penguins, but I don’t want it twice.

Actually, everyone gets a few days with a cup or a week with a cup. That’s not really how the NBA trophy works, but you can, like, take you can ask for it. Like, it’s just kind of like an unwritten thing. Like, if you want it, if you want to take it home, whatever you can do it both in short and off season, it’s a little bit harder to coordinate.

And so, yeah. Granted, you guys just heard all of the things we’ve done, and that’s in the span of like a week after the finals, right? We also took a trip to Florida to take some time out. We did a bunch of stuff, but point being, we want, or I wanted at some point to bring the trophy home. Like, I wanted it to be the place where I learned how to play basketball at Fidelity House.

I thought it’d be really cool to bring it there. Like, all the people and places that kind of helped me get here. One of the things I always say, and I have a chain that says family over everything, but that’s not just blood relatives, right? Like, family is, for me, family. anybody who I consider to be family.

And so I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for those people and places that helped get me here. So to be able, again, shared experience and bring that Larry O’Brien trophy back, I know all those people will, their jaws will be on the floor with Aaron, right? So for me I want to try to coordinate it.

And so we finally got a way to coordinate it on Labor Day weekend. Problem is I’m already home. And so I was talking to the trophy coordinator with the box on like how to get it done. And the big thing is they don’t just want to ship the Larry O’Brien trophy, right? Like they don’t, they don’t necessarily want it in other people’s hands to just kind of go about in a perfect world.

They send somebody with it. In this instance, the person that they had been sending with the trophy had been doing it for like a month and a half because we had one in July, mid of July, and now it’s September. So they were going to take a few days off. Also Joe’s got to know people within the Bucks organization very well.

And so I kind of just gave them the idea, Hey, if, if need be, like Joe’s there, he’s going to be coming home anyway for the weekend. Like, I don’t know the protocol, but if you guys are comfortable with it, like, I’m sure he’d be up for it. So I called him and asked and he goes, sure. What does that even mean?


Joe Stanton: essentially I get the call on like a little side story on that too. I get the call. I mean, it’s, I don’t know, probably Tuesday, like the, before Labor Day weekend. Yeah. And I’m like working and I just get a random call, like middle of the afternoon. And he’s like, Hey would you be comfortable bringing the Larry O’Brien trophy home to Massachusetts?

Like you got to travel with it. But I was like, I was like, what? Like, I think you’re breaking up. I don’t know what, like, what are you, what are you saying? And so he asked me and I was like, I mean, obviously, of course I said yes. And I mean, the story from there is just, was so absurd. We basically coordinate going to pick it up.

And then I had to coordinate with the Bucks on. Purchasing an actual seat for the trophy. So under Larry O’Brien’s name. So we get we get the tickets purchased and you know, I show up to the airport super early, I get to get it privately screened like by TSA and the guys like, didn’t believe me when I first said like, I’m traveling.

It’s in this like massive, like a hundred pound like bulletproof case. Like

Pat Connaughton: Yeah. And fire resistant eight locks on it. Yeah. Padlocks on it. This is gonna sound horrible. It looks like it’s a bomb. It looks like it’s a massive bomb. Like, Joe looks like he’s wheeling around a bomb in the middle of the airport.

Like, that just is what it is. Like, we didn’t say that to anybody, obviously, especially not in the airport, but that’s kind of what it looks like. And so, handling the protocol for him was hilarious. Because of that exact thing,

Joe Stanton: yeah, the amount of dirty looks I was getting. And so anyway, we get to the airport and I’m like, yeah, I got like the NBA championship trophy in this case.

Like I’m trying to whisper it to the guy, like, Hey, we got to get this, you know, can I get this privately screened? I don’t want to whip out the Larry O’Brien and the, in the in the security line. So they’re like, yeah, for sure. So they take, you know, you know, me to some back room and. Going there with a couple of different TSA guys.

We open up the case and literally I’ll never forget this open up the case. And the guy just goes, Holy shit. Just like that. I couldn’t believe that it was actually the trophy. And so we take it out. Like they got gloves on, they’re inspecting. Why would you lie

Pat Connaughton: about that? Like what, what exactly could it have been if he wasn’t

Joe Stanton: the trophy?

They look at the whole, you know, look at the case and everything. And then they asked me like, you know, very nicely, can we take pictures with that? And I’m like, yeah, sure. So they, they grabbed a few pictures of their own holding the trophy and their TSA uniforms. But so then, yeah, we ended up getting, getting through that and jump on the plane.


Pat Connaughton: then I had to first, I got to interrupt for a second. The funniest part I saw about it, or I heard about it. I wasn’t on the first trip was. Once he got through security, he’s walking through the airport with this thing being wheeled behind him, right? And the guy who helped him get through security gave him his card and said, Hey, if you have any problems, let me know.

Like I handled it. He kind of headed up TSA. So Joe gets to the terminal to go on the plane. And the funniest part is like, it’s still a unique thing, right? Nobody expects that to ever come like be a thing. So when he tries to check in, the people are like, That can’t go on the plane. That’s gotta go underneath the plane.

Joe’s like, no, no, no This can’t go underneath the plane and Joe’s like I got a seat for it and they’re like what? So he has like two tickets. It’s him and the trophy It’s like if it was him and Aaron, but it’s him and the trophy. He’s got two kids. He scans both tickets and they’re still like What’s in it?

Like I don’t like that doesn’t sit right which I don’t discredit him for that like that makes sense But Joe’s over here in a position where he’s like, well I don’t want everybody to know what it is because at the end of the day once I get to Boston everyone’s gonna want to Take a photo with the whole planes gonna be crashing around the Larry O’Brien trophy.

It’s gonna be like soul plane And so I think the funniest part to me was now he has to explain the story again to the people checking him in They don’t believe him Finally, they let him in on the plane. Now the flight attendant doesn’t believe him. She doesn’t want to let him on the plane. He has to explain it to her.

They move him up to first class. Let the thing sit next to him in first class. Has to get a seatbelt extender, because you have to strap it in. It doesn’t fit in the seat, so he puts it on the ground in the seat. And now he’s sitting there next to him with this case that looks somewhat like a bomb. In the first seat of the plane, as everybody’s walking by him on the plane, like, What is going on on here?


Joe Stanton: people stopped and they’re like, what is, what is in that case? And so said, I don’t wanna be on, on this plane anymore. . Yeah. So like he said, I didn’t want to, I, one, I don’t wanna scare anyone. And two, I didn’t wanna reveal what was actually inside. So I was making up like these rid, I was changing it up for every single person who asked what’s, what’s in that case?

I’m like, oh, it’s my trumpet. They’re like, oh, what’s in this case? Like, just making up all these things. And people were just like, oh, interesting. Just walk by. So we, we ended up successfully getting it there. But it was a, it was a hilarious story. And then I think the funniest part of all too. Was once we arrive, we get off and he was supposed to pick me up actually, but he was, I don’t know what he was doing.

I think it was golfing or something and I was running a little late. So he’s like, Oh, Hey, I’m not gonna be able to get you. So my mom had to come and pick me up and I’m like, Hey I’m at the airport and I have the Larry O’Brien trophy with me. Can you come pick me up? So she came and pick me up. We just tossed it on the back seat and then drove home and met Pat at my house, but it was pretty it was a, it was a fun trip.

Pat Connaughton: Yeah. And that’s like, look, it was the same exact thing on the flight back, Joe, Aaron, and myself, and I guess now you got to include the trophy because it’s for people traveling according to the tickets fly back. And like me and Aaron sit next to each other and Joe sits next to the trophy. We let him stay in charge of it.

Cause he’s had experience with it. He throws on his black shades during the flight, throws his hat on low. And he’s sitting there like this. He looks like a security guard with the trophy. Like he looks so serious. So we’ve got great photos of it, but like, I think some of the funniest parts are like Joe’s Godson.

His nephew like the Larry O’Brien trophy comes home. He was what three at the time.

Joe Stanton: Yeah,

Pat Connaughton: and The trophy school he can see himself in it. It’s whatever he loves the box You open up the box. It’s got a cutout of the trophy. That’s where you stick the trophy. Now I’ve just got padding all around it. You take the trophy out.

He fits in the cutout of the trophy in the box. So we take the trophy out. Everyone’s like, Ooh, at his house, like everyone’s pumped about it, et cetera. My man, Connor is laying in the box in the exact way the trophies fit in the box. Like, Oh my God, look at me. This is the best thing ever. So it’s just funny how like, Things work and how much you know, obviously people enjoyed seeing the trophy, but some people enjoyed seeing the box

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